hard headed 1Clearly Democrats never learn. Obama is an especially stubborn liberal who just can’t understand why Americans reject his “destroy our country and bring it to it’s knees” philosophy. I’m listening right now to a total fool saying the same crap liberals have been saying since they lost the election. “Americans wanted more of the same that’s why the majority voted for Hillary,” said the moronic commentator who will remain nameless since I’m getting sick of them…

What Democrats fail to realize and won’t say, the majority of the people in counties outside of Los Angeles and pretty much every sanctuary city in the US, didn’t support Hillary. In fact, almost every county in America voted for Donald Trump. The amount of red which covers the map is a clear indicator where the clueless live and where the rest of us with brains live.

obama cartoon 1The majority of the country is sick and tired of Obama temper tantrums, putting our American traditions in jeopardy and supporting any and all governments who want to literally exterminate us and our allies.

Now, Obama is trying to punch us, our allies and the Russians in the eye before he leaves office in just 21 days. (That’s going to be the most historic celebration in the country besides the 4th of July and the end of the civil war!)

Here’s a message for the Traitor in the Seat who is trying to demand we bow to his pathetic displays of stupidity: Throw whatever fits you want, write Executive Orders till the cows come home – we’re done with you and about to write you down as the worst President in our history. You’ve done the damage and finally – FINALLY! – conservatives decided to crusade our way to get rid of you, your constituents and your stupid, pathetic, treasonous policies. Thank GOD Trump decided to lead the charge.

No one else had the balls to do anything about the utter destruction politicians have let run rampant for the last 8 years. I, at least, can firmly say – I never voted for this clear traitor and blowhard. I didn’t vote for him the first time and I didn’t vote for him the second time. Some may say I’m a racist because I didn’t vote for him, but in fact, I just refuse to vote for the destruction of America.

Carter-Award-590-LII would have voted for Lt. Col. Allen West or former Secretary of State Condelezza Rice. Both are black and one’s a woman. They didn’t have the destruction of America in mind. They would have been more competent as President and should either of them decide to run against a Democrat, I’ll be right there voting for them just like I did for Trump.

What we’ve got right now is Mac Daddy Obama trying to scold us for rejecting his treason. He’s got his boy John Kerry delivering a pathetically ridiculous speech which was so long I finally turned the channel from listening to the rant about why Israel should embrace the Palestinians who want to exterminate them as if there’s some sort of even ground between the two.

The nerve of Kerry to say Israel has to decide if they want to be “Jewish” or democratic. What? This public display of stupid was astounding! Someone needed to tackle him during that speech and stamp a great big “STUPID” right on his forehead. That was probably the most idiotic speech I’ve heard so far in the last eight years but we’ve still got 21 days left and since the Democrats never fail to double down, hammer in or stand up for literal dumb, I would venture to say, they’ve got a huge, last ditch effort of stupid they’re saving for the day before the Inauguration on January 20th.

At least we know three things for sure:

  1. Vladimir Putin realizes Obama is a blowhard idiot and about to leave office so his “expulsion” of Russian ambassadors is a 20 day holiday for them to visit family and friends in their own country.
  2. Israel knows America is actually their ally and it’s only the Obama Administration who is against them, siding with terrorist and enemies of both of us.
  3. The American people elected Donald Trump, rejecting Hillary, the Democrats and Obama who are about to take a nose dive into oblivion.

Half-Way-590-LIThose things are why we’re not in some sort of all out war right now. Leaders around the world know Obama is out of control and they don’t believe a word he says.

The Russians did it? Are you kidding me? It’s more like the hackers who hate Obama did it and they weren’t Russian, but the only people who know that are those with more than one brain cell to rub together and create the minimum of a spark.

So where does that leave Obama?

Throwing temper tantrums and acting like the undignified snot nosed kid we know he is.

He had no experience when he was elected as President because he was “black” and he still hasn’t gained any knowledge.

He’s a true blue Democrat with the inability to do anything by scold, scorn and degrade American society.

Have you learned your lesson yet Americans? We can’t afford to do the last eight years again, otherwise, we’ll be worse off than Venezuela.



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