Durango_CO_2Normally, I don’t write about my area as it’s so liberal I can barely stomach the thought of giving them an ounce of publicity. However, I’m making an exception as this area is a perfect example of why Liberals are winning the war on local communities. The bottom line is Conservative business owners and Conservative people refuse to stand against this evil in the open, fearing they’ll lose their livelihood, experience Liberal vandalism and be targeted individually by these hysterical, violent two-year-olds in adult bodies.

Here’s the question I have for all of those people wielding the money and power in communities like this. How can you complain about the demise of the society around you when you’re continually given the opportunity to stand up against this type of Liberal lunacy and leave people like me to fight these battles for you? Your failure to act is why they are winning.

Liberals are well organized, well funded and able to pretty much do whatever they want because Conservatives like the above refuse to help. They think their job is done at the voting box and then it’s over.

resistance 1Knock, knock! Electing Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States was the beginning. We have liberals infiltrating every board, every policy, every city and county commissioner position and gaining ground fast. Conservatives stand by and watch it happen and say, “This is terrible. What are we going to do about this?” Then, they go home and won’t help with the problem.

Look, the work has just begun. Conservatives with deep pockets need to start putting a crowbar in those wallets and fund the local parties. Stop cowering to the left and remember there is a core community of people in your communities who VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT and they will be the ones who will fund your businesses.

And here’s another thing Conservatives should be considering but give lip service to:

silence is sin 1Aren’t the majority of Conservatives Christian? Where’s your faith? Isn’t God going to take care of us for doing what’s right? What do you think would happen if you died today and God said,”Why did you let the liberals take over? Why didn’t you stand up against evil? Where’s your faith? Why didn’t you put your faith in me that I would take care of you?”

What’s the answer?

When will you step up and start supporting your local candidates and Conservatives in the open?

Did Christ say to hide your light under a bush or to let it shine?

We’re losing our schools, our cities, our land, our jobs, our future to a bunch of moronic idiots spewing hatred and pus from their lips whenever they gather. Isn’t it about time we united and took back control? Don’t you want your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to have a better life?


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