Today, Obama decided he was going to shove his “Gun Control” Executive Order down the throats of the American people. Not only did he shed a tear, he also lied when saying most Conservatives and gun owners agree, more extensive background checks are needed in order to stave off mass shootings.

What Obama failed to say was out of the “30,000” gun deaths which he spouted, most of those happen in black neighborhoods perpetrated by black gangs in retaliation for criminal activity. Instead, he appeared angry at anyone who would stand in his way.

Since being re-elected to the position of President of the United States, Obama has continued to mock, scoff and ridicule anyone who would oppose his ludicrous positions. In several speeches over 2015, Obama continued blaming guns, manufacturers and Conservatives for any and all violence related to guns.

However, over the past year, most of the gun violence in main stream media news has been related to black criminals committing crimes and being shot by a police officer or a mass shooting by either a mental maniac or a terrorist.

Obama has continually ignored terrorist acts such as the San Bernadino, California shooting which was clearly perpetrated by a terrorist as an ISIS related event.

Through another Executive Order, Obama has waved his magic pen and forced the nation to take his gun control although Congress has defeated the bill three times. Apparently, when Obama was elected he already was very well aware he could just shove Executive Orders out of the Oval Office and we’re just supposed to sit back and take it.

Guess what Obama, there are three things the American people can do – two of these are with the assistance of the elected officials who we’re going to have to threaten with booting out of office.

The first is for Congress to declare war and arrest him for Treason which they should do. They can declare war on ISIS and then both Obama and Hillary can be arrested for Treason, thrown in jail for aiding and abetting the enemy (gun running in Syria, Benghazi…).

Secondly, Congress can have Obama mentally evaluated using the 25th Amendment to have someone declare him incompetent, unstable, a lunatic, etc. Whatever label they want to put on it, Obama is off his rocker.

And last but not least, the people can just take over with force. This is what’s going to happen and then Obama will yell out of the Oval Office window, “Martial Law!” Good luck with that buddy. This will be the first time since the Civil War Americans will just ignore the President and do what they should.

So either Congress is going to get it done or the people will get it done. We’re not going to have it and if the election even happens in November, we’ll see how long it takes for Obama to declare Martial Law and kill the transaction to the new President.

One way or another, Obama is out of office whether he likes it or not. The choice of how he gets out of office will be up to him and the elected Congress.

People are mad and they are no longer going to peacefully stand by and just watch this country deteriorate any further.


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