ms14There’s been a huge round up of MS-13 gang members which is interesting since we know there are now over 1800 sealed indictments. Yesterday, President Trump tweeted out from his Twitter account mentioning this crackdown and it was ignored by the media.

The reason it’s significant is because it coincides with this massive indictments and how the justice department is making strides in cracking down on crime. I haven’t heard one word about these arrests on any news channel and I haven’t heard any of them mention the FBI raid of the Cadaver Clinic in Oregon.

Two pretty huge stories and their focus is on the sexcapades of the Democrats and trying to drag Republican candidates into their mess. The evidence against Roy Moore is pathetic and ridiculous but the media won’t let it go.

For those of you who are new to this stuff, MS-13 is a very well organized gang who infiltrate areas of the United States committing horrendous crimes and getting away with many of them because of the Sanctuary Cities and using little known legal status to shield them.

I don’t want to go down that road right now, but Democrats are at the center of the rise in MS-13 with the constant roadblocks they put up. Here’s why: Democrats have employed the services of these gang members to do their dirty work. Think Seth Rich, think the Clinton Body Count and who doesn’t want to get their hands stained with actual blood but would benefit from a liaison with a bunch of murdering thieves who can be hired. That should lead you right back to Wikileaks and the mentions of various people who mysteriously commit suicide in awkward acrobat positions or convenient deaths right before testifying.

Let’s do a little comparison here. Last year, there were only about 220 sealed indictments. Today, just within a week, the indictments are up to 1800.

Just this week, main stream media started pushing another group of paid witnesses trying to pin the scandal on Judge Roy Moore. Rinos don’t like him because the people do so they’re doing what they always do and pretend to have some moral high ground when we know they’re just snakes in the grass. Sex scandals didn’t bother the Democrats when Bill Clinton was in office so what’s the problem now? Pedophilia runs rampant in liberal circles including MS-13 gang members trafficking children and providing sex slaves all over the country. This didn’t bother Democrats last week. Why are they so appalled now?
Even the pathetic Jessica Tarlov appeared on Hannity last night with Tomi Laren and couldn’t get the connection between enabling sex abusers and the sex offender.

She did what she normally does and kept repeating enabling and abusing aren’t the same thing. So I guess, Jessica thinks it’s okay to be the lookout as long as you’re not the one actually raping women and children. Under her theory, watching isn’t a crime and neither is the coverup. It’s all on the perpetrator. WOW Jessica – you’re a moron!

While all of this is going on, wigged out Maxine Waters goes to an awards show and starts crowing “Impeach 45” when she should be kicking Al Franken and the Democrats in the nuts.

Apparently she thinks it’s ok to grab a woman, take a picture while groping her while she’s sleeping, joke about it later and then write it in a book. However, tell the truth about groupies following around celebrities who are standing in line waiting for a grope and you’ve committed the ultimate sin. Jessica Tarlov tries to shamelessly put President Trump’s name in every discussion just to jab at him while excusing the behavior of every deviant Democrat. She even used the term “noble” when discussing Franken. What?

These scandals are just smoke and mirrors covering up the activity behind the scenes which is clearly making Hillary Clinton nervous. During her last interview she tried to push the indictments and the investigation to the side saying President Trump and his administration are trying to deflect from the real issue which is the Russian collusion.

Obviously, someone forgot to give Hillary the memo that even in the Russian collusion investigation, the fingers still point back to her.

Think about this. According to Q on 4chan MS-13 was encouraged to infiltrate the United States and got support from our own Government through Traitor 44 Hillary and the CIA. These guys are involved in human trafficking and child sex trafficking, have been linked to the murder of children and they’re still walking around freely.

We’ve even got MS-13 gang members in Durango Colorado and liberals heads are so stuck in the sand they refuse to acknowledge them instead providing housing, food, clothing, furniture – whatever they need – helping them get driver’s licenses in the state of Colorado. They’re using tax payer money to fund these people.

The San Juan Citizens Alliance sounds good but it’s a cover for Traitor 44’s training camps where “liberals” are being churned out by the thousands every 6 weeks.

Rather than report this type of news, the main stream media is focused on President Trump drinking Figi water and literally tried to contact the water company for a comment on whether it takes one hand or two to drink from their bottle. Seriously, I’m not making it up. Mark Dice just did a video about it which shows the pathetic writing and fake news these guys are pushing on the public.

Although the main stream media is saying Democrats are abandoning the Clinton Crime Family, in reality, they’re trying to get away from all of these indictments. They’re aware Hillary is in deep trouble and Traitor 44 isn’t far behind. Yes there is a civil war within the Democratic party and it’s been put there by the Trump Administration.

If our three letter organizations were really doing their jobs, people like Maxine Waters are going to claim senility to get out of going to prison. What better way to hone in the fact she’s off her rocker than making public displays of insanity and getting it on camera.

President Trump is clearly doing his job with these new arrests and sealed indictments.

And lets not forget how the media is ignoring the plane/helicopter crash near the Rothchild’s estate which happened today and killed 4. It may not be related but these coincidences keep happening around Democrats and crime families.

And FYI the Democrats are over the Clintons and will be trying to push this Gillibrand woman. They don’t have anyone else to run. They’re pathetic losers and if we Conservatives stick together, we’ll keep President Trump in office and have at least 8 years of sanity in government.


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