DTJ 1No way can we call media responsible anymore. Continually ignoring crimes by Democrats and their co-horts, the big story in the past week is former FBI Director James Comey leaking classified information through his “friend” to the media. Rather than focus on real crimes, the New York Times is pushing a story in which Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer with alleged ties to the Kremlin who said she had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Most people who don’t follow politics and are unaware of how campaigns work don’t know it is a good practice in any campaign strategy to conduct an ongoing Opposition Task Force to ensure they know exactly what dirt they have on any candidates running against them. The truth is, any campaign worthy of running for an office conducts a thorough background check on themselves also, disclosing each and every little thing the opposition might think is a “gotcha” to destroy the other side.

media dead 1Although I don’t advocate for family members to be in the position of opposition discovery, Trump Jr. is more than capable of conducting himself in a professional and legal manner. There’s nothing illegal in meeting with a person with information, regardless of the country of origin. Campaign contributions might be another issue but there were no contributions in the emails, expectations of contributions or any kind of quid-pro-quo either.

The reality is, nothing happened. There was no juicy information and as soon as Trump Jr. figured out the meeting was a waste of his time, he ended it right there. The woman lawyer had to have some excuse to meet so she used dirt as the in and then changed the subject to Russian-American adoption policies. Obviously, it was a bait and switch meeting.

While all of this was happening, Comey is sitting tight and no media are covering this huge story. The head of the FBI for the entire United States not only gave the American people the definition of leaking classified information at a press conference about Clinton, he proceeded to do the same crime and pretend he was legit in doing so.

Really? This is a huge issue.

comeyComey spilled his guts about how Clinton was irresponsible in handling classified information, how it was against the law, how keeping classified information on a private server without safety precautions and without permission was a crime and then said, but she’s not guilty. He laid out a completely compelling trail of evidence which said Clinton was guilty and then acted like the American people don’t know the full story. (Note to Comey: your press conference laid out the full story.)

Then we have Comey, during his tenure, meeting with President Donald Trump, pretending to be “uncomfortable,” then rushing home to write his memos on the meeting. He was then so disturbed by President Trump asking for some sort of loyalty to the Office of President, he couldn’t help but leak the memos deliberately to his friend he instructed to contact the media.

Playing right into the hands of liberals, Democrats have picked up on the Russian lawyer “nothing burger” and are still kicking a dead horse. They’re crying “impeachment” with nothing to impeach. First of all, we’re not in a war and no one in the Trump Administration has committed treason.

fake news 2If Democrats we’re honest (I know, I’m laughing myself!) they’d have pushed treason on Traitor44 who deliberately undermined the security and stability of the United States.

Comedians like Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters call themselves “Senators” while looking like complete idiots every time they open their mouths. You have to admit, their constant whining is now hilarious. It’s like a bizarre comedy of Seinfeld’s Bizzaro World episode and South Park, mixed, sprinkle in a little Saturday Night Live and you’ve got the surface of the Democratic Party. Underneath is a cesspool of crimes they are neck deep they won’t be able to escape under President Trump.

I’m pretty positive and can say with confidence, Democrats arranged the meeting with the Russian lawyer, tried to see if Trump Jr. would bite a collusion bullet and when he didn’t, their little operative switched the conversation to the adoption issue. Nice try. Didn’t work.

However, Trump Jr, in a brilliant move, tossed out his email string on the Russian meeting issue and is distracting the media once again while his father, President Trump continues getting work done.

The bottom line here is, the media has become so irresponsible with their news coverage they’re no longer news. They’re a parody of what news used to be long ago. Now, it’s just one lie after another, one absurd theory after another with no substance, no evidence and certainly no common sense.

SCORE: Trump Jr. – 1 vs Media – (they’re still trying to get on the board.)



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