Yesterday I had the privilege to speak to some college students who wanted to know how the Caucus process works in Colorado as well as why the Republicans are doing something completely different this year. Interesting enough, the girl from the Student Government who booked the event was a liberal and very loud.

The students were there basically by force since they were getting college credit for attending the lecture. I can’t really blame them because I did the same thing while I was in college. Normally, it’s really boring, dry and you want to fall asleep. In fact, I kept yawning during the Democrat’s presentation because it was the typical snooze fest of facts and figures which liberals only use when it’s to their advantage.

This Democratic woman started by telling the kids at a “grassroots” caucus, they should be voting with their hearts and not their heads. She even had a slide which said, “Caucus: vote for the one you love.”  She continued by saying once they get beyond the first level and go to the county level with their delegate choices, they should vote with their heads. What?

Why would anyone want to vote with their “hearts” rather than facts and make a really good choice using information such as facts?

Baby 2I was witnessing complete manipulation of the truth and continued indoctrination of liberal thinking while the “girl in charge” kept standing up and walking over to the speaker trying to make sure nothing offensive was said.

Frankly, it was really annoying to watch this loudmouthed liberal student who I call the “girl in charge” trying to squelch whatever the Democrats were wanting to say. It was the “PC Police” limiting Free Speech to coddle their students and instill liberal ideas.

So I’m listening to this Democrat talk about their “Super Delegates” and acting like this a great thing and had a happy go lucky smile on her face as she’s explaining this corrupt and unfair system. For those who don’t know, these Super Delegates manipulate the voting system going with whoever the Democrat establishment wants as their nominee rather than the people’s choice.

Thankfully, some of the liberal students understand this and are not happy about it. They didn’t buy the sugar coated spin this woman was trying to sell and of course, neither was I.

She also informed the students they would be passing around an envelope to collect money for the Democrat’s caucuses.  She said it was for the rental of the facility during the caucus. I’m thinking this is some kind of shakedown because that just doesn’t sound right since I know where their caucus locations are and they shouldn’t have to pay a fee since it’s free.

Out of our 32 caucus locations, we have to pay $50 to one location. Something doesn’t smell right about this. If I was a Democrat I’d be calling these caucus locations and asking them if they are charging a fee for their facility. I’m thinking I might just do it anyway to see what is really going on here.

cry baby 1Then the next Democrat got up and was talking about the Caucus process with a PowerPoint slide to explain a dry and boring series of events which takes the first step to the next step and I was happy when it was over. She was more generic than the first woman but the “girl in charge” continued policing them trying to manipulate and steer the subject matter.

Then it was my turn.

Well, I decided I was going to tell these students the truth. I told them I have been a political journalist for almost 30 years and the shear manipulation of the system is really corrupt. Of course, the “girl in charge” was inching up to my shoulder trying to stifle the truth which didn’t work.

She kept interrupting me with stupid questions which were easily searched online. Here was one of her questions. “Can you tell them where they can go to find their precincts?”

Really? She wanted me to waste my time telling the students where to find their precincts which took two seconds because the students aren’t stupid and can follow a link. There – appeasement done.

So I’m telling these students the truth about the caucuses and that we’re trying to change the Republican party from within by putting forth some Resolutions we believe will make the process much more fair and also get rid of the Caucus going with a Primary.

I can see the students are engaged, listening closely and the “girl in charge” is trying to squelch my first amendment rights with her PC Policing which I politely knocked her back at every attempt she made to stop me.

Also, I can see the two Democrats are sitting there with distasteful looks. The one is staring at me like she can’t believe what I’m saying and the other pretty much just dropped her jaw on the floor. It was making me laugh for the three PC liberals to be looking like that while the students were engaged.

silence 1So I get through and the “girl in charge” starts asking me questions trying to ask me what I think about the Republican side of the elections. I’m telling her and, being the liberal thinker she is, continues to tell me she’s writing a paper for her Political Science major and it will include the “fact” Independents are going to the Democratic side this election year.

Of course, this is really stupid since Independents tend to vote Conservative. An easily searchable fact which she missed and I pointed out to her. She negated what I was saying by getting loud and trying to over talk me. Expected and a little funny.

Then, after telling her to get her facts straight, she starts trying to shove her “quantitative” numbers down my throat be continuing to say the word “quantitative” over and over again. So, being the truthful person I am, I told her she can easily see the figures don’t add up.

This liberal “girl in charge” started literally stomping her feet and screaming at the top of her lungs at me trying to pound in my head her “quantitative” figures. So, I used an example to explain to her what’s going on.

common core 1I said, if you’ve got 1,000 people voting and 10% of these people vote the same, that’s 100 people right? Rather than just say, “right,” she says, “that’s 1 in 10.” So I said, “…or 100 people, right?” As a typical liberal does, she didn’t want to admit it was 100 people, but she did in a fury.

Then I said, “Now let’s take 10,000 people and 10% of them vote that’s 1000 people, right?”  Then this “girl in charge” got louder and started in with her “quantitative” rhetoric like I don’t know what she’s talking about. Again, that made me laugh.

So I told here, the actual figures show Independents and Democrats including blue collar workers are switching parties and showing up at the Caucuses and Primaries to vote for Republicans. The figures don’t lie. She couldn’t handle it.

She kept saying Caucuses and Primaries are different. Um, duh? What does that have to do with your “quantitative” word? Nothing at all. Still doesn’t wash. The numbers are showing there’s no enthusiasm on the Democrats side when you’ve got a Socialist and a liar running for President, which I pointed out to her.

Furthermore, I told her it’s very easy to see the people are rebelling against the current administration which is run by Democrats and flocking to the Republicans in record numbers voting to make sure Donald Trump is the nominee because as a majority they believe he can take on both Hillary and Bernie Sanders. Well, she didn’t like that either.

She started trying to accuse me of saying the white vote counts more than any other vote. I never even said anything about white people. Then she starts telling me the majority of minorities are voting for Democrats. To which, I said, “Really? Is that why 46% of Hispanics voted for Donald Trump in Nevada? Again, your statements don’t hold water.”

She didn’t like that either and started getting even louder and literally started crying. Very immature and if you can’t take the heat, don’t start the fight.

In her frustration to hone in on a non-point, she started accusing my of attacking her and making her feel like she had to defend herself, to which I informed her she didn’t have to defend herself, she came to me.

She also said I was accusing her of being a liberal. So I asked the question, “Well are you a liberal?” She said that was irrelevant and I asked her again. She refused to answer the question and I said well you certainly act like a liberal. It was obvious she was a liberal and apparently didn’t want to admit her Democratic liberalism to me.

Why not? If you’re so hell bent on being a liberal and a loudmouth, then admit it. It was completely ridiculous but hey, if she wants to embarrass herself, fine. It’s her event.

steam ears girlCrying and acting like a complete brat, the “girl in charge” literally ran up to the door and slammed her hands on the handle making a very loud noise leaving the room.

Talk about a manipulative brainwashed little brat! This is what we’re raising in colleges so if this is the future, the future isn’t very smart and has zero ability to think on their own.

And just an FYI, I could tell the rest of the students were somewhat afraid of her loudmouthed nature because they were huddled outside both entrances to the room listening like scared children. Whether they like her or not is another matter but I met some really smart kids who I believe in the end, will come to their senses, research the facts and not let the manipulation of the Democrats and Republicans get the best of them.

Yup, I had a good time. I’m pretty sure those two Democrats and the “girl in charge” won’t be forgetting that event soon!


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