trump clinton 1In the past week, after Donald Trump gave a scathing speech about Hillary Clinton which put the fear of God into her team, the media continues skewing the numbers repeating to the American people, Clinton is leading him by a wide margin.

However, this is extremely disputable if we look at real facts, turnouts and talking to people on the street. The overwhelming support Trump has over Clinton is truly amazing. Political pundits, GOPe’s and Trump haters are continually spreading propaganda using the main stream media as their vehicle.

If we take a look at the Facebook numbers, it’s readily apparent, Trump’s support is double that of Clinton. When I compared the two last week, Trump had just hit a little over 8 million while Clinton had a little over 4.4 million followers on the social media site.

I decided to look again today since the media was reporting Clinton was clobbering Trump because the scenes at the rallies just don’t support these poll numbers they’ve been talking about. Today, just a few minutes ago, Trump had 8.4 million followers and climbing (by the time you read this, he’ll probably be hitting the 8.5 mark.) Clinton’s numbers actually dropped to 4.1 million, losing approximately 300K followers in a week. That’s a significant amount of people who have stopped following her and most likely jumped on the Trump Train.

Facebook_logoAlthough I can’t necessarily predict where Clinton’s supporters went, they’ve disappeared from her numbers. They may have traveled to Bernie Sanders or Gary Johnson, but their definitely dropping her. Apparently, they’re not “with her” as she likes to put it.

Regardless, Trump’s numbers are still climbing on Facebook.

On Twitter, Trump is still ahead of Clinton. He has 9.34 million followers while she’s got 7.31 million. Again, this doesn’t support the polls the media likes to talk about on air. It’s quite the opposite in fact. His numbers keep going up, while hers are declining.

I will say this however, the last time I checked on Clinton’s Twitter account, she had doubled her numbers but that was about a month ago and since then, Trump has hit her hard with reality.

Looking at Social Media numbers, you also have to understand, some people from either side are following both of these candidates, just like I am. I will never support Clinton, but I want to know what she’s talking about. You have to keep an eye on the enemy, learning how they function in order to defeat them.

It only stands to reason, Clinton supporters would do the same thing, keeping tabs on Trump as they try their best to bring him down.

That being said, the margin of error is most likely pretty low between supporters and haters on both sides.

Let’s take a look at the rallies both Trump and Clinton have almost daily. Trump’s rallies draw tens of thousands if the venue holds that many with more people standing outside to view JumboTron TV’s and cheer for their candidate.

Clinton’s rallies draw a few hundred for the most part and if she ever pushes over 1K, it’s a miracle. Bill Clinton is also drawing crowds in the hundreds then argues with them if he doesn’t like what they’re saying.

twitter 1Both candidates continue conducting these rallies, but Trump is normally getting the most attention for the biggest crowds and then of course, the illegal protests outside by paid violent illegal aliens and liberals.

And finally, let me address the polling the media likes to pretend is some sort of official gauge of the American public. The pollsters don’t really tell us the question asked, they usually poll a large sampling of Democrats and these polls can be swayed in any direction you want them to be according to the actual wording of the question as it’s being asked. Tone of the questioner is also up for grabs and can sway results.

Therefore, if the media wants to sway public opinion in any direction, they write a story which looks legit, ask a couple of guests to make comments, carefully choosing someone who will push the audience in a certain direction.

We used to do it all the time at an ABC affiliate I worked for in Colorado. The news director would tell us exactly what he wanted someone to say, we’d keep asking questions until the person finally gave us a soundbite we could use to make the story what the ND would want it to be. That’s not news, it’s called propaganda.

Therefore, it’s imperative we stay strong and continue to push back against main stream media and let them know we don’t believe a word they’re saying. Elements of the truth sprinkled in a news story make it a manipulative lie.

In reality, we have to look at Social Media numbers and gauge the man on the street. I’ve met more people supporting Trump and Sanders than I’ve met supporting Clinton. Most of these people are supporting Trump.

Donald Trump 562What’s going to be interesting to see is how both the Republican and Democratic conventions are going to pull off usurping the “will of the people” in favor of the elitists.

I actually have some faith in Reince Preibus, Chair of the Republican National Committee and Steve House, Chair of the Colorado Republican Committee. Preibus has shown he will back Trump and will knock down the elitists trying to pass the will of the people. House was the only Republican in the State of Colorado to bind himself to Trump ensuring his vote will go to the Republican frontrunner.

Those are two very good things since at first, I thought these two were going to be joining the elitists. Moving ahead, Preibus and House have proven to be great allies to Trump which is what we’ve wanted all along.

As we move through the next month towards the Republican convention, we’ll begin to see the numbers rise in favor of Trump.

Not only has he proven to be Presidential, he’s also proven he can handle the job, knows what he’s talking about and speaks the truth unlike the crooked, lying media.


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