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Nordstrom Stock 1

Nordstrom stock down after Anti-Trump announcement/screenshot

Liberal Democrat companies continue disparaging President Trump and his family learning nothing from Macy’s, Starbucks, Megyn Kelly or any other business loss they suffer after taking strong political positions against Conservatives. The latest to tank is Nordstrom suffering a downturn in stocks after announcing they will no longer sell Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

Immediately following the announcement, supporters of the Trump family raised the bar, rushed to buy products from Ivanka’s line and are continuing to support her through sales. Reports on Fox News say her sales have risen 21% since Nordstrom took a stand. (NASDAQ, http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/jwn/real-time)

Unfortunately for Nordstrom, regardless of comedienne Chelsea Handler purchasing several handbags, taking a trip to Washington, DC to show off her new purses proving she’s got lots of money, their stock is down 1.21% (.55), showing the “power of the purse” remains with Conservatives.

chelsea handler 1

Chelsea Handler Twitter post

Others suffering losses from their stand against President Trump were Macy’s early in the campaign when they took a similar stand against Mr. Trump’s line of clothing. Conservatives are also boycotting Starbucks, Netflicks, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and many other companies who have continued anti-Trump rhetoric over the last two years.

As you can see, a simple search online brings up every liberal left-wing publication under the sun taking the Nordstrom story and perpetuating an untruth manipulated by fake statistics. This is why the public doesn’t trust media anymore. Constant collusion between liberals isn’t making their viewpoint heard. It’s actually making them look foolish to those of us with the ability to fact check without liberals “fact checking” for us. We can look at the stock market, sales reports and financial papers. We can interpret this information.

Liberal magazines Ivanka Trump

Left wing publications perpetuate fake news, fake facts

NOTE TO HOWARD KURTZ, BILL O’REILLY AND THE REST OF THE ELITIST GROUP OF MEDIA: Some of us who are Conservative and aren’t reporters actually have degrees in Business and Economics. You don’t have any more ability to interpret the news, facts and figures than we do, therefore, trying to pretend as if you’re the experts on information – political or otherwise – is just that – a fantasy in your own mind.

One problem for Democrats is the majority of people buying stock happen to be Conservatives. Liberals are the majority living on other people’s money including college kids living off their parent’s, prison’s populated with mostly liberals (blacks are the largest of the prison stats) and paid protesters funded by George Soros, backer of Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org and other liberal organizations. Most of the people living on welfare happen to be liberal as are people supporting Planned Parenthood.

Although Democrats would argue by pointing to one example of the opposite position, the reality is, Conservatives are more prone to investment than liberals. Conservatives are more charitable while liberals talk a good game, they don’t support their issues with money relying on big donors like Soros to fund their left-wing radicalism. The Fiscal Times, another liberal publication used IRS records to track the difference between the two and found those who gave more voted for Mitt Romney while those who gave less voted for Barack Obama. Interestingly, the loudest of the protesters give the least amount to their causes. (The Fiscal Times, October 2014, http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2014/10/17/Who-s-More-Generous-Liberals-or-Conservatives)

Another statistic published by The Washington Post a liberal media outlet, says Conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 states, which explains why President Trump is so popular winning the election in a landslide victory over Hillary Clinton.( The Washinton Post, January 2014, https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/01/31/conservatives-outnumber-liberals-in-47-states/?utm_term=.beb1df1c09e0)

It’s been obvious over the past two years liberals don’t understand economics, math, psychology or history. Continuing to pander to their minority (of Americans) base, they have representatives like Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and Elizabeth “Faux-cahontus” Warren making little speeches against President Trump and his cabinet nominees with rhetoric which is the opposite of what they said during the Obama years. Democrats supporting Warren dismiss the fact she’s not American Indian but lied on her applications to Universities gaining positions which were designated for American Indians. They dismiss Waters not even knowing where Vladimir Putin is advancing or that Schumer was for a travel ban supporting Barry for years.

This double talking ridiculousness of the left is getting more violent every day. Conservatives have the power of the purse and should use it on every business supporting and contributing to a liberal cause which is unAmerican and against our rights and Constitution.


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