American-flag-distressHas anyone noticed a pattern between the liberals, Democrats, liberal celebrities and the Obama Administration? I certainly have and frankly, it’s making me more and more mad every day. These entities are not going to be controlling what I think, how I think it, what I do or how I do it! I’ll boycott before that happens as well as protest in the streets.

Seems as if these groups agree, “we the people of the United States” need to be manipulated and controlled through some sort of dictatorship rather than a voice and vote of the people. They’re trying to force ludicrous laws and funding violent protests to beat us into submission.

Just within the last week main stream media has come up with “new polls” saying Donald Trump is tanking while Hillary Clinton is surging pretending like the American citizens trust her more than him on the issue of terrorism.

Really? What a joke? This is just another attempt by the main stream media to undermine Trump’s position to keep us safe and bolster Clinton’s disgusting campaign to become the leader of the United States. I’d say “Leader of the Free World” but are we really that free anymore?

Since the Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub shooting, the liberal loonies including main stream media outlets, Clinton and the pandering pansies representing Democrats have tried to blame guns as the source of the problem rather than the ideology of Islam, the terrorist, ISIS and our unstable POTUS, Obama. We’ve even seen a filibuster in the House trying to push for more gun control, sweeping the terrorist problem under the carpet.

hitler obamaAs far as Obama’s mental stability, he’s just like Adolf Hilter and yet, here we have our “representatives” continuing to look on in bewilderment as history repeats itself right in front of our very eyes. Anyone who can’t read Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father” and see what the hell is going on here in the government should just get out of our way. Obama is just as blatant as Hitler was when he aggressively exterminated the Jews and anyone else he deemed necessary for removal from society.

The difference between Hitler and Obama is the method. Other than that, they’re both wacko.

Now, let’s look at some other liberals like Elizabeth Warren and Clinton. Neither of these two have a brain cell worth using between them. They’ve said a lot of stupid things including we have to blame Trump and guns for terrorism when in fact, Clinton and Obama are to blame for the insurgency of ISIS in America.

Guns? Really? Trump? Seriously?

Clinton and Obama have been gun running for 8 years minimum throughout the world including Fast and Furious in Mexico and literally giving “weapons of war” to our enemies in the Middle East using the Clinton Foundation to launder the money claiming these outlandish donations are for “speeches.”

We’re not blind and we’re not stupid. It’s people like myself who have been screaming about this for years just to have our voices fall on deaf ears. We’ve pointed out over and over again the illegal activity and still, the “powers that be” and the main stream media refuse to do anything about it.

Just within the last three years, main stream media has turned a blind eye to drug running, gun smuggling and money laundering in my own county. We’ve literally had affiliates of CBS and Fox news squash stories on this under the direction of our very own Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

hillary-benghazi-lieThe “busts” done by the Feds and states are just for show.  As long as they keep up appearances, the general public believes the government is actually doing something. In reality, real drug trafficking, gun running and money laundering can go on just like business as usual.

We’ve got brain dead idiot liberals who are so pussified anymore they’re like children rather than adults. They would have never made it back in 1776 when the first Revolutionary War took place. If it were up to these guys, we’d still be ruled by England, we’d have an “indentured slave” mentality and blacks, women and immigrants would still be denied the right to vote because it’s in their “best interest.”

In addition to these ridiculously stupid idiots, we have a bunch of entertainment people who are upheld by liberals in America as some sort of “gods” in our society and they’re trying to control our ability to use our cell phones at their shows now. First, it was “you can’t use my music” if I don’t like you forgetting the fact, their music is distributed to anyone who is paying their ASCAP/BMI fees and you can’t individualize who can use what.

Hillary-Email-DeleteTrump using any music from an opposing view because “Adele doesn’t like Trump” or because “I’m standing up for transgender bathroom laws” is just ridiculous. I’d scrap their music also and make a list of those who I won’t play and they can take their “royalties” and shove them! Great! I won’t pay you to use your music because you don’t deserve my money anyway!

Since when did musicians like these get to be so selective and start using their music for political butt kissing? What about all those people who were fans and now aren’t? I’m completely turned off by any of these “entertainers” pretending to be some sort of moral compass for the United States. Swinging on wrecking balls, wearing tiny clothes shaking their bare necessities in front of millions doesn’t really make me think you’re a genius or a person who can guide my sense of right and wrong.

When did our society become such butt kissers to actual people who do nothing more than “entertain” a crowd? I’m a musician. I am grateful for every single person who listens to my music, applauds a performance and supports our albums with their hard earned dollars. I’m certainly not going to dictate to the audience who doesn’t have to be there, what the terms of the deal are going to be and I’m not going to put them in harm’s way because I’m wanting to control them like puppets.

Here’s a clue liberal entertainment freaks – celebrities put their pants on one leg at a time just like anyone else. In fact, most of these guys – and I’ve met quite a few – are the same garage bands or stage idiots with bigger toys. Have any of you actually listened to Katy Perry? Talk about a person with zero brain cells! Wow, this woman is a serious moron influencing liberals towards a lying traitor, murderous, money launderer named Hillary Clinton.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 30, 2014Adele went off the wall at one of her concerts because a fan was using the video function on her cell phone calling her out from stage. Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything from Adele just because of this one incident. It shows she’s a complete and utter jerk, undeserving of any fan admiration.

I won’t buy anything from Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, George Clooney, Julie Moore, Rhianna and I could go on and on because I’m not going to support people who support a murderer. I’m not going to support anyone who wants to control what I do or how I do it.

Then we’ve got Obama, who a former colleague likes to call B.O., who is the most liberal, destructive terrorist in American history as far as I’m concerned.

B.O. has taken his dream of destroying America to the nth degree and there hasn’t been anyone on the Conservative side nail this guy to the wall to stop him. If anyone in the Congress or the Senate sniffs a government shut down coming, they start whining, crying and backtracking like there’s going to be an apocalyptic destruction of our country within a few days of bending the arms of the Democrats.

Rather than standing up for Conservative ideology which happens to be the side of prosperity, the Constitution and the United States, these GOPe’s cave showing they are weak. Yeah, it’s true, we might have a short term problem in the country, but the long term results of what these tiny tots have done in just 8 years by not doing the job they were elected to do has bigger consequences now.

Because of the weakness shown on the Republican side, we’ve got a 21 Trillion dollar debt, we’ve got main stream media out of control pushing agendas rather than reporting news, we’ve got 4 dead Americans from the Benghazi situation, we’ve got plummeting jobs and business, we’ve got a weak military, bad foreign policies and a bunch of immigrants both legal and illegal killing our own people plus a complete mentally inept person sitting in the White House.

trump train 5Unless the real American Patriots who are the real Conservatives and not part of the GOPe start playing hard ball, we’re going to lose this country to liberal pansies overrunning our country with Islamic ideology and Sharia Law.

Personally, I’ll die trying to save this country no matter what it takes because I’m not going to just give in when I know it is the wrong thing to do. And by wrong, I mean by Biblical standards and a moral, ethical compass which I have studied and come to the conclusion the United States was founded by God, the Christian one and not “Allah” the moon god.

I believe God will uphold Christians as long as we stick to our guns, literally and figuratively.

So, are you with me?

Still on the Trump Train and still going to be fighting all the way to the White House! Hope to see you there on Inauguration Day!



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