ted cruz 6I’m not against protesting the government when they’re wrong and I’m not against protesting the GOP either. But, when Ted Cruz wants to preach about the “Washington Cartel” violating the United States Constitution and then turns around and says, “rules are rules” while his delegates and supporters are in violation of the Colorado State GOP rules by holding a straw poll, I have an issue with that.

You can’t double talk yourself using the “rules” when it suits you. You’re either for the rules because they’re fair and balanced for all, or you’re going to stand on moral ground and say they aren’t fair. You’re either going to protest the crooked rules of the GOP all the time, for everyone or you’re going to support them all the time and classify yourself as an “establishment Republican.”

If you’re wishy washy, as Cruz and his supporters happen to be, you’ ll stand on whatever side favors you winning. This is what the Cruz delegates did in El Paso County, Colorado according to one delegate, Phil Beckman, who was elected to the National Convention and represents the Presidential Candidate.

According to Beckman, on both the precinct and county levels during the caucus process, they took straw polls which would have made their delegates binding at the time of the vote, if we’re going to take the Colorado GOP’s rules seriously. The rules, of which we still have to find since they’ve apparently been “lost” somewhere, say if you take a straw poll prior to March 1, those votes would be binding to a specific candidate. They would have been distributed proportionally.

ted cruz 5Beckman further states he believes 20% of the delegates at the Colorado State Republican Convention were Trump supporters. Hmm, if that were true, then 7-8 delegates should have gone to Trump, but miraculously there’s only two on the list and they happen to be alternates. Colorado isn’t a “winner take all” state. It’s supposed to be  proportional if we even had a vote.

I’ll admit it.  We took a straw poll at our precinct, however, before that happened, I closed the meeting. If you close the meeting, a straw poll can’t be binding and I didn’t want any problems from the Independents and infiltrators who were attending my precinct caucus.

What has happened, because these precincts and counties took straw polls and didn’t “bind” their delegates at that time, Trump supporters were quickly identified. This is what made it really easy to put them to the side, lose their paperwork or use misinformation to get rid of them. Some did their robotic duty and filled out the portion of the Check-in form which asked what their Presidential nominee preference the had directly violating the straw poll rule.

Although I think the caucus was stupid, not relevant and our votes didn’t count, I wasn’t willing to violate that particular rule because I wanted Trump’s representation to be fair and by the rules. Prior to the March 1 caucus, we had discussed sending a message to the other counties to defy this rule, but since the local levels of the GOP are so disorganized, nothing was done.

Hypocrite 2If I had done the straw poll during the meeting, later someone would have cried “that’s not fair.” Can you imagine the publicity we would have had if the Trump supporters would have openly defied the rules and taken a straw poll? We’d be the unfair people.

In fact, at the precinct caucus, I kept letting the Cruz supporters bash Trump and say their peace. We weren’t taking a straw poll, people were just stating their opinions. We did this so the delegates running, would be able to see what the majority of the opinion in the room was and be able to represent us. No one ever made a rule that we could see, saying the general Republican body couldn’t tell the delegates running what we thought about the candidates. That wasn’t a raise your hand, throw a paper in a hat, verbally voting, official straw poll. That was just random discussion which doesn’t bind anyone to anything.

That being said, Cruz himself didn’t stand up for the voters of Colorado. He’s constantly pretending as if he’s a Constitutionalist and continues in every stump speech to say Trump and his supporters are whining because he didn’t get any delegates in Colorado.

holier than thou 1The very system Cruz and his supporters say is underhanded and corrupt using the phrase, “Washington Cartel,” is how he’s stealing the delegates from Trump. These people want to act holier-than-thou and have their noses in the air when it suits them pretending to be against the establishment, while on the other side of their mouths, they mock and laugh at Trump supporters who are fighting for everyone’s right to be represented.

A real true Constitutionalist and Conservative would be supporting Trump, obviously. Along with Trump, we are fighting for the rights of all citizens to speak and be heard, have a voice and vote. We’re not even saying Cruz supporters should change from supporting a liar, misrepresenting Christians and Conservatives. All we’re saying is they should be standing up against the corruption in the GOP, fighting for the rights of the base voter.

Cruz supporters and delegates are so hypocritical they not only support Cruz and his constant lying, they are actively trying to fly under the radar and get elected as delegates for Trump knowing full well, they’ll be switching their votes after the first ballot.

Cruz Delegate 1


One Cruz supporter posted in a Facebook group, Ted Cruz Crew (100% TrustTed) that he was clearly going to do the ol’ switcheroo to Trump.

Under the moniker, “Dallas Packer”, he said, “I will be running to be a Texas Delegate at the National Convention in Cleveland. Would like to hear peoples thoughts about my strategy. I plan to run as a Trump delegate so that I can vote for Ted on the second and later rounds. I’m thinking that I can make a bigger impact as a Trump delegate than a Cruz delegate. What do you think?

I’ll tell you what I think, Dallas. I think delegates are Micro-Politicians who are just as underhanded as the political system in the country. You’re a perfect example of why we need  to get rid of this rigged system.

When we’ve got people who are pretending to be something they’re not, that’s a problem. Everyone has problems in their lives, I get that. But these people who keep pretending they’re on the moral high ground are nothing by hypocritical establishment butt lickers who are unable to get themselves out of their own way and make decisions based on their own philosophy if the outcome doesn’t favor them.

I’m willing to gamble the voting process might not favor my candidate, Trump, but at least it would be a real democratic process rather than the smoke and mirrors the pundits, politicians and parties are trying to use on us. This is a chance Cruz isn’t willing to take. He knows he’ll lose.

Cruz Delegate 1If you look at Cruz’s wins so far, they are in crooked caucuses where he used misinformation to sway votes and states without a vote of the people or Utah, which needs on explanation. What does that tell me? If Cruz went into a real head-to-head match up against Hillary Clinton or especially Bernie Sanders, he would lose by a landslide.

Cruz would lose by popular vote and also by Electoral Votes if that’s all he’s got going for him. Sure, he can pretend we’ll be getting behind him if he’s the nominee, but he’s got a very rude awakening as most of us will write-in Trump or stay home.

I’ll write in Trump and then change my affiliation to Independent . Then, I’ll wait on a party which will emerge as a true Conservative party representing everyone as much as possible.

And where is Cruz and his delegates on this?

Hypocrite 3Oh that’s right. They don’t care the people of Colorado and Wyoming don’t get a voice and vote. Of course they would care, if Cruz wasn’t promised all the delegates from these states. They’d really be caring if Trump was trying to buy delegates. Then all of a sudden we’ve got a foul on our hands.

Well, hypocritical Cruz people, you and your leader aren’t fooling any of us. Your credibility is shot. We wont’ support you and we won’t vote for your candidate.

What we will do is continue to fight against a corrupt system and uphold your right to be the biggest assholes since Hillary and John Kasich.



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