In an unbelievable statement to Chris Cuomo during another sheltered “town hall” meeting, Hillary Clinton said, “Why is there a different standard for me?” This was in reference to disclosing her speeches which she has given to Wall Street high rollers in the political world and pocketed a cool $11 million in one year.

Clinton said if she discloses her speeches, everyone should do it and as per normal added her dig at the Republicans, “including the Republcans” as if there’s something to hide on the Conservative side. This is a typical statement by a Democrat. Never a straight answer and a deflection in order to avoid disclosure.

Yes, Hillary, we’d like to know why there is a different standard for you compared to everyone else. Why is it you get to slide on illegally having a private server which is not in a secure location directly against the law and easily hacked and still are not indicted or in jail?

hillary 5Why is it that General Petraeus not only was embarrassed but indicted, lost his status and has been dragged through the mud after telling his girlfriend top secret information and you roam free running for President under the protection of the Democrats?

How about this question Hillary?

What makes you exempt to the legal system which you clearly violated with multiple felonies including aiding and abetting the enemy by gun running, supplying them with materials such as plutonium, turning your back on the Americans in Benghazi and lying about it, sending extremely classified documents through an unsecured server and then lying about that for over 9 hours of testimony?

So to answer your question Hillary, you’d have to go to your Democrats and ask them why they keep protecting you when it is clear you’re a traitor, a liar and a felon along with your former boss Obama?

When Clinton began to whine about her speeches to Cuomo the same way she whines about her emails, I couldn’t believe she is so dense and blind she doesn’t appear to actually hear herself when she talks. The words leaving her mouth are more outrageous than anything the Republicans have said since she’s always acting like “poor little me” and pretending she’s completely innocent while fully aware of her criminal activities.

Here’s the deal and why it matters:

hillary 4Beyond the email situation, now it looks like we’ve got a lot of money changing hands between Wall Street high rollers like Goldman Sachs who fund politicians to sway votes. Swaying votes through paying off the politicians is clearly against the law also, but again, if it comes out she did this, again, the Democrats will protect her.

Basically, people want to know if she’s been bought by the big guys because her patterns tell us she’s corrupt and money hungry. Again, Clinton will stall, stomp her feet and start saying it’s a conspiracy.

What continually floors me is the “conspiracy” word she keeps trying to throw around. There’s no conspiracy. We’re down right and blatantly going to put this woman to the wall, expose her criminal behavior and hopefully, with any actual morality and ethics in the government, going to put her in jail.

Yes, Democrats – she should be in jail. Get that Floridians?

NOTE TO HILLARY: You said you’re going to be transparent and make sure the American people are able to see everything. LOL, you’re a funny, funny gal! No, Hillary – we don’t believe you once again. You’re evil and need to go. You’ll never be in the White House again. Get used to it. The majority of Americans have opened their eyes and there will be no Democrats as President this year!


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