I’m listening to news this morning and the reports on each station still have Donald Trump behind in the Wisconsin polls siting statistics which only reflect around 2400 or less voters.

Last week, I was watching one of the Fox News shows in which a female from one of their go-to polling contributors (can’t find her info) was telling the host they normally sample around 200 people because they can get a pretty good idea of what the general public thinks about the 2016 Presidential campaigns.

She also turned right around and said obviously the more people participating in the poll, the more accurate it would be which is in direct contradiction of her previous statement and as per normal, the “reporter” who is more of a talking puppet, didn’t question her on the issue.

However, over the weekend The Marshall Report which is an online publication by Dianne Marshall had a great story on actual poll numbers which sited www.ISideWith.com as a more reliable source of information. I decided to check it out since I’ve received so many reports saying the Wisconsin numbers are wrong.

Iside W1When I visited the site, I found an interactive map with climbing numbers in the poll participants which reflect the truth about Wisconsin voters. Overwhelmingly, Donald Trump is trouncing Lyin’ Ted with a 64% to 34% lead (and I’m being really nice about that figure.)

These figures more accurately reflect the numbers of supporters showing up for Trump at all his rallies.  He literally has thousands who are supporting him in every area he’s been. Compare that to the tiny venues on the Cruz side and it’s astonishing Cruz could win any state if you look at the figures.

I decided to look at the rest of the states where the candidates have already had votes cast and certified and again, overwhelming numbers favor Trump.

If you look at the map, the states with the most orange color, favor Trump. The blue areas favor Cruz. However there are areas that are a mixture and still, Trump wins in votes and percentages. So now, we have to not only question the media, but also the manner in which votes are being cast.

In Colorado, for example, reports are saying six delegates are already in Cruz’s pocket. I find that very interesting since we’ve not had the State Assembly and nothing has been decided. All the delegates of Colorado are free agents at this point and it  makes me really mad. I don’t need a “delegate” to represent me for one thing and these delegates getting “elected” by someone – who knows who – are biased. They refuse to represent the people and at the last Assembly meeting, the “credentials report” was approved and I didn’t even get to see who was on it.

I would imagine everyone on the list was present, but there was no roll call, no verification to the representing and present delegates that everyone on the list was there. It was basically just a blind vote and they approved a blind report no one bothered to read.

This is the corruption. I have no faith in the system when it comes to a caucus and I barely have faith in the regular voting system at this point.

Seeing the numbers in Iowa supporting Trump over Cruz, I have to wonder if there was voter fraud like the reports say. It’s so easy to manipulate the figures and the voting process is so screwed, there’s just no reason to believe these guys anymore.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow in Wisconsin but I would guess, regardless of the actual poll numbers it will be another corrupt vote and the people will be stomped on once again.

fox news poll 1AIf the GOP were working half – and I mean half – as hard and spending half – yes half, as much money as they are trying to derail Trump they would have a more united party. However, I’m hoping the Independents and Democrats cast their votes tomorrow in favor or Trump so overwhelmingly we’ll know the fraud is happening in front of our very eyes.

It’s completely unfair and so is the system. Without Trump in the race, the rest of us who try to report the real news and at least give an opinion based on facts would still be guessing.

Real journalists have known for years the vote of the people doesn’t count but we really never had any admissions or ability to prove it because both Republicans and Democrats lie so much it’s amazing some can keep their stories straight. However, with Trump, he’s been able to get their panties in a wad so tightly they gave away their hand and have shown the reality of the corruption.

Yes, Virginia, politicians on all sides lie.

This is exactly why the news can’t be trusted.

FOR REAL POLLING RESULTS: www.ISideWith.com this will take you directly to the Interactive Map.





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