Navarro 1Throughout the last two years, we’ve heard whining from both Democrats and Republicans every time President Trump sends out a tweet, makes a speech, posts a video or punches back against their complete melt downs. The insults they’ve hurled at him would have cracked most people, but not The Donald. He keeps on ticking while they’re taking a licking!

Overnight, several right wing nut jobs joined in on the Twitter wars trying to bash President Trump. Ana Navarro is no exception. She’s an elitist con woman using her Latin roots to further a career as a pretend Conservative. In reality, she’s nothing more than a cloaked liberal who enjoys pushing the agenda of the left and hating Americans who support the Commander in Chief.

lib tweet 1Last night was no different. Navarro put in her 2¢ as if she’s some sort of moral authority saying in her commentary, “It is an incitement to violence. He is going to get somebody killed in the media.” She never once said the media’s continual incitement and advocating of violence against Conservatives is to blame. She doesn’t seem to get we’re not taking any more crap from a bunch of morons who’ve decided they are going to actively and openly fight against the American way of life, our Constitution and our President.

Navarro is exactly like the rest of the GOP elitists who think they know better than the American people who voted for President Trump. She joins Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters (the list is long) and the entire Fake News media machine who can’t seem to understand their relevance is over.

obama cerealTrue, Levin is still talking and has seemed to subside some of his nonsense, but the rest are a bunch of blowhards who need to keep their traps shut.

After two and a half years of bashing on President Trump, we’re sick of it and so is he. He’s not even as brutal as I would be. In fact, I’d be cutting them off at the knees and telling them they can get their news in tweets. Why waste my time with any media outlet in any form if all they’re going to do is be complete jerks to me?

Press briefings would be over. No more questions unless they’re submitted in written form and when I feel like it, I’ll answer a few. Other than that, I have work to do. I’ll just podcast to the people and they can be the judge of what I’m saying.

Navarro incited her cupcake followers to compare President Trump to Hitler. Yeah – that’s not a typo – they jumped off the deep end into the abyss of stupid and want us to take them seriously.

The left is so far gone, they’ve literally forgotten Hitler didn’t allow people to speak unless it was what he wanted to hear, executed millions of Jews and those associated with them, had the idea he would conquer the world and mowed down anyone in his way with violence and threats.

gay parade 2Democrats and their liberal clown brigade refuse to let people speak unless it’s what they want to hear, have executed millions of Americans through abortion and still continue to do so every day, want to go “global” and push a “one world” narrative with King Traitor44 (Obama) at the helm and Crooked Hillary at his side. They have incited violence against businesses by smashing windows, looting, spitting on, hitting and stabbing Conservatives. They’ve marched around in pussy hats, electrical taped nipples and thongs in parades, created gender confusion, taken away the educational system and infiltrated every aspect of American life which follows the original Constitution of the United States.

Liberals have depicted severed heads of President Trump and others in his staff using ISIS as their moral compass. They’ve condoned plays which show the murder of the President. They’ve burned our American flags, broken Christian historic symbols, destroyed and defaced national monuments of their own history and pushed an oppressive, misogynistic agenda which puts minorities, women and white men in particular, at risk.

obamatrayvonTraitor44 began pushing the racial divide as soon as the Trayvon Martin incident with George Zimmerman happened saying Martin, a thug bashing a guy’s head into the sidewalk, could have been his son. He pushed the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” in Ferguson, Missouri after another thug robbed a store, assaulted a clerk, assaulted a police officer, then proceeded to disobey an order to stop, turned around and aggressively come after that same officer again. The thug was high on drugs. Another lie pushed by the left.

Black Lives Matter sprang from a bunch of lies and Traitor44 was off to the races on his white bashing and race baiting. The media jumped on the bandwagon of left wing radicalism through race baiting commentary, using black leaders who keep getting paid millions to destroy what the Civil Rights movement gained since the Civil War. Elitist GOPes saw a way to manipulate their own standing and joined in white bashing, trash talking and despicable rhetoric against President Trump and the American voter.

On Navarro’s Twitter feed and many other left wingers (yes, she’s a lefty – don’t let her fool you) liberals are literally saying they think Conservatives will start a civil war if they try to impeach President Trump. Newsflash liberals – there’s nothing to impeach him over and you should have learned a lesson when you’re precious sex predator Bill Clinton stayed in office after having “sexual relations with that woman” in the Oval Office, lying about it under oath and kept himself right in the seat of President.

confed statueNot only that, liberals are seriously wondering if Conservatives will start a Civil War and are wondering why we’re starting to punch back. They’re exactly like a narcissist who says they can’t understand why nobody likes them after they’ve spent a lifetime bashing the very people who have helped them get where they are today.

Liberals have no idea American soldiers have spilled their blood in wars so they can be the dumb-asses they are today. Yeah, that was American blood spilled to keep you cupcakes safe, politicians milking taxes from the people and liberals lying through their teeth.

Liberal women march in the streets for equality and want the same as a man, then whine when President Trump punches the air out of their sails by lashing out against them when they call him a pig, disgusting, sexist, racist, misogynistic and whatever else they can throw at him. Equal times ladies. You wanted it and you got it. Stop your whining, pick up your tiny little nuts and just remember, you’re the ones marching in pussy hats to symbolize what you want.

Not one of the examples above has been done by Conservatives. We’re not the ones parading around like tramps, deviants and confused whiny toddlers. We’re also not the ones stomping around to safe spaces with our crayons and teddy bears at the age of 17-29 because somebody hurt our feelings and we just can’t handle it. We’re not having slumber parties to talk about our feelings at college campuses. We’re not the ones murdering babies by the tons, selling their body parts and going on our merry way.

seth rich 1We’re also not the ones who murder people for telling the truth (Seth Rich) and try to cover crimes with a bunch of smoke and mirrors “investigations” into nothing burgers and non-existent Russian connections. We’re not the double talking, two bit liars that Democrats are, have been and always will be.

Liberals are also unaware we’ve fought two wars on American soil. The first one, The Revolutionary War was to liberate ourselves from a tyrannical government who wanted to rule our lives just like the liberals would like to do to us today. The next was the Civil War where Democrats didn’t want to give up their slaves. Yeah – you lost both times.

So when the liberal media and the elitist GOPs start bashing President Trump over the head and he pushes back, just remember he has the rest of us backing him up and we’re ready for whatever you try to throw at us.

President Trump can keep tweeting all day long if he likes. We have his back! The Trump Army is real and we’re going to stand by him as long as he’s for the American people, the Constitution and doing the job we hired him to do.


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