ny carriage 1I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick and tired of liberals trying to regulate every little thing on the planet. I just heard New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants to get rid of the iconic horse-drawn carriages in the city.

Every time we turn around some liberal has to get their panties in a wad over one thing or another. This week Social Media has been posting, blogging and tweeting about North Carolina’s bathroom law. Really?

I can’t even believe we’re talking about all this stupidity. ISIS is trying to behead us and infiltrate our society, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are ruining our country as we speak. Bernie Sanders is trying to turn young people towards an unrealistic Socialist Society and liberals are running in the streets on welfare checks while Conservatives are trying to keep their lives afloat by putting their noses to the grindstone.

Right now, if a guy came into the women’s restroom, I’d probably say, “What the…” and let it be and get the hell out of there with my kids, but I’m not going to call a cop unless there’s some sort of attack going on. I might say something, but I’m not going to go overboard. If there’s anything needing immediate attention, I’m armed, I’ll take care of it.

I could have left the issue alone but every time I turn around there’s some other immoral, low-life scum thing I have to deal with. I’ve had to quit watching shows I like because I’m getting tired of being accosted by same sex people making out on the screen. It’s really disgusting.

Boycott-TargetI’ve stopped shopping at stores with stupid policies tolerating perversion and liberal views. I wish I could boycott Wal-Mart but where I live it’s just about the only store with what I need. I hate that.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to go as far as making death threats or writing angry letters. I’ll just boycott the channel, the show, the store and abandon it for something else. Obviously, my choices are getting slimmer which isn’t really a bad thing I guess.

I had to stop watching “Once Upon A Time” since they pulled out the gay gun last week. My choice, my brain matter. Thanks, Libs!

Then we’ve got the gun issue where liberals are trying to obliterate the Constitution of the United States asking, “why do you need an assault weapon?” I’ll tell you why, because I’m not going to let an out of control, liberal government squash my Constitutional rights without a fight! That’s what the 2nd Amendment is for if you didn’t know. It’s not about hunting. (For those of you who still don’t get it, the 2nd Amendment is about making sure the people remain in power and there is no rise to a tyrannical government.)

We’ve become a society of “tolerance” of everything including perversion and crime. We’ve taken the Constitution and decided it’s a piece of toilet paper and the American Flag is a rug for wiping our feet.

American-Flag-BibleMost probably don’t even know what the colors of the flag are for or how many stars are on it anymore. Even Obama said we had 57 states, giving the territories of the United States a change in status which they don’t have.

In case you’re unaware, the red on the flag is for hardiness and valor. The white is for purity and innocence while the blue is for vigilance, perseverance and justice. Some even think the red is for the blood of American’s spilled in battle.

These things make a difference on how you think about our country and we just don’t teach children this stuff in public schools anymore.

I’m a huge advocate of homeschool and think parents should do everything in their power to teach kids at home. Parents have the power but turn it over to the government and the school with the most popular reason for not homeschooling being, “if I had to stay home with my kids all the time, I’d tear my hair out.”

This tells me you must have some really bad kids if that’s the case. My God they’re only home until their teens and then they want to leave. You can’t give a few years of your life to your kids, then you shouldn’t have had them in the first place.

That being said, I understand the single parent situation, but in my church, we’d be helping out in that circumstance if someone asked.

Tolerance-and-the-Church copyThe reason this complete about face in what’s right versus what’s wrong came about to be is the rise of the “Evangelical” movement where Christians wanted to send a message of love, peace and tolerance. They wanted to really get away from the hell, fire and brimstone. Unfortunately, when they changed to this kind of rhetoric, the nation became a free-for-all with sin running rampant.

Yes, it’s the sin thing again. As a Christian you can’t deny that’s an issue. I mean are you really going to stand before God and rip out the pages of the Bible because you don’t like what a certain page says. That’s probably not likely to fly at the Pearly Gates.

But then, we’d have to actually agree the Bible is the foundation of right and wrong before we even start going down that road. If a person doesn’t believe in the very principles that founded this country, we’ve got very little to discuss.

Some might not agree, but a real Christian is going to tell you what they think if you ask or if there’s an opportunity to do so and then if you choose to continue going down the perverted path of whatever would be in direct contradiction to Christian beliefs, that’s on you as long as you’re not physically harming someone else or destroying someone else’s property.

abortion 1Real Christians will protest abortion since it is a practice of irresponsibility and murder. Real Christians will obey the laws of the land under the Constitution of the United States. Which means they are allowed to pick and choose who they will serve with their business. They also should believe if a gay baker wants to cater to gay people, that’s their right to do so. Doesn’t mean we’ll be boycotting or protesting the gay baker, we just won’t shop there. So? That’s our right.

And that brings us to today. Now, because of this ridiculous “tolerance” language perpetuated by Christians especially, the world has latched on to this word and thinks it means we have to tolerate everything under the sun.

I for one, am tired of tolerating a bunch of crap every time I turn around. I’m regulated to death at every turn. It’s not even fun to go out and do anything anymore.

riding bikes 1Remember when we could ride our bikes to the store, get some candy with our allowance and ride back home again without a helmet? Remember when we played in the creek and didn’t need floaties? I also remember when we could enjoy ourselves at the lake, get on a boat and enjoy a cocktail.

Now, we practically have to put a Stay Puff Marshmallow suit on with a helmet, blinders and ear plugs so we don’t get hurt by anything, don’t hear anything we don’t like and can’t see anything that might harm our delicate psychies for life.

When and why did our generation decide kids were some sort of delicate little flowers that can’t be taught right from wrong? When did we decide that our country would tolerate gay perversion, kill babies, “identify” as something we’re not and think these are good things?

We’ve gone so far as to destroy historical monuments and statues that really weren’t symbols of hate or causing people stress. If they did, then that’s an individual problem and someone needs to get some therapy.

I don’t go around getting into other people’s business until I’m accosted with their crap. Then it’s on.

Christmas story kid 1Liberals preach all day long how they are tolerant, loving, peaceful and don’t want to harm anyone. Yet, if you don’t agree with their opinion, suddenly they turn into a bigoted, racist, vile and violent mob who will stop at nothing to make your life miserable.

Christians have certainly facilitated this behavior by acceptance. A Mormon threw this in my face just yesterday. He said Jesus and the prophets taught us to “love thy neighbor.” So I said, they also taught us to “love thine enemy.” But they didn’t let them take over the place and didn’t say we couldn’t defend ourselves and fight back.

Of course, that led to him having nothing to say and the conversation was over.

My stand is if the Christians would have nipped this in the bud long ago, we wouldn’t have this problem today. We stood by and did nothing because we were trying to be “nice.” Jesus taught complete intolerance of sin as it is stated in the Bible.

I’m probably more mad at hypocritical Christians letting this go than I am the government since we could have stopped it and didn’t.

If you don’t think that’s true, let me give you some stats. In 2012, Obama had 65 million votes for President and Mitt Romney had 60 million votes. There were 30 million Christians who stayed home and didn’t vote. You should be able to do the math and can see, if the Christians would have taken a stand and voted, we wouldn’t have suffered under Obama and then did it again four more years after that.

Yes, it’s your fault if you didn’t vote. It’s your fault if you don’t stand up against this ridiculous and evilness.

What will you do this year? When is a good time to stand against evil?

My answer is, I will spend my life fighting on the Christian right side. It’s always a good time to stand up for Christian principles and values.

Are you in?



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