Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the golden boy of the RNC and Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is their choice for Vice President. These two were set to take the RNC nomination as soon as the big boys in the Republican Party saw Jeb Bush was falling apart at the seems and seriously doesn’t want to win the nomination or be President.

After Haley’s pathetic response to Obama’s State of the Union address where she dogged on Donald Trump, her credibility went out the window.

Not only should Haley have stuck to the issue of the State of the Union and the debacle the Democrats have made to the entire country, she should have kept her nose out of the campaign until the time was right, which was her endorsement of Rubio today.

Good for her. Glad she wants to back a candidate who won’t show up for work while being paid by the Floridians. That shows a lot of character doesn’t it?

People like Haley are trying to force Rubio down our throats and if they haven’t seen the figures, Donald Trump is not only ahead, he’s way ahead in the polls.

True, Rubio is right about Obama’s agenda. Obama is right on schedule with destroying the United States and if any of the commentators pretending to be educated had actually read Obama’s book, Dreams from my Father or watched the documentary 2016: Obama’s America, they’d already know Rubio is correct.

Apparently Ted Cruz hasn’t seen or read either of the former.

So, here’s the bottom line. Too many people like Donald Trump and he’s moving on and picking up votes as he tramples through the field of candidates mowing them down as each of them try attacking him. Her endorsement doesn’t mean anything to the angry voters who have relied on Conservatives and Republicans to block the destruction of Obama.

Haley tried tearing down the Republican Candidate and it backfired. We’re mad as hell and we want a Commander in Chief who is also mad as hell.

You’re dreams are dashed Nikki. You will not be the Vice Presidential nominee. Buh-bye!


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