John McCain Disappoints Conservatives Casting The Vote Heard Round The Country

images (1)The evidence can’t be clearer. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is a traitor to the people. In a vote on healthcare  July 26, he broke the tie giving Democrats a win. Once again on the disastrous Obamacare plan which is failing in his own state of Arizona, McCain caved.

Obamacare, doomed from the begining, mandates employers provide healthcare and citizens to buy it. Also, within the failing policy, insurance companies have the burden of insuring everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions. This has prompted more than one insurance company to drop Obamacare, including Arizona which is now down to one insurer offering this bad plan.

obamacare-premium-increasesNot only that, in McCain’s own state, healthcare premiums have jumped a whopping 116%. A family of two healthy people is paying around $1500 a month in Arizona. They say their premiums will skyrocket this year to $3,316 per month. This is more than most people pay in rent, utilities and food combined. Yet, McCain voted against the “Skinny Repeal Bill” which would have dropped the mandatory healthcare provisions.

Sources close to McCain and RINOs in Washington DC say he agreed to cast a “no” vote on the healthcare bill. Taking the brunt of the blow back, McCain covered for Republican Senators who opposed the bill but were cowards afraid of losing their seats due to angry voters, This should be an indicator to voters their representatives are no longer trustworthy and refuse to listen to the voice of the people.

More Trouble For Arizonans

Arizona health insurance premiums have risen 116%, the highest in the nation.

Arizona health insurance premiums have risen 116%, the highest in the nation.

Now, there’s more trouble for McCain who has a history of betraying his country and his constituents. Time and time again, McCain has either obstructed or blatantly opposed the majority of Conservative voters.  Because of this, it is difficult to pass legislation which would help his own voters. Interestingly, Arizonians continue to elect him although he doesn’t seem to care about representing them.

During the 2016 Election, McCain loudly opposed President Donald Trump siding with RINOs like Speaker Paul Ryan, former Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Ben Sasse. He should have learned opposing the voice of the people who voted for President Trump can be disasterous.

Throughout his political career, this pompous Republican has sided with Democrats. Why doesn’t change his party affiliation? Democrats praise McCain constantly for working “both sides of the aisle.” McCain is simply a Democrat in RINO clothing.

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski (left to right)

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski (left to right)

Siding with politicians like Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, McCain cast his thumbs down vote making Conservatives look like total fools for counting on him. Behind closed doors, Republicans planned to be defeated the bill using McCain as their patsy. This continuing betrayal of the people, including Arizonans is unacceptable. However, once again, McCain towed the party line putting politics over people and looks more like he’s planning to end his career on a low note. He certainly doesn’t mind being the puppet of the establishment.

McCain Linked To Fake Dossier

Since McCain linked himself directly to the fake dossier on President Trump pushed by the Democrats. H admitted he was the leaker of the dossier to the press. Most likely,they have the “goods” on him enabling them to strong-arm him into submission. The links between McCain and the Democrats are stronger than we originally thought and he is tied closely to Russians, Fusion GPS and the Ukranian collusion.

Hopefully, a Conservative in Arizona will rise up and challenge this waste of Conservative airtime and win the seat. It would certainly be in the best interest of the people of the United States for  McCain to just retire and we e don’t need anymore crooked politicians colluding with Democrats. They’re against Conservative agendas continually undermining President Trump who is trying to carry out the will of the American voters.

McCain needs to be drained from the swamp and put out of our misery.


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