Hillary Clinton 1For some reason, failure of a political career seems to be a positive for Democrats who believe Hillary Clinton has a grasp of the United States economy. However, if she were elected to the POTUS position, her left wing ludicrous policies would actually kill American business causing a larger out-of-work population.

With just one aspect of her stance on the economy, a huge swipe to businesses would devastate many, killing their ability to make money. Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage across the board trying to gain support for a $12-$15 pay for unskilled workers.

Clinton’s failure to do simple math is astonishing since she believes she’s some sort of political guru deserving to lead a nation already being crippled by Obama’s march to destroy the United States. Just with a really short scenario, American businesses should be able to see, the Law of Supply and Demand as well as business expenses don’t equal to a strong economy.

Let’s say we’ve got a Mom & Pop restaurant who is forced to raise their minimum wage to just $12 per employee per hour. Restaurants can only do so much on their food prices. Fast food is the lowest on the scale of price per person and it’s normally around $10 or less. The profit margins aren’t that high because customers demand a low price in order to continue patronizing these businesses.

These small businesses have a choice to make when faced with raising minimum wage pay for unskilled jobs. They can either absorb the added expense and cut into their profits or they can raise the price of goods sold which could price them out of the market.

Hillary-ScandalsEven a gift shop has the same issue. Either absorb the expense or raise the prices. Obviously the other option is to get rid of costly employees who are already causing businesses to pay Unemployment Taxes, Insurance, Workman’s Comp, etc. These are not just some whim of expenses businesses have to pay. These are expenses which are just the bottom line when having an employee.

Add on top of this additional pay to make a “living wage” rather than a “learning wage” and Clinton’s economic proposals are taking a large chunk out of the American economy.

Businesses will be forced to re-evaluate how they do business to earn a profit and make a living. Liberals for some reason, believe if a person is a business owner, they’re automatically rich. They forget, according to LinkedIn and the Small Business Administration, 9 out of 10 businesses end in failure. If this is the case, business owners aren’t even close to being rich.

People who are entrepreneurs are not only thinking about their immediate financial needs, they also have to think about retirement when they can’t work anymore. All these “riches” aren’t necessarily going to be funding them in a lavish lifestyle. For the most part, if a business doesn’t fail, they’ll be living like the rest of the middle class in modest homes earning modest wages.

Raising the minimum wage to support a family of 4-6 isn’t even feasible to the success of the American economy. Clinton actually said by raising the minimum wage, we create more demand and therefore, stimulate the economy. This is a fantasy of ridiculously twisted thinking.

In fact, what will actually happen is people will be fired/laid off from their jobs, businesses will automate any process they can in order to keep their prices low which is the demand of the American consumer. Democrats are in the pool of those also demanding lower prices so they can afford to buy more from American businesses. However, they can’t see, they’ll be losing their jobs in the process.

hillary hypocriteUnreasonable demands will be put on small businesses forcing them to close because they won’t be able to offer higher wages and lower prices. It’s just not possible. Democrats like Clinton live high on the hog using the American political system to become fat cats while the average worker in this country struggles from paycheck to paycheck wondering how they’ll actually be able to make more money.

Instead of advocating for people to be innovative, creative and self-funding through entrepreneurship, Clinton is taking the Bernie Sanders road of “the government will take care of you.” This is just another tactic to cripple Americans using control by a government entity who is trying to take over the very existence of citizens who fund their lifestyle.

Clinton’s actual agenda is to line her pockets with more money making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. She should be pushing getting educated in a profession, creating your own business and being the Captain of your own ship.

This is the problem with Democrats. The hypocritical nature of their policies are designed to double talk idiots who are loud and stupid, control them with giving them a little candy by way of forked tongue rhetoric and punch them in the gut once they’ve weakened them to the point where there’s no chance of recovery, economically or otherwise.

The only way to circumvent this utter destruction of the United States is to elect a person who has not only grown a multi-billion dollar business empire, but to recognize Donald Trump has a degree from the Wharton School of Business, used this knowledge to create something which helps tens of thousands of people right now, and millions throughout the years.

Donald Trump 12Trump has a plan. His economic policies will stimulate competition in business, create wealth and protect our American jobs from going overseas.

Again, this isn’t rocket science. What it is, is common sense and any high schooler who has passed basic math class with a C average can understand the numbers as long as it wasn’t a Common Core education.

The challenge is getting the Bernie Sanders supporters to turn the corner and realize life isn’t free and any “freebies” offered by Clinton would come with strings attached. Clinton strings have resulted in the deaths of people surrounding her and continued failed policies.

Now is the time we must stand up against Clinton Economic Tyranny and join with Trump to revitalize our economy and literally Make America Great Again.



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