cheated-ted-cruzOur voting system is corrupt in the United States and with caucuses, it’s easy to see the people don’t count. If you listen to Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the commentators on Fox News, CNN and other news outlets, you’ll hear them talk about the delegates. If you get down to brass tacks, your vote doesn’t even count in a primary although at minimum, your vote can lock in a Presidential nominee for exactly one ballot at a National Convention if you’ve voted in a primary.

Kasich, in his interview last night with Sean Hannity, made it very clear, “it’s all about the delegates.” He didn’t say, “it’s all about the people.” He specifically said delegates and he’s right.

These candidates don’t care about the people of the states they are campaigning in, with the exception of Donald Trump who is exposing the corruption and the system for the rigged entity it is. The voters actually thought they were voting and counted and if it weren’t for Trump, they still would be in the dark.

Everyday we tune into the news and hear people like Charles Krauthammer, Karl Rove and George Will talk about how the system is fair and you have to play by the rules. That would be interesting if it were true and just because there are rules doesn’t mean the game is fair.

Here’s an example you might be able to understand. Let’s say you’re playing a football game. You’ve got two teams who understand football, but there’s one rule in the bunch which says they can change the rules after you’ve already played the game. Are you going to want to play the game knowing you’re actually playing a game you’ll not be able to win should the rules be changed to favor the other team?

lyin ted 2This is what the Republican party is doing right now. They are making the candidates play a game they can’t win unless they are “chosen” by the party elites. Under the rules of the GOP/RNC, they can change the rules at the National Convention after all the votes are in, money has been spent and candidates have been chosen, to favor either one of the current candidates or choose someone who better fits the political mold they like which is a puppet they can manipulate.

If you’re an insider, you’ve got a great chance at winning. If you go against the grain, you’re going to be ganged up on and trampled while the two-year olds running the Republican party want to say, “well, those are the rules.”

And Constitutional “play fair” Cruz, is using the very system he says he despises to steal delegates. He’s using schmoozing tactics behind the scenes promising favors for votes. This is what he said he didn’t like. He said he was against lobbyists and the “favor” to “bribe” system continually used in backrooms in Washington, DC.

Cruz isn’t a fair person and he’s not an ethical or moral candidate. He doesn’t care about the vote of the people. He cares about the vote of the delegates. He’s trying to lock in the delegates for the second ballot, third, fourth, etc.  In fact, I’ve heard him over the past few days literally say, “the vote of the people” is why he won the delegates, referring to the voters in Colorado as if we had a say in what was happening here.

Cruz is on TV right now, talking about how Trump is saying he’s stealing the election. He never once mentioned the people of Colorado not being able to vote. This guy has run his campaign on trust and honesty while using twisted logic, lies and mocking, catering to those who are “offended” by Trump telling the truth. Apparently truth telling is considered whining under this logic which means if I expose the truth, I’m a whiner? Are you kidding me?

lyin ted 1In fact, it is completely infuriating to hear Cruz say Trump is whining about losing. He’s not whining about losing, he’s saying the same thing we have been saying for years! Our votes don’t count, the system is rigged and no matter how many people want to negate this, it’s true. The system is completely rigged to favor whichever candidate the establishment wants to win.

Listen to Cruz, the commentators and the pundits over the next few days. Watch how some will really hone in on the delegates and the “rules” pretending as if truth is whining.

Until the hole is dug, people don’t take the warnings. They can’t see the brick wall they’re about to hit until they’ve been smashed in the face with the reality they have zero influence on what is happening to their votes.

Now, because of Trump, the people are beginning to get the fact the people running the parties are manipulative, pompous control freaks who have no intention of letting the people decide who they will have as their nominees.

I’ve heard people online and on TV say, Trump knew about the rule last August. True. We all knew about the rule last August and have been fighting this ever since. I’ve been fighting it since December when I found out about it from our local Chair. And what exactly have we done about it?

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Disenfranchised Republican burns membership

Disenfranchised Republican burns membership

We’ve voiced our opinions very strongly through every means possible. In letters, in emails, through phone calls, through speeches, through blogs to no avail. You know why? Because we don’t run the party and we’ve been having trouble getting those with their heads in the clouds to understand. Now they get it. Now they understand and now and only now are they pissed.

One thing the Democrats have over the Republicans is they’ve been telling their people their votes don’t count for years so it’s not a shock. The Republicans have been pretending they’re “goodness and light” and “of the people” while in reality, they’re more corrupt than the liberals.

And this is how Cruz has run his campaign. He’s focused on the delegates because “we the people” don’t count and he knows it. Trump has focused on the people because all this time, he wanted to believe our vote counted.

Did Trump think the system was corrupt? Of course! He knows these people will take any money given to them regardless of where it comes from. Look at Kasich. He’s taken money from George Soros who is a corrupt businessman who used to be a Nazi sympathizer helping them destroy his own people. Soros is Jewish-Hungarian and a traitor to the United States and his people.

And Cruz is fully aware of what his Super Pacs are doing. It’s against the law for a Super Pac supporting a candidate to coordinate their campaigns but it happens all the time. Does anyone seriously think Cruz had no idea that his Gal Pal, Carly Fiorina just happens to be connected to the Super Pac Make America Awesome which put out the trash campaign against Melania Trump is coincidental?

Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, TennesseeYes, we know the system. Trump knows it’s corrupt but I personally, don’t think he was aware of just how disgustingly in the gutter the Republicans are since he wants to believe these people are basically good. I believe their basically the same as liberals, just wearing a different hat.

Reporters aren’t naive either. In fact, these people you see on TV every day making comments are controlled by their limitations set by News Directors and station owners.  They know which side their bread is buttered on and don’t want to lose their jobs.

I know, because I’ve had stories which were extremely important, killed by station managers because they were connected to one politician or another. How’s that news?

Everything is smoke and mirrors. You’re dreaming if you think there are “rules” to follow when in fact, the “rules” are only for those who play by rules. Trump likes rules and fairness. He believes everyone should know the rules and play by them. If the rules need to be changed, then it has to be agreed upon by the majority.

Cruz just takes advantage of the rules and bends them at will as long as he believes he’ll win. He uses what some call the “Cruz Cartel” to usurp the votes of the people, knowing if Trump doesn’t get to the 1237 delegate count he needs to clinch the Republican nomination prior to the convention, the second ballot vote is where those “representing” the people will follow the glitter trail and vote for him.

Where was Cruz when he should have been supporting Trump’s First Amendment rights in Chicago? Where was Cruz when he should have been supporting the people of Colorado and saying we should be able to vote for our choice for Presidential nominee?

I’ll tell you where he was. Sneaking around behind the backs of the people, schmoozing delegates and sprinkling glitter on them.

voter fraudThe GOP and the Democrats bend the rules to favor their manipulated choices also and where’s Constitutional Ted on this? He was saying the “Washington Cartel” is manipulating everything but he’s backed way off of that now since he has to mention Trump in practically every sentence although he will not “respond in kind.” Really? Has anyone taken note of the personal attacks Cruz has continued on Trump? I have.

This is why the delegates are so important and the people don’t matter. You think you’re voting for your candidate or your delegate when in reality, what’s put in front of you is just like a magician telling you to “pick a card.” They already know you’re going to choose whichever option they’ve chosen for you. They’ll give you three or four pre-approved choices already put through their system so they don’t care which one you choose.

Trump can’t be controlled under this pre-approved system and neither can Bernie Sanders. This is why they are so dangerous to their parties. Finally, the people are getting the fact they don’t count but it’s only because these two people have exposed the system.

Rush Limbaugh just said the rules were no secret, it’s just that they weren’t leaked. Why would you “leak” a non-secret? There’s no reason to leak something if it’s not a secret. What happened is the GOP made rocket science out of something so simple.

They complicated the system to make sure they could make it look like the voter counted and now they change the rules every year to confuse people. Even the Chair of the local party said they do this and it’s complicated.

pick a cardHere’s how we fix the system. We get rid of the parties, let people throw their hats in the ring for whatever office they want to run for. Then we listen to what the candidates have to say, ask them some questions in a real debate run by the people and not the news. Six months out, we have a mid-campaign preliminary to weed out a few people. Then we get down to four candidates based on the popular vote since majority rules in a true democracy.

These four candidates finish out the year talking to us more and then we vote. Popular vote wins.

This is the age of technology and I don’t need a stinking delegate telling me what I’m going to vote for. I don’t need to be represented by a corrupt party which is not telling me the truth.

Sure we need groups of advocates furthering causes, ideas and laws which are in line with our thinking, but to elect a President or a Senator? I don’t need it. I can decide for myself who I like and if they are in line with my thinking.

cruz tweet 1So far, I’m not in line with a liar like Ted Cruz because I don’t believe in manipulating the system to favor myself and I don’t believe in lying to the American people to favor my beliefs either. I don’t believe in hiding behind Christianity to pretend I’m something I’m not. This is Cruz and it makes me really mad.

Kasich should have run as a Democrat. He’s so liberal I would love to smack him, but thankfully, most people get this.

And Trump, he’s the only one exposing the corruption and telling the truth.  Monica Crowley just said, Trump has been running a straight campaign meaning he’s not shady. Now, he may have to change his tactics to win. He won’t go corrupt and won’t compromise his principles to do it. If people want a moral, ethical candidate, he’s the one.

Obviously you can’t trust Hillary, the Benghazi Butcher and you can’t trust Sanders since he has trouble with math and reality.

Cruz is a politician and is part of the establishment. He’s underhanded and I don’t trust him. Flowery words don’t cut it for me.

I prefer the honesty of Trump!



Shellie · April 12, 2016 at 10:13 pm

April LaJune, to bad you have a platform to shar your uninformed opinion. You don’t understand the entire Republic process, otherwise you would be embarrassed by this little article you wrote. Take a civics class, then come back and try again.

    April LaJune · April 13, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    I understand the process. You’re apparently completely naive and think you know something you clearly don’t. Accusations mean nothing without evidence. You’re just another blowhard whose panties are in a wad because the truth is exposed. I would suggest you take a reality class and stop acting as if you’ve got a clue. PS: If you want to appear as if you’re smart, spelling might be another class you’d like to take.

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