bigot definitionBefore you get your panties in a wad over the title, lets just define the word bigotry as it is in the American English dictionary of today. A bigot is someone who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions. This word pretty much describes every liberal going regardless of their media outlet or position within the Democratic party. Donald Trump is correct, Clinton is a bigot and so are her followers.

For the last 3o years, I’ve seen liberals constantly yelling, screaming, over talking, vandalizing and physically assaulting anyone who doesn’t agree with them. These are bigots if you actually go by the definition of the word.

It’s a very rare occasion you see a Conservative or Republican getting violent, screaming or avoiding a direct question even while being raked over the coals by a liberal insane person calling themselves a “journalist” seeming to be oblivious to a logical answer.

Hillary AmericaIn his movie, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” Dinesh D’Souza is very clear on the strategic plan of the liberals to manipulate the thought processes of minorities in this country. He has pointed out very eloquently, Democrats have paid black “leadership” to say whatever it takes to sway their followers to their side even if it is destructive to their own people.

Just looking at the facts, failed societies in America are under Democratic rule. Look at New York, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc. These cities have had a lot of government money put into their neighborhoods including schools, Job Corps, Community Centers, security in the form of police protection and what’s happened?

liberal violenceThese cities have heavily populated areas of blacks and Hispanics which have decided they would prefer to live off welfare, destroy the schools, perpetrate violence on each other, attack law enforcement and teachers, complain about “no jobs” but won’t finish the free school provided for them or even learn how to spell, do basic math or practice life skills in general. We’ve given them money through welfare, grants, training and it makes no difference.

Until the mentality of the people in those specific areas changes, money isn’t going to help anything. Black Lives Matter is just another paid puppet organization fueling a non-existent race war telling poor blacks they’re being abused by whites. It’s funded by George Soros, White Supremacist constantly trying to destroy minorities, gain power and manipulate the American way of life and they just ignore it and take his money.

The heritage of the Democrats is very clear, easily traceable and shouldn’t be covered up by real “journalists.” People within the Democratic party started the Ku Klux Klan. I’ve heard zero reports of any Islamic terrorists supporting Conservatives, Republicans or American values. Every one of them has been identified as a Hillary Clinton supporter.

sanctuary city mapViolence has always been a weapon of the Democrats. Whether it was lynching, hanging, shooting, burning, drowning, threatening, throughout history, if you didn’t agree with a Democrat, you would suffer some sort of “convenient” disaster which would sway your vote, opinion or rhetoric if you wanted to live.

Look at the gangs in these Democrat run cities. They use intimidation and retaliation to keep their neighborhoods in line, under their control. Drive-by shootings are normal ways of life in these areas. Just last week. Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge was shot and killed while walking her baby in a stroller. She didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. She didn’t deserve to die, but that’s what it’s like in these Democrat run cities.

Sanctuary cities are another tool of the Democrats to control American people. Democrats pretend they’re doing a favor for “poor immigrants running from their oppressed countries” giving them protection. What’s really happening is illegal immigrants committing crimes against the American people have found a safe haven to play on the sympathies of liberal idiots who can’t distinguish between the bad and the good.

Democrats have “dumbed down” America through schools, successfully duping parents into believing they can do a better job of educating their children. While propagandizing the curriculum, they push liberal ideas on innocent impressionable children and oblivious, selfish parents decide since these people have gone to a college to get a degree in teaching, they must know more. Really? Since when? Shouldn’t the proof be in the fact our kids can’t spell, count change or think logically?

baltimore school fundingIn Baltimore alone, spending per public school student was around $17K while the National Average spent in most public schools was around $9K. Did it make a difference? No, and this is typical of black neighborhoods throughout the United States while they whine and complain about not having proper education. When you get what you want, destroy what you’re given, abuse those giving it to you, expect more and wonder why it doesn’t work, who’s problem is it really? Seems like it’s your problem and I’m not willing to fund you anymore until you straighten up your own area.
Parents are the ultimate failure of our society. It’s not the government. It’s not the Democrats. Everything starts at home and when the parents refuse to teach their children correct behavior, cave to pressure from societal entities such as peers, family and work, we become weak.

Hillary Clinton is just another bigot who is now calling people like me racist, “alt-right” Republicans. Frankly, I find it extremely offensive for a lying, criminal who has jeopardized the country in every way possible from National Security to our assets being sold to Russia, to be calling anyone who is a Conservative anything but a Patriot.


Clinton’s agenda is to line her pockets, pure and simple. She wants power. Her entire life has come to this moment in time where she believes she’ll gain ultimate power by continuing her lies. Donald Trump is the one person who has thrown a monkey wrench in to her carefully orchestrated plan she’s been working since college.

Trump has the money and the Patriotism to expose this bigot for what she really is. Here’s the bottom line everyone needs to understand.

You’re facing a big decision on November 8, 2016 and you’ve got two choices. You can slit your own throat, let Clinton stab you in the back, rule your life and take away your freedom which is her ultimate goal, thus destroying America as it was established and fulfill her life long dream of becoming the ruler of the most powerful nation in the world. The alternative is to stop being a moron, realize many men and women have died for your freedom to run your own life, gain your independence to obtain the American dream which is the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness guaranteed you by the United States Constitution, join Trump and take back our country through a voice and a vote of the people, making America great again after the destruction of our country by Obama.

Each of us should be going over facts and figures. Real facts and figures not propagandized and pushed through media. Although we’ve been hammered with the fact we’re too stupid to think for ourselves, it’s our responsibility to pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps and find out the truth regardless of how long it takes or how much it hurts.

Donald Trump 51If the truth will “set you free” maybe it’s time every person supporting the Democratic party, being a “Never Trumper,” pretending to be Christian while trying to destroy our American society get down on your knees, ask God to show you the real truth and listen whether you like it or not.

This year is a pivoting point. The vote of the American people under the watchful eye of Conservatives who believe the Democrats will try to rig the election will either make us or break us. You need to decide today, right now, if you’re going to be someone who helps or someone who hurts our society.

Decide today if you’re joining the racist, bigotry of the Democrats or if you enjoy freedom with the Patriotic Republicans.

That’s the truth – get some!


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