Bernie Sanders is appeasing the college kids who want everything for free including a college education. He’s also advocating a higher minimum wage. The only thing Sanders has said so far is he’s going to “raise taxes” and believes by doing so, he’ll be able to provide all the “freebies” he’s proposing.

Rather than “raise taxes” to provide the free college tuition he’s proposing, it makes more sense to go back to the old way of doing things which has worked for thousands of years. Apprenticeships can work in just about every situation if you think about it rationally.

First, there is a win-win situation for the party providing the apprenticeship and the student learning. The “artisan” or business owner  gets someone he can train for a period of time in a profession and not have to pay a ridiculous wage for a novice who can’t possibly provide any value to the price paid.

Secondly, apprenticeships provide hands-on learning for a student for pretty much every profession from rocket science to doctor.

apprentice_1839181bBefore Social Services and the Department of Education, our government and every micro-manager on the planet got involved in our entire lives from breathing to walking, people learned through apprenticeships. They found a person they wanted to learn from and asked them to mentor them for a certain period of time. The “teacher” would provide room and board for the contracted time after which, the student was free to go on their way, opening up their own business or continue working for someone else.

This form of education was the start of the American dream.

Today, we’ve got every employer under the sun following the cliche which requires a four-year (or more) college degree just to begin an “internship” with a company in order to get in on the ground floor. This leaves the student in an enormous amount of debt, having to work for years before they can shovel themselves out of the hole they created.

Some would argue colleges give people a basic knowledge of subject matter to go out into the field of their choice and be successful. I beg to differ.

Not only have we seen time after time, college students can’t answer basic questions related to their own environment, they are getting outdated information or being mislead by biased professors who have a political agenda forgetting students are going to college to learn something.

Apprenticeship 3College has become a political breeding ground for angry, entitled brats being churned out by a society coddling them and giving them participation ribbons for bad work, fixing grades for underachievers and kicking out kids who are actually excelling in their positions. God forbid we should make a student feel bad for doing a crappy job!

And now, we’ve got the question of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour so people can make a living.

There will be no living to be had if the minimum wage keeps going up for one thing. Here’s a great example of the higher minimum wage killing jobs.

Wal-Mart is a huge employer to just about every community where its stores exist. Agreeing to pay their workers a higher wage, they turned around and announced they would be closing 269 stores. Do you think Wal-Mart will say this is directly related to the higher wage? Most likely they won’t, but anyone who has basic math skills should be able to understand the correlation between the two events.

The bottom line is, minimum wage was never meant to be a “living wage” as Sanders has stated in his speeches. Minimum wage was for unskilled labor and for those learning to become something other than a hamburger flipper. At the time minimum wages were set, factory workers were getting ripped off by greedy employers. Anyone remember Norma Rae?  Kids – watch the movie.

Anyway, that was then, this is now. We have labor laws, we have standards to make employees safe and these make conditions better than they used to be for the American worker. The higher wages are why larger companies are moving to other countries. It’s not the laws regarding conditions. That they can live with. They have no choice because of people like Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

walmart_closedAmericans demand low prices and higher wages. Good luck with that people.

In an ideal world where money grows on the fields of trees Bernie and Hillary are planting, we could have low prices, higher wages and all the world would be a-glow. But in reality, the figures don’t work out.

This is why apprenticeships can provide a good education for the student, lower wages for the employer and better prices for the American people.


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