The more the Republican elitists try to derail Donald Trump, the more it fuels the Revolutionary fire of the American people who are able to see the blatant corruption within the party prompting them to switch their affiliations in order to back their Presidential candidate, The Donald.

In a speech of no significance to the supporters of Trump except to solidify their loyalty, Mitt Romney, former failed Presidential candidate in 2012, tried to sway the national conservative population against the front runner by using extremely old “examples” of failure and flip flopping which didn’t make a dent in the minds of those who will vote for The Donald and know the truth.

Mitt Romney 1During the speech, Romney’s Facebook page was blowing up with Independents and Democrats telling the GOP they were literally switching their party right then to Republican in order to vote for Trump. Interestingly enough, the Republican base has no loyalty to the party since the party has had no loyalty to them in the last seven years. Allowing the Democrats to continually run them over, these career politicians haven’t stopped Obama or the Democrats which is why they were elected in the first place.

The establishment still doesn’t get the fact we can see they are just as corrupt as the Democrats. Now, with their manipulation of the voting process and trying to blatantly speak out against Trump, the American people are getting more mad and more mad.

As one example, Colorado’s Republican Party leadership at the state level decided they were going to take away the caucus vote for President from it’s membership. This was decided by 24 people on the Executive committee without the consent of the Republican members. This is another blatant attempt to derail Trump as Colorado is a swing state, evenly divided by Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

That being said, Independents tend to lean Conservative and have been registering as Republicans in order to attend caucuses just to find out the party has taken away their vote sending it to delegates who are “free agents” to follow the orders of the establishment. Supposedly the Coloradans are sending 36 of these “free agents” to the Republican National Convention and we have no ability to tell these guys who we want for President.

donald trump make america greatThis is what is blatant corruption and is manipulative to the American people. There are more Trump supporters in Colorado than the GOP would like to admit so now, they’re trying to tell us who we’re voting for rather than allow Coloradans the vote. And they’re different than Democrats how?

The mandate was most likely brought down by Reince Preibus and the “national executive committee” right after he was on national television denouncing Trump saying he would never be the nominee of the Republican Party. Because of all the buzz of forcing a candidate wanted by the establishment, this triggered more voters to join or switch their party specifically to vote for Trump.

After this, the old GOP diehards have vowed to stop Trump in public and with vigor trying to derail the “Trump Train” which is barreling over the other Republican candidates. Pouring money into negative ads filled with old news, their wasting their time and effort. The more they feed the fire, the more Trump wins. It’s time for them to give up because the Republican base will destroy them if they don’t start listening and frankly, we don’t care. The party means nothing to us.

Again, failing to understand the American people are not only uniting behind Trump, they seem to be oblivious to the fact these career politicians have done nothing to better the nation including stopping Obama which is why they were elected in the first Revolution 1place. So far, they’ve failed to stop Obamacare, failed to stop the Iran Nuclear deal, failed to stop a ridiculously huge debt, failed to stop spending, failed to stop Hillary Clinton by indicting her for blatant crimes, failed to defund Planned Parenthood, failed to stop the destroying of National Historic Monuments and State Historic Monuments, failed to uphold the Constitution, failed to push back on just about every aspect of the Democratic Obama’s destruction of the United States. They’ve even failed to get rid of this President by first impeachment and then incompetence. They could have used the 25th Amendment if they wanted to do so and rid our country of this traitor to the United States.

These politicians are so pompous they don’t understand we’re going to not only elect Trump, we’re going to get rid of every Republican in office right now who will not comply to the will of the American people and are completely blind to the Revolution which is happening in front of their very eyes. We the Republican conservatives are going to put up new candidates against the old candidates who did absolutely nothing for us. We’re going to make sure the American public knows we the people run the government and the government doesn’t run us.

Right now, as Mike Huckabee so eloquently pointed out, there is a “peaceful revolution” going on and they better be happy we’re using ballots and not bullets. We do have the 2nd Amendment and we can forcibly stop these guys from continuing to make bad decisions and run the country. There are so many more of us than there are of them and we’re not afraid to push it if we have to.

Donald Trump 22The military is fully aware if the American people were to rise up in physical protest against this corruption, they wouldn’t have a chance in hell of winning that war and in truth, they don’t want to be ruled over by a stupid President who has no clue about war and the Constitution. Most military people are for Trump because they are happy with his support of the military and against Obama’s destruction and disrespect for their defense of the country.

Romney’s attempt to derail Trump was a desperate ploy to again, make a plea to the voters to not elect the front runner. Using feeble statements like “he’s not successful,” “he’s a con man” and other quips, it was a laughable speech filled with completely unfounded statements. It is apparent Romney and his cronies haven’t listened to Trump, haven’t listened to the majority of the American people and are trying to throw money at their opinion rather than understand money won’t work this time.

It’s also funny Romney apparently doesn’t understand business, doesn’t get the fact we know when he was asking Trump for money his hand was out praising The Donald, has not only destroyed jobs and businesses along his career path gaining millions of dollars along the way, but also didn’t use any kind of rebuttal to Obama when he could have during debates. Romney failed to get 30 million Christians out to vote and take out Obama and the Democrats. That’s a big deal. Make no mistake, we are aware Mitt, and your track record of failure put this country where it is today!

revolution 2What Romney failed to do in 2012 put our country in the worst financial debt that has ever happened in the entire history of the United States. Because of Romney’s failure, our country is also in the worst position it’s been in since the Revolutionary War in 1776. Because of Romney’s failure, we have the Iran Nuclear Deal. Because of Romney’s failure we are having a rise in Socialism, poverty, racial problems, rise in crime, the demise of Christianity and Christian principles and on and on of what the Republican establishment failure has allowed to happen. No, Romney, you’re speech means nothing.

The fact of the matter is, Romnney’s speech only helped Donald Trump,gaining him voters. It didn’t hurt him at all. It will boost his popularity, hurt Cruz and Rubio and basically finish the Republican party as the old guard knows it.

What will happen is the American people who are conservatives will remove the old GOP and establish a new one. The GOP is not breaking apart. It is uniting on the basic level with a few holdouts who are still trying to beat a dead horse. The rest of us are changing the party and will take back this government from the destruction of the Democrats and Republican career politicians and we, along with Donald Trump will Make America Great Again regardless of these blowhards!


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