Obviously, Democrats know they can’t win without cheating which is why they cheat on every election including local level elections.

Hillary Clinton is the most unethical, criminal candidate ever to run for President of the United States. Even Andrew Jackson, father of the Democratic party, didn’t commit as many crimes as she’s committed. Along with her campaign staff, Democrats have committed crime after crime which we’d have no proof of had it not been for Wikileaks and Project Veritas Action along with several hackers and undercover journalists. In fact, it’s looking like Clinton has committed more crimes than any notorious serial killer in the history of the United States, possibly the world.

What’s even worse is none of the governing powers, from the Federal Elections Committee to the Department of Justice has done anything to combat this blatant crime. Not one time has any of them stepped up and said, “We’re going to make sure these criminals go to jail for a very long time.” They’ve never uttered the words, “We’re investigating these matters.”

In fact, the only people who have done anything about some of the voter fraud issues, are local and state police who raided several Democrat offices in the last few weeks, in Florida and a few more sprinkled throughout the east coast.

So what exactly have they done?

Uncovered by Wikileaks, Clinton’s campaign illegally colluded with the Super PAC Priorities USA. They made arrangements for her to personally meet with Avi Glazer and the HVF which is the Hillary Victory Fund. Dated 12-17-2016, this was before the primaries and should have disqualified her from running for President giving Bernie Sanders the Democratic Nomination.

But just like the Democrats, they get away with everything. That’s why they continue to commit crimes without regard to consequences. They don’t have any.

Wikileaks 3This wasn’t the only Super PAC Clinton colluded with. Her long time buddy David Brock created the Correct The Record PAC that also directly talked with her on several occasions. Brock has been involved in hardball tactics say the Wikileaks Podesta Emails worrying some that he is way too aggressive. He’s also been linked to money laundering and the Comet Ping Pong pedophile ring in the underground DC child sex club which is another criminal enterprise of the Democrats.

Project Veriatas Action has posted several undercover videos showing Democrat Steve Foval planning disruptions at Donald Trump rallies including the riots in Chicago, various protesters within the crowds of Trump rallies, violence, looting, burning and beating Trump supporters. The videos also reveal blatant voter fraud through destroying any voter registrations of Republicans, intimidating Trump voters, offering free smokes for votes, FED LEO boards saying Democrats are paying up to thousands of dollars for votes, recruiting voters from halfway houses and homeless people offering them up to $300 in additional benefits to say the least.

Anon35Some of the videos even show Bob Creamer, consultant to the Hillary Clinton campaign talking about Clinton personally meeting with him and having morning phone calls with her “every morning,” rigging the voting and how illegal donations work. Creamer is part of a consulting firm which is supposed to be the buffer between the illegal donors and the Super PACs and the DNC.

Every one of these things are a disqualification of Clinton from running for President. People blowing the whistle to the FEC can’t get them to do anything. The Department of Justice has proven to be a farce to do anything legally on behalf of the American people, instead Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been colluding with the Clinton campaign also.

Anon24FBI Director James Comey listed the felonies and crimes committed by Clinton than said, nothing to see here folks, after getting pressure from Lynch and Obama to drop the email investigation for the unauthorized server she used during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Democrats have also vandalized Trump signs, Trump offices, cars of people who have Trump bumper stickers and put some Trump supporters in the hospital.

Fearing Clinton wouldn’t be able to handle any questions from reporters, they kept her in hiding, dodging and avoiding media questions for over 248 days. They also orchestrated every word she’s said, including her Twitter account and got their inside media recruits to send her the debate questions prior to squaring off with other candidates. Donna Brazile was a CNN contributor Wikileaks revealed as just one person who gave her the questions ahead of time.

With Trump, they’ve kept a close eye on him and scripted questions they fed to CNN, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper to ask him. Thinking Trump wouldn’t like the hard questions, Trump was able to not only field the question, he gave solid answers, directly countered their failed attempts at flustering him and he came back punching to beat Clinton in two of the three debates.

While campaigning in the last week, Hillary Clinton couldn’t get any support at her rallies so she enlisted the help of Jay Z and Beyonce. Jay Z not only repulsed the audience with dropping the “f” bomb every other sentence, he also called the audience “nigga” and his offensive lyrics contained scenarios degrading women as ho’s and bitches, objects to be used to “fuck” and described raping women. Democrats also won’t admit Jay Z smacked and pushed an underage girl who wanted to take his picture backstage during one of his concerts.

The violence and abuse, corruption and crimes of Hillary Clinton are well documented by the FBI, Washington liberal elites and Democrats.

Anon14It’s also been revealed Clinton took several trips to “Orgy Island” on the “Lolita Express” with convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. The island is in the Bahamas, close to Haiti and along the child sex trafficking route.

FED LEO message boards confirm Clinton has been participating in a child sex club, a child sex trafficking ring for years and has close associates who include Laura Silsby. Silsby tried to kidnap 33 children from Haiti to take them to a non-existent orphanage. To buffer Cinton’s association, close assistant for 20 years, Huma Abedin is seen in multiple photos with Silsby after the conviction of kidnapping and even sent the court documents directly to Clinton.

The crimes which Clinton and her Democrat team have been involved in should be enough to put her away for years. However, the interference of the Democrat Administration headed by Obama is the only thing standing in the way of the justice which the American people demand and the four walls Clinton should be occupying.

On November 8th, the American people have the opportunity to give Trump a landslide victory and send a message to the Obama Administration and the corrupt Democrats and career criminal Hillary Clinton that we’re not going to stand by and watch her destroy our beloved country.








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