mandalay bay 2The other day I said I was going to be doing a video on Monday. Couldn’t do that because I had a friend who was stuck up in a mountain about an hour and a half away. So – just an FYI, friends and family come first.

So let’s get into this. There’s a lot happening in the government right now including Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi trying to be obstructionists but as you can see, they’re doing it as lightly as possible and frankly, it’s all a smoke and mirrors last stand of some total idiots who will be out of office very soon.

We’ve gotten some interesting information about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting. Just recently I was sent a video of a person who is talking about the real Anonymous, hacking the computers of the Las Vegas Police Department.

Normally, I don’t really pay much attention to this kind of video but two things are interesting here. One, the guy is actually showing us his face and that means he’s sincerely delivering a message. He’s not trying to hide anything here.

Secondly, it confirms something we already knew about Steven Paddock, the alleged shooter and his connection to the FBI. Let’s watch.


What we already knew about Paddock was he was a undercover FBI Agent and what was really going on was gun running between Saudi Arabia and ISIS in the United States.

We also know Saudi Prince Al Waleed who was arrested confessed to his attorney through an email that he had sent snipers to Mandalay Bay which also confirms more than one shooter at that location as eye-witnesses said.

However, I want you to take a close look at this video. There’s a woman talking to the host of a show describing a supposed eye witness account. See if you notice any problems here.


Now, what I noticed about this time frame tape of the traffic cameras as the eye witness was talking, there’s nobody going in and out of Hooters which is a little distance from the entry/exit area. There’s no crowd rushing in and out and as far as I can see, there’s no activity at all except a flow of traffic between the ambulances which you can see and a line of cars moving in the direction of the Mandalay Bay.

Now, so far, no one else has been arrested in connection with this shooting however, there were two reports of gunfire at the Bellagio and then another report of the shooter running into the Aria Hotel also.

Rene Downs, who was staying at the Bellagio has a video which I found interesting and she also says her room was comped because of the shooting at the Bellagio although the hotel staff were denying it. In the video she’s talking about hearing gunfire and the sound of broken glass at the Bellagio. You wouldn’t hear gunshots or the glass breaking if nothing was happening. Once again, this confirms multiple shooters because Paddock was already dead at Mandalay Bay.

Putting all of this together here’s what the truth seems to be and again, you’ll have to put the evidence together yourself. I’m giving you the information and it’s up to you to put it together on your own.

The Saudi’s and ISIS made a deal through a go-between who was Paddock, an undercover FBI agent. The guns were obviously at Mandalay Bay and were going to be turned over to ISIS through Paddock.

Before the deal could be made, the ISIS contacts found out Paddock was an FBI agent. With cooperation of the Saudi’s, ISIS assassins murdered Paddock and framed him for the 58 deaths they are responsible for.

This filled several purposes. There’s no way ISIS was going to be able to get that many guns out of Mandalay Bay without being seen since their deal was already compromised. The best way to get out of the entire situation is frame Paddock, make it look like Paddock was a mental case and had a bunch of weapons to kill people.

You kill Paddock and he can’t deny the spin.

Since the left is so hell bent on trying to disarm regular citizens and stepping on our Second Amendment rights all the time, it appears as if Democrats and left wing wackos jump on any situation which furthers they’re oppressive agenda.

I’d say that inanimate objects aren’t able to do anything unless a person actually makes them function, but since we saw Chuck Schumer today giving a pathetic speech on taxes yes, inanimate objects can apparently talk and also can’t do math.

Therefore, we’re seeing once again the manipulation and corruption involved in federal government and the disinformation which we are given.

This is why this should matter to you and before you ask, Did President Trump know. – let me say, if you think the Trump Administration isn’t draining the swamp, you’re not paying attention. Also, I have said over and over again, President Trump has been ahead of the game and he is fully aware of the government entities who are loyal to the American Public and to him.

Events such as this are very tragic and this is not what the government should be doing. However, in order to ensure the capture and arrest of the “powers” involved in this type of corruption, President Trump and his team wont’ be able to stop all of these things from happening.

It’s impossible to know exactly what plans will and will not happen. We can prepare, we can plan, we can infiltrate and we can usurp. However, there will be more of these attacks. It’s inevitable but we’re not going to be bale to stop them all.

I want you to look at something Q Anon just posted also. I think it’s very interesting and is exactly what I’ve been saying since analyzing the Mueller Investigation.

“QAnon: Down the Rabbit Hole: The Special Counsel is not corrupt. Let me say that again, the special counsel, headed by Mueller, is not running a corrupt investigation. He’s doing the job properly under the guise of investigating the Trump team. This has lowered the guard of the true targets because nobody anticipated it, including the media.”

This goes hand in hand with Mandalay Bay, the sealed indictments, the nervousness of Democrats and those who support them as well as the arrests of MS-13 gang members, the Federal Raids which have been taking place on cadaver clinics, pharmacies and banks. It’s part of the total destruction of the deep state and the web of deception which has plagued our government for years.

And in the next few days, we’re going to be doing a story about Timothy Charles Holmseth who is set to testify December 13 and he says his testimony will sink both Gloria All-red and Hillary Clinton linking them to two murders which you may have heard of – Hailey Cummings and Caley Anthony, two missing and murdered children.

He says he hopes he lives to see that court date as there have been multiple attempts on his life.

This is serious business folks and the time to wake up is now.


Video during shooting and eye witness testimony collide (FULL VIDEO) :

Witness at Bellagio Hotel:

QAnon Post:

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