Over the weekend, the self-proclaimed family oriented Christian Marco Rubio who is running for Republican Presidential nominee, decided to sling personal shots at Donald Trump. While he thought he was on a rolle, he included a reference to Trump having a small penis. Not only did he make the ridiculous statement, Rubio did this in the midst of a rally where kids were present.

In the past, Rubio has ridiculed Trump for making statements in mixed audiences saying it was “unPresidential” however, the reference to penis size, never entered in to anything Trump has ever said. Trump has never referenced any genitalia of any candidates during his campaign.

Also, Rubio’s staunch supporter South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley didn’t seem to be bothered by his reference to Donald Trump’s appendages. She pretends she’s a Christian too but this statement didn’t even rile her feathers.

Unfortunately, this seems pretty hypocritical for Rubio to be doing. He’s putting on ads which appear as if he’s a Christian and then turns around and mocks and makes fun of a person which should be against his values, at least the ones he says he has.

marco 2Then Haley being a hypocrite and not calling out Rubio on something she should have been appalled by. What kind of Christians are these anyway? She says she’s “scared” if Trump gets elected which is a complete drama queen thing to say. But it was good for the standup routine she and Rubio tried to play this morning.

Rubio also said he was going to keep his campaign about the issues only and not start getting in the mud with the rest of them. I knew it was just a matter of time before this pompous ass wouldn’t be able to handle it. Doesn’t he understand, attack Trump and it’s curtains for you?

So far, just over the weekend, Rubio tried to hone in on the phrase “con man” to describe Trump but in reality, it’s just backfiring. Nobody believes this crap and no matter how many times he wants to repeat the words, it’s not going to work. The only person who has a problem now is Rubio because today he basically had no voice to speak with. God’s punishment?

You can’t out-Trump Trump. If you don’t have the chops, it just doesn’t work for you. Trump has been steady and been the same. He’s also gaining support in rapid numbers!

This complete turn around by Rubio makes him look two-faced and hypocritical. It doesn’t support his Christian values platform which he used to talk about. But if the mask has come off, it’s Rubio who has been revealed for the tiny boy he is and the double talker he really is.

In fact, the only con man in the race is Rubio at this point. He conned the people of Florida to vote for him as their Senator. He’s making up this stuff as he goes and it looks like he’s more interested in being a stand-up comedian rather than a candidate.

marco 3Rubio also told them he’d show up for work. He’s been there one year and hasn’t shown up for over 50% of his votes. How’s that representing the people of Florida? If I’m going to be representing a bunch of people, I feel an obligation to be at work!

At the beginning of the campaign, Rubio said he wasn’t voting because his vote doesn’t matter. Later, when called on that one he said he wasn’t voting because he was running for President.

If that’s the case, he’s using the dime of his constituents in Florida for his Presidential campaign. This is his very first term and he already thinks he’s a big boy. Yes! Rubio wears his diapers high!

What Rubio is doing is actually losing him support and pushing votes to Trump.

All I can say is, more power to you, Rubio. You keep acting like the big jerk we know you are and Keep Stumpin’ for Trump!


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