For the last few days I’ve been doing a little research and didn’t want to put a video together too early.

I got a letter and another document which is from a former high level senior executive in the NSA who is very helpful in explaining some things in regards to how the NSA collects data and what is in that data.

This supports the recent sealed indictments if you follow the timeline. My friend and fellow researcher Tom – who you will see in the credits – is very good at connecting the dots here and we’ve been discussing this for the past few days.

The letter is written to Jeff Sessions and it’s dated May 2017 and Time Sensitive which Tom pointed out is just five months ago and here we are at massive sealed indictments being handed out all over the country.

I did verify the letter came from this guy because the contact information was at the bottom and I did contact him, he verified the letter and also sent me another document which talks about how data is collected and sorted by the NSA.

Basically in the letter he is talking about what they’ve found in the data collections and although he believes the NSA has been acting unconstitutionally, there is a massive collection of data pointing to corruption. Here’s what he says – and I’m quoting from his letter:

“…if it has not been destroyed by elite collaborators working within NSA – we can extract from the massive NSA databases a stunning array of information about elite pedophiles and other crimes across Wall Street, religions, and political parties as well as corporations, labor unions, the media, and academia.

For example, we can very rapidly create a documented visualization of the elite pedophilia network, including the various procurement agencies that are commissioned to provide children to the elite for abuse, murder, and biological exploitation. All of the emails and all of the telephone conversations – both landline and mobile – are in the database.”

So this information supports the story that I did on Pizzagate which you can click on and read in the link below this video.

He goes on to say that the FBI hasn’t been a serious counterintelligence agency since it’s inception because it was founded by a pedophile and has been protecting high level traitors for years.

He also tells Jeff Sessions that President Trump has literally 100s of embedded traitors in both Congress and the Executive Branch who should be neutralized. He connects the dots between these corrupt people and the pedophiles in the letter.

He also says he is willing to assist Sessions in implementing a system which will have the NSA working within Constitutional guidelines and it can be done. In the first paragraph he says he has “deep knowledge of the NSA that could be immediately useful” and I believe this is directly related to these over 300 indictments.

The timing is just too “coincidental” if you have any sense of the timeline here.

He also sent this document on Big Data and how it is collected by the NSA and sorted. It’s very interesting. He is very clear that all conversations and communications are recorded and sorted. Some of us are very aware of this and so if you want to warn me against whatever I’m saying, I can assure you, the government has been watching everything I am doing for my entire life and frankly, it doesn’t bother me a bit.

They know where I live, who I talk to and what I’m saying. So President Trump and his Administration is very aware I am an ally and I am also an enemy to people like Hillary Clinton and her massive circle of crooks which I believe are included in this indictment dump.

So here’s what he says about how data is sorted. I think you’ll find this not only enlightening but also validating at the same time since some of us are already aware of how this works when finding a “target of interest”:

If a known target of interest (seed) is available, use its metadata to develop a community of interest, I.E., the social network of that specific target.

If no seed available, use accepted rules to identify suspicious activity. EG., If an entity frequently visits web sites that advocate things such as: pedophilia, violence, or how to make a bomb, etc. Then focus on the community that that entity has in the social network/graph.

Otherwise, use things like geographic distribution of the social network/graph members to isolate communities that are suspicious because they are distributed over countries that are involved for example in drug smuggling.

Once you have developed a target/community of interest, then pull the content associated with that target/community to try and discover what activity they are about.

So what they’re doing is grouping communications in “data groups” under keywords. For example pedophiles have known trigger words and code words which allows them to send messages back and forth. We know some of this from the Podesta emails dropped by Wikileaks, never denied by Democrats or Podesta as being altered in any way. In these emails, the discussion might be about legitimate business and then either concluded or started with sentences that don’t make sense until the pedophile code is used to decipher what they’re talking about.

Constant referrals to pizza and pasta are how these pedophiles let each other know about their preferences and frankly, it’s sickening.

This link between high level Democrats, Hillary Clinton and her closest circle and the blatant evidence we now posses of their pathetic pedophile crimes and other corruption are why we can draw a line between these indictments and the recent activity across the United States as well as the arrest of the Saudi princes.

It’s just so deep no one report can cover it all.

There have also been reports that both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta all of a sudden have foot braces which appear to be covering up house arrest tracking devices (this is on the back channels in the White Rabbit and Q Clearance threads if you’re paying attention)

In another portion of this 3 page Big Data document the source is talking about how the NSA validates real information and sorts it out.

Here’s another quote:

“To get a reliable social network/graphs constructed, it’s important to make sure the data used is corrected and validated. This can be achieved by first selecting attributes that can be relied on to make decisions automatically about the correctness of the data in storage.

Of all the steps in analysis of big data this is probably the most important. There are many forms of metadata and selecting the right one to use to make decisions is critical.

For example, in one big data case I worked, the engineers and computer programmers gave me over two hundred different types of metadata. But, only 13 of these metadata elements were useful to make analytic decisions.

Once you have the right metadata elements to construct the social networks/graphs, then these elements can also be used to associate corrupted equivalent elements of information from which aliases can be defined.”

e also says there are over 3.5 billion cell phones in the world. The variables are infinite. However, with the sorting methods used by the NSA, the data becomes more manageable.

So let’s be clear here. There are enormous amounts of indictments from the Feds which were implemented this week. The timeline of this letter and the amount of time it takes to followup on this kind of investigation is just about right if you look at it.

5-6 months and we’re experiencing a huge roundup the Main Stream Media is ignoring because, according to this informant, they are involved in.

This makes sense with everything Q Clearance is posting and what we’re seeing happening right now in the real world.

This next week is set to be very active in crime. Keep vigilant and make sure your eyes are opened. Be cautious wherever you go. We’ve been told there will be more attacks like the Texas and Las Vegas shootings. Be ready people. We’ve got a civil war brewing and the Democrats. Corrupt Republicans and Deep State traitors will not go down easily.

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More information coming – #TheStorm

Comet Ping Pong Hacker Video:

Supporting links:
European Data Protection Law Review

Q Clearance Breadcrumbs:

Links to Download Sealed Docs PDF:

PizzaGate Article:



Elizabeth · November 13, 2017 at 3:50 pm

I thought the foot braces were on Hillary Clinton and John McCain. I have pics if you want. Hillary couldn’t keep her story straight on what happened to her foot, and McCain used his crutch on the wrong side… lol Is Skippy in one too though??? That’s huge..

Zorah Slovensky · February 25, 2018 at 10:10 am

Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, and Godsmack covering up possible involvement with Pennsylvania scandal – stages sexual assault at concert then bribes officials to shutdown the case while holding her only child hostage as a slave with McMahon. ==> Burnley hires public officials to deprive disabled veteran and family of victim rights.

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