Khizr Khan 1In one of the most destructive yet riveting speeches during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Khizr Khan delivered a blistering propagandized series of attacks against Donald Trump. Obviously angry, Khan, Pakistani Muslim father of an American Pakistani Muslim soldier killed in Iraq while saving the men under his command, he effectively pushed the Democratic agenda while using his son as a political pawn.

Khan, held up a copy of the United States Constitution after saying under Trump’s Immigration proposal, his family would be denied entry into the country telling the GOP Presidential nominee he needed to read the document. Although very dramatic, Khan and the Democrats failed to realize, he and his family migrated to the United States legally before the rising of ISIS, a direct result of Hillary Clinton’s failed policies in the Middle East.

Among the four day staged propaganda, Khan was just another pawn in the push of liberal agenda, smoke and mirrors and continual scrambling of liberals to distract from the hacked DNC emails released by Wikileaks Julian Assange and the perpetual lying by Clinton.

Khan also went so far as to say Trump hasn’t sacrificed anything. He was trying to imply the death of his son validates his point. Obviously, this was an emotionally charged statement as Clinton hasn’t sacrificed anything opting to line her pockets with money from Muslim countries, hasn’t served in the military, hasn’t sacrificed her daughter in the military and continues to lie about every subject brought up by reporters. In that regard, Obama hasn’t sacrificed anything either. Therefore, Khan’s attack on Trump is another false narrative pushed by the DNC to discredit the GOP Presidential nominee.

Donald Trump 47Trump was asked to respond to Khan’s speech using his son’s death as a dramatic moment during the convention, to which he responded praising the soldier and his sacrifice to the country. He also said Khan’s son wouldn’t have been killed if he were President because the United States would have never been involved in Iraq in the first place. He further stated ISIS kills moderate Muslims and blamed Clinton’s failures as a reason for the spread of Islamic terrorism.

As seen in the video from the DNC, Ghazala Khan, the mother of the slain soldier, is standing beside her husband as he speaks to the liberal audience. Although she says she was quite emotional because of a photo of her son in he background, she remained completely silent without any emotion. It was very difficult to tell why she wasn’t moving or why she wasn’t expressing any emotion while listening to Khan.

During an interview with ABC, Trump said he thought the reason Mrs. Khan failed to show emotion or speak was because of Muslim religious beliefs which forbid women from practically any kind of public displays. Rightly, Trump was honing in on Sharia Law which it has reported the Khan’s support.

Ignoring the fact Khan has written extensively about instigating Sharia Law within the United States, a direct violation of the Constitution, main stream media has pushed the narrative of the DNC by not reporting all the facts behind the speech, going so far as to twist Trump’s words saying he was “attacking” the Khan family and their son.

Ghazala Khan 1Khan himself moved to the United States in 1980. At that time, ISIS was not an issue, Benghazi hadn’t happened and Clinton wasn’t the Secretary of State. He also was a benefactor of the American dream by going to Harvard Law School.

It’s also been reported Khan is part of the Muslim Brotherhood although unconfirmed, working daily to bring more Muslims to America. He has published papers and articles about his stance supporting Sharia Law. Once again, the Democrats ignore the danger posed by Khan, his family and why Trump has said it is important these people be vetted prior to entering our country.

Of course, Trump’s comments don’t fit Clinton’s strategy to increase Muslim immigration by 550% or more or Barack Obama’s agenda to destroy America bringing it to the same level as a Third World Country. This plan is outlined in the book written by B.O, “Dreams From My Father.”

Some avid Trump supporters seem to be leaning towards the propaganda pushed by main stream media saying “Trump has attacked a Gold Star Family.”

These people need to remember, we have no idea what Khan’s son thought about Sharia Law or the work to destroy America with Sharia Law which his father is trying to push. Maybe Humayun Khan, Khan’s son was completely against what his father was doing. We’ll never know. These are two separate people.

One is a Pakistani Muslim who came to the U.S. with his family, took advantage our system to educate himself by getting a law degree here. The other is the son of that person who fought in our military and died trying to save his men during the Iraq War.

There are many people who come to the U.S., assimilate to our culture and go on to join our military and fight for our country, die for our principles, raise children and don’t want to change our country to be their country. Khizr Khan isn’t one of them. In fact, he’s trying to change our country to a Muslim country by pushing his agenda of Sharia Law as well as assisting Muslims globally to enter our borders.

dnc strategy 1As Trump has repeatedly states and will continue to state. We appreciate the sacrifice of Humayun Khan but we will not tolerate his father’s life work of trying to infiltrate our legal system with Sharia Law.

Those are the facts. That is the bottom line.

Now, it’s time for you to decide if you’re going to support a candidate who upholds the Constitution of the United States as Trump does or if you’re going to support a candidate who continues to lie daily to the American people, upholds a person like Khan trying to change the country to a Muslim country and will turn her back on Americans in other countries when facing terrorists.

I support Mr. Trump, his position and will only be voting for the one person and the only person who will stand up for Americans, the Constitution of the United States and will put this country on track where it should have been before B.O. took office.


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