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Representative Maxine Waters says she is going to "take Trump out" calling for his assassination.

Representative Maxine Waters says she is going to “take Trump out” calling for his assassination.

What’s going on with these Democrats? They’re so idiotic who can possibly take them serious?

Just last night in a speech in front of the Degenerate Awards for Teaching our Kids to Be Deviants otherwise know as the LGBT Awards, Maxine Waters said she’s going to “take Trump out.”

Really Maxine? How exactly are you planning to take out the President of the United States? You do realize taking out the President that we voted in office regardless of your hysteria and lies would be against the wishes of the American voter?

You probably failed to recognize the rest of us had to suffer through 8 long years of total destruction of the worst President in the History of the United States who just happens to be black.

Better yet Maxine, what would you say if the rest of the true American Patriots who have been working hard all these years were to call for the assassination of Barack Obama during his Presidency of Treason?

Would that be appropriate?

annoyed 1You are one of the most entitled blowhard brats I’ve ever seen in a seat occupying space where someone else could be doing some good. Instead, you threaten to assassinate our President.

Exactly how much money are you getting to spew hatred, racism and conduct your hate speech in public and uncover your hypocrisy using your elected office to try and destroy America?

How much money do you make per speech Maxine and exactly what strides in progress for the American worker have you made? What are your great accomplishments that we should acknowledge from your Pompous Holiness?

You’ve gotten rich off the backs of taxpayers and have nothing of value to offer those in your district let alone across the United States.

Great strides in equality for minorities and woman were made from people who were noble and brave and have names like Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr.

Featured Liberla 1You and people like you like to pull the race card because every time you do, you center yourself in the midst of a group of indoctrinated minions who do your bidding putting more money in your pocket while you trapse around flying on private jets, wearing fancy clothes and pretending your a humanitarian.

Here’s the real deal Maxine. You and your Democratic friends and those pretending to be Republicans didn’t count on Donald Trump winning. You were horrified your plans went array and now you’re afraid of losing your money and power.

A toddler could do a better job sitting in your seat and would most likely be more effective. A grade schooler can understand simple concepts that defy you.

Both you and your partner, Fredrica Wilson are utter fools. She’s copying your stupidity. She literally thinks she can stay in power spewing a load of crap and you two can dance all the way to the bank.

1360228024-liberal-progressives-shout-racismHere’s a challenge for you Maxine and your puppet girl Fredrica, either one of you – name one successful country that was ever lead by a black person. I’ll leave that right there because you won’t find it anywhere in the history of the world.

We would have had one if Barack Obama had not caused such utter destruction in the 8 years he was allowed to run the country into the ground.

You are two hateful women who – regardless of color – I’m calling out because you are racist bigots and are part of the demise of America and the American black person.

You are the hate speech that fills the arenas. You are the traitor of your own people and you should be fired and imprisoned for your treasonous statements.

It’s time for you to be taken out and I will work every day to educate the American public to exactly who you are.




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