dnc strategy 1It’s interesting how main stream media has lined up against anyone who is for Donald Trump and thinks a person, such as myself, can’t make a statement without turning it into a major threat to Hillary Clinton.

Two days ago, Laura Ingraham posted on Twitter, “There is no option unless we’re in a recount again.” She was referring to Trump’s statement about whether he’d accept the election results if he loses.

I read that and thought well, in reality there is another option which would be our 2nd Amendment and we, the American people don’t have to accept voter fraud, government corruption and rigged elections. We don’t. That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place is to have the ability to legally take back our country from tyranny. Of course, liberals find this “dangerous” because Americans have been pussified by left wing zealots who have no idea about the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, how, why, when, what our country was founded on which is obvious if you’ve ever talked to any of them for more than 5 minutes.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Right now, the government is laughing at the American people because they have created a smoke and mirrors situation with underlying corruption while putting a squeaky clean false front which is crumbling.

I’ve also read online many posts about taking back our country through using our 2nd Amendment rights and how militias all over the are ready for something should they feel the need to physically take back our country from the corruption and tyranny that is underlying what everyone thought was a Representative Democracy of the People. This isn’t a secret. It’s right out there. However, liberal media doesn’t report report any of that.

Since you can only use 140 characters at a time on Twitter, it doesn’t really leave a lot of room for making a statement, then moving on to clarification if you wanted to, which I don’t. Liberals crawled out of the woodwork after CNN, one of the most corrupt news organizations on the planet, decided to take my comment on Twitter and send their Zombie fans into a tailspin of stupidity.

My tweet said, “There’s another option. It’s called the Second Amendment. If you think we will tolerate this you’re mistaken.” The only “news” <— and I use this term loosely – outlet who contacted me in these three days was the New York Daily News who emailed me, then I never talked to them. The person who wrote the story isn’t even the person who contacted me so how he knows what I think is amazing.

Piers Morgan 1However, as the crooked media they are, The Daily Mail decided to not only “quote” me, they also decided to partially quote me. So instead of asking me what I meant, like a real journalist would do, and say, but, but, but you said, they just did this:

If you’re in any doubt how dangerous this could be, then consider a Twitter exchange last night between Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham and self-styled ‘Conservative political journalist’ April LaJune.

Ingraham tweeted: ‘He should have said he would accept the results of the election. There is no other option unless we’re in a recount again.’

To which LaJune replied: ‘There’s another option. It’s called the Second Amendment. If you think we will tolerate this you’re mistaken.’

When the comment sparked outrage, she clarified so there could be no doubt what she meant: ‘I’m advocating taking back our country against a tyrannical govt. Read your 2nd Amendment.’

In other words, Ms LaJune was saying she would use guns to rise up against a Clinton government.

There will be many others having similar thoughts in light of their man, their hero, publicly stating he has been robbed of victory if he loses in three weeks.

I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to fear that America could be plunged into a very unstable, violent situation extremely quickly. – Daily Mail Online by Piers Morgan

So here we have Morgan, who is a tabloid headline himself running on sensationalism, telling me, the person who actually wrote the Tweet, what I think. You’ll not find anywhere in any of my posts I said anything about Clinton. In fact, I don’t think she’ll even make it out of the starting gate when it comes to winning. She can’t even fill a room at a rally, but you can’t get MSM to report that. Her rally with Al Gore, who started the whole Climate Change scam, brought out a whopping 750 liberals.

Here’s my question to Morgan, don’t you think you have an obligation as a “writer” and “self proclaimed journalist” to ask me about my quote? I do. I think you have an obligation to readers to actually do your homework. That means you’d have to contact me in the first place, or at minimum, read the entire Twitter thread, my writing, etc. He didn’t do that.

Hillary AmericaThen we turn to the publication, AFRO, which used the headline, Trump Continues to Stoke White Resentment. I personally find this funny since, once again, I was never contacted for this article either and they failed to recognize the fact, Allen West, a black retired military Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army just wrote an article about taking up arms and how we need to get ready for a revolution if necessary. I’m white, so I fit their narrative of “white” resentment. He’s black, so he can’t be used to push their left agenda.

At least this publication had a little bit of self restraint and decided to quote Ingraham and I without the “dangerous” commentary pushed by Morgan.

