donald-trump-hatAnother liberal infiltration tactic is being perpetrated throughout the United States to try and discredit Donald Trump, however his supporters have caught on and aren’t having it. Recently, a man went into a local convenience store thinking he would buy a “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat. When he purchased it, he noticed the label said, “MADE IN CHINA” sparking a controversy of where Trump’s merchandise was being made.

As such, the merchandise from the official campaign, is made in California and has always been made in California since the beginning. Anything not purchased through Trump’s site,, has no guarantee of being made in the USA.

At the beginning of the campaign, Trump made it quite clear, his merchandise was going to be made in the USA and although he has to outsource his regular clothing line due to government regulations, he will not change this aspect.

Trump has also vowed to facilitate the changing of laws which are prohibitive to businesses making their merchandise in the USA. Throughout his campaign, he has promised to bring jobs back to American workers by helping lawmakers to see the ridiculous regulations imposed by the government can be changed to favor the growth of our economy.

donald trump hats 1Graduating from the Wharton School of Finance at the top of his class, one of Trump’s fortés is business finance which he has parlayed into the multi-billion dollar Trump International located in New York City, New York. His experience gives him a precise vision into what it will take for businesses to relocate their companies within the United States borders and hire American workers.

Liberals have deliberately tried to profit off of Trump’s campaign, although some of the merchandise online and on the streets is being sold through vendors who most likely support Mr. Trump and want to see others wearing the popular “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” slogan.

Thus, it is imperative the buyer know, if they see merchandise with the “MADE IN CHINA” label, it is not from the official Trump campaign.

To purchase merchandise and support Trump’s campaign, click here:



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