Anyone voting for Hillary Clinton is already brain dead before the conversation even starts. When a former Secretary of State, who did a fairly decent job when she was in the same position as Clinton, tries to guilt women into voting for a woman just because she’s a woman, we’re talking about something completely different. I’m not sure there was a brain to even start with in Madeleine Albright’s case.

Although Albright has been trying to push women to bend to her will with her guilt statements for many years, no one really pays much attention to her. She’s old, she’s the establishment and women actually do have minds of their own.

Albright took to the mic in New Hampshire at a Hillary Rally last night and made a fluffy little woman speech in favor of Clinton, adding at the very end, “There’s a special place in hell” for any women who don’t support another woman. Clinton just stood by Albright’s side, smiling like an old lady in her polyester pantsuit and sensible shoes. (Psst – Hillary, those went out in the 80’s!)

Here’s what I want to know: what makes Albright think any woman is going to feel guilt about not electing a lying murderer who clearly disrespects the American people and the United States Constitution? What planet are we living on that we’re now going to have a Democrat guilt women into voting for the destruction of our country, enslave our citizens and take away our freedoms?

First of all, Presidents aren’t elected by gender. Presidents are elected by issues. Get that straight, Madeleine.

Secondly, this whining of Hillary on how she’s a woman and women should vote for her has got to stop. If she wan’ts something to whine about, here’s something. She thinks Republicans have some sort of conspiracy to get her and it’s not a conspiracy at all. In fact, we’re not hiding it. We’re out to get you, Hillary. We are. It’s not a secret. I would love to see you go to jail for the crimes you’ve committed against the country. So yes, Hillary – we’re after you hard core. She can whine about that.

And now, she’s got her whiney, old prune of a husband going out and giving stump speeches for her. Bill Clinton is hitting the campaign trail looking like he’s completely out of his element. Rusty and crusty, this former sexual harasser isn’t doing Hillary any favors.

Bill’s scolding the crowds and blaming online bashing of Hillary on Bernie Sanders camp isn’t the whole truth. Here’s a clue Bill – none of us like Hillary and I think it’s more likely a combo of Hillary Haters. Sanders’, Republicans, people with common sense in their heads, business owners, liberals, Democrats who are diehards – we’re all bashing her.

IOWA_CLINTON_13_48112853That being said, we’re not falling for the “special place in hell” tactics of Albright to vote for Hillary.  We’re not falling for Bill’s scolding of online bashers as a reason to vote for Hillary. We’re not falling for the “but I’m a woman” rhetoric and we’re not voting for a crook. We’re not doing it!

For those who still insist Hillary is “the most qualified candidate” for President: if you’re running for the President of Iran, President of Red Communist China, a dictator in Africa, Asia or any Arab nation, yes, you’re qualified.

To run for President of the United States of America – Hillary is disqualified just because of the email scandal with her server. Then we add Benghazi. Then we add lying to the American people about Benghazi. Then we add her gun running. Then we add her fake foundation which she’s been scamming people for money.  And then if we sprinkle her treatment of women on top of all of this – no Bill and Madeleine – Hillary would be the worst President, TRUMPing Obama, pushing Jimmy Carter to the third worst President. (Had to get the Trumpster in there!)

So thanks Madeleine. I’d rather go to hell than vote for Hillary Clinton!


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