I don’t really pay attention much to liberal zealots who can’t seem to pull their heads out of Clinton’s ass long enough to take a breath and read Wikileaks DNC emails or the Podesta Emails because there’s really no reason for me to look at a bunch of crying babies posting. However, yesterday, I did read a few of the absurd postings which said basically, “Hey, Secret Service and FBI, you might want to take a look at this one, she’s calling for the assassination of Hillary.”

Of course, my response was, the Secret Service and the FBI already have read their Constitutions, have their big boy pants on, aren’t Director James Comey, don’t agree with him either and can read plain English and can see with their own two eyes, there’s no threat against Hillary or anyone else.

All I said to Ingraham, is yup, there’s another option. And there is another option. Our founding fathers made sure we had another option just for the situation we are finding ourselves in right now.

So do I advocate taking back our country against a tyrannical government? Yes, I do if that’s what we have to do. I advocate using our rights – all of them. But here’s the issue with all of it. Most people don’t even know their rights in the first place. You can’t use what you don’t know.

And exactly how effective is it for a person, one person, to “rush the government” which happens to be located throughout the country in different buildings?

FB post CNN 1Liberals are the stupidest people on earth. I’m not very tolerant of stupid. I am tolerant of ignorant if a person is willing to learn. However, that’s not easily found either. Most liberals are closed minded, bigoted, racists pretending they’re promoting tolerance and love while shoving your head in the toilet if you don’t agree with them right now.

That being said, one Facebook person wrote a great explanation of what I said and here it is:

I believe the context was, in the event that the election is fraudulently handed to Hillary, April responded to Laura Ingraham’s statement that there’s no alternative to accepting the results, other than having a recount.

April replied, stating that there is an option, referring to the duty of the citizens to overthrow a tyrannical government, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

Being non-thinkers, and incapable of abstract thought, libtards immediately translated April’s comment into a threat to assassinate Hillary. In the same way that they took Trump’s comment about appointing a special prosecutor to mean he would literally put her in jail without due process. (Which makes one wonder what the point of the prosecutor would be then, but as I said, libtards don’t think.)

And I agree, liberals and thinking are not on the same planet. If a liberal can find a way to twist what you’re saying, put a scope up it’s ass and come up with a bowl of Lucky Charms for their audience to digest, that’s what they do.

But, as real journalists today know, there’s no actual journalist anymore. It’s all smoke and mirrors, following along a liberal propagandist agenda.

They think if you’ve got common sense, you’re “alt-right” which again, is ridiculous. Common sense now is strange, dangerous and we have to run to our safe spaces.

So let me be very clear:

This is what people should do in this election. If they’re informed, they should vote. If not, stay home. You should also take a picture of your ballot, have a letter notarized regarding who you voted for and keep it in case there is massive voter fraud.

Thanks to James O’Keefe with Project Veritas, Julian Assange with Wikileaks, Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 along with under cover videos of voter fraud, the American people are well aware it exists and it’s running rampant. When a liberal or Democrat tries to deny what we already know to be true, they come up with articles taking people out of context, pushing false narratives that put the left in a tizzy of “tweeting” fury.

I never even paid much attention to CNN or any of the news sources on this matter because frankly, they proved on June 16, 2015 they were no longer news organizations. They turned themselves into liberal propaganda machines writing false stories, getting caught with their pants down and becoming a more corrupt, blatant lie factory under their mentor, Hillary Clinton.

I don’t want to see Clinton assassinated. In fact, I prefer her to be in prison. It would be a satisfying day to see her and her criminal cohorts in a cell for the rest of their lives. She, Loretta Lynch and James Comey along with Obama would make great “cellies.”

James Comey 1And in conclusion, while the main stream media is pushing Democrat agendas and the destruction of America, we’re not buying it anymore. And if you think the American people believe the crap your spewing daily, they can see right through it. You’ve lost this election to us, we the people and we will vote for Donald J. Trump who will be our next President.

On that day, all those who vowed to leave the country will give the rest of us a breath of fresh air as we watch you pack your things and head for lands less free. You see, we value what our Founding Fathers established and we don’t appreciate you destroying it with your pompous piety and self righteous attitudes.

So while you’re packing, don’t forget the Never Trump group and the GOP elitists who think they’re more knowledgeable than the American people.

And on that note, now – if the main stream media would like to quote me, here you go: You’re part of the down and dirty corruption and have manipulated the public way too long. It’s time to hang it up. Journalism is dead.

Now watch while they scramble to say I’m going to assassinate Journalism with a “t.”


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