Millions of people across the United States have attended Donald Trump rallies waiting hours just to get inside various venues to hear him speak during his campaign for Presidential nominee of the Republican party.

Wearing t-shirts, hats and holding signs, Trump rallies attract thousands and sometimes tens of thousands each time he speaks. Interestingly, voter turn out has supposedly increased over 100% in caucuses and primaries, but somehow, the numbers aren’t adding up.

Trump supporters have documented Trump rally attendance with cameras and phones showing packed houses across America. They’ve shown their ballots, talked about electronic voting machines switching their votes or even been turned away at polling locations after making sure they’re eligible to vote.

This story should be huge by itself just as a news story. However, media continues to ignore the stories, pictures and fraud which appears to be happening.

trump crowd 4Downplaying these instances in favor of stories involving Trump’s rival Cruz, they continue pounding out negative talk all day long in various forms. From social media to talk radio and television news shows, the negative rhetoric keeps coming and is being stepped up by the Never Trump groups who are despicable. I’ve never seen a bunch of people pretending to be Conservative who are blatantly hypocritical stomping on the free speech of people in their own party to derail a candidate for President.

Something is definitely wrong with this system.

So far, we’ve learned from the exposure of corruption in both the Democrat and Republican camps, our votes don’t count. Not only do they not count to the parties, people supporting Trump have been thrown to the side as if they are wacko radicals with no brains in their heads.

In Wisconsin, Communist tactics were used to propagandize and sway the vote to Cruz. With a two-week effort by radio talk shows and news outlets and the GOPs Super Pac vowing to “take down Trump” they blared negative ads and rhetoric proving one thing: Red China has a working way to indoctrinate the public which they’ve used for years, publicly blaring propaganda and using constant media blitzes to sway their people to whatever the government wants them to think. It works and it’s devious.

Anyone who really knows Trump is quite aware he speaks what he believes to be the truth, is very smart and a very generous man. Those who have been indoctrinated by the establishment and Trump’s own Republican party believe the racism, bigotry and hatred they continue to promote as truth.

What’s really hard to document are all the votes being cast. With the ability to hack a voting machine in ten seconds, we can see there’s nothing reliable when it comes to voting in either a caucus or a primary. Paper ballots can be lost, stolen and manipulated. Caucuses using paper Post-It Notes and coin flips are ridiculously archaic. Electronic data can be hacked and paper can be burned.

trump crowd 5Unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of the government and those who pull the puppet strings until we decide to physically take back our country. If we don’t stand together, we’re done.

It sure looks like we’re heading towards a revolution and for that, I’m ready. I don’t want this. It would be great to be a society that is kind and generous to each other but as long as evil like the Republican party leaders, Democratic party leaders, evil politicians and killers like Hillary Clinton and Obama exist, we can’t have that.

It is only by defeating our enemy in physical form can we win.

We’re trying this year through our votes, but when our votes don’t matter, we are faced with a choice. Conform or fight.

I prefer the later.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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