pulse-nightclub-575x301Although it took the worst mass murder shooting in the history of the United States to wake up the LGBT community, finally a group of those targeted by terrorists are seeing only Donald Trump will be able to combat Islamic Terrorists.

Since announcing his candidacy, Trump has been bashed continually for being a bigot, a racist and a misogynist although in truth, he’s none of these. Liberals are beginning to see, it’s not Trump who is the problem. It’s the Islamic Muslims following their racist, bigoted, misogynistic, pedophilic, homophobic religion established by their guru, Mohammed who are the violent danger to our communities and their lifestyle.

It’s true, most Trump supporters don’t agree with being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to discriminate or try to kill people based on a disagreement. That’s not what we’re about. In fact, we believe in the United States, it’s your prerogative to be whatever you want to be as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. Any consequences of your choices will be doled out by God and it’s only our place to say something as a Christian, it’s not our place to judge a person’s eternal life.

That being said, shaking the very core of the LGBT community is the latest terrorist attack on Americans at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida resulting in 49 dead and 53 injured.  A direct, targeted terrorist attack by a true maniac following ISIS and Islam is what it took for those with brains in their heads to get the fact liberals, Democrats, the Obama Administration which Hillary Clinton supports, are not their friends.

In fact, the liberals are so not their friends the Phoenix LGBT community official endorsed Mr. Trump within hours of the massacre. They understand their only means of protection is going to be the Conservatives and Trump as President of the United States.

garland-shooting5Obama is pushing gun control which has nothing to do with terrorism. Let’s just say if guns were banned completely in the United States, does that stop explosive devices strapped on the chests of these murderers? And what about the knife attacks which have been perpetrated by Islamic Terrorists on people resulting in death? How about the beheadings ISIS has carried out against Christians? How would “gun control” stop the beheadings? Are these guys just blasting off people’s heads? Nope – they’re using knives.

True, the terrorist in Orlando had legal weapons, but did he obtain them with legal documentation? The Feds are still looking in to that information. But he also had strapped on explosives which again, gun control has nothing to do with the results or the weaponry.

The Islamic Terrorist could have gotten illegal weapons if he couldn’t get them legally. You can pretty much go to any area of the country and purchase illegal weapons. It’s not that hard therefore, once again, gun control means nothing. It just restricts legal citizens from protecting themselves against our enemies both foreign and domestic.

Pulse Nightclub was a “gun free zone” including their bouncers, bartenders and staff. If these people would have been armed, they most likely wouldn’t have been targeted and if they were, the staff had a better chance of taking out the terrorist saving the lives of their patrons.

Has anyone even noticed the only attacks by terrorists have been on innocent unarmed people around the world? Has there ever been any attacks on armed facilities in any countries by any terrorists? The only attempt was the attack in Garland, Texas at a Mohammed cartoon event and they were killed by an off-duty traffic officer who was working security that night. Armed, huh? Who would have thought guns could protect people against terrorists?

orlando 1Media would have you believe Trump and his supporters are some sort of gay bashers who will violently attack and condemn the LGBT lifestyle. True, we’ll be vocal that we’re against it but again, that doesn’t mean we’re going to be picketing their events, targeting them with hate crimes or endangering their lives in any way. We just agree to disagree and leave it at that as long as they’re not infringing on our rights to not be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender. The bathroom issue shouldn’t even be an issue. It’s just another license for criminals, terrorist or otherwise to attack people calling attention to their “trans” situation. Before it became a false flag random issue, it wasn’t an issue at all.

What we’ve known for years, the LGBT community finally understands about Hillary Clinton. She has said on multiple occasions she will embrace and expand Obama’s policies which includes terrorists coming to this country endangering their lives. These people who have just endorsed Trump are die hard liberals and woke up in one night because of the worst shooting tragedy in our history perpetrated on them specifically by a person who is a registered Democrat, a terrorist and a Muslim.

How much more can the American people take from the Obama Administration constantly denying there’s a real problem called Islamic Terrorism supported by Islam and the Muslim population throughout the world?

The best way to keep the American people safe is to close United States borders to any more Muslims coming into this country, get rid of the Obama Administration and the entire association with B.O and elect someone to the Presidency who will put policies in place to protect us and our interests.

Trump has it right. America first. That’s not Hillary’s plan and it’s certainly not B.O’s plan. There’s only one person running for President of the United States who can handle the mess made by B.O and Hillary in the Middle East.

In the coming months, expect Trump to start landsliding right over Hillary. She’s an evil crook who instigated the growth of terrorism along with her co-hort, B.O.

Donald Trump 46Every American should be armed and ready to defend themselves especially with B.O. in the driver’s seat. We’re all in danger including Christians, Jews, gays, women, children and any person who does not follow Islam. It’s imperative to be vigilant and be aware of the situation B.O and Hillary have put the entire country in which is one of defense.

Allen B. West said in his Lincoln Day Dinner speech in Colorado, we are fighting an evil force which are the Democrats. Our choices are liberty or tyranny and if we’re American Patriots, we will choose liberty.

Now is the time for us not to be afraid and to stand up against evil, Hillary and the Democrats.

Don’t worry about being the first person to show your support for Mr. Trump. There are plenty of people out there in your area who will stand with you. It just takes one person to stand up against evil and you might be the one.

Voting for Trump is the only way to save our country from total destruction and thank you to the Phoenix LGBT community for understanding, he and his supporters will protect you and make sure you have your rights under the Constitution of the United States of America.

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Jamie · June 13, 2016 at 10:17 pm

IF the LGBT Community would look closer, they would discover the party they worship is the biggest supporter of groups that kill members of the LBGT Community. The Arab Spring, ISIS etc can all be blamed squarely on Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s failures. This senseless act in Orlando has nothing to do with gun control. It has to do with radical Islam. The question has been posed how could someone who was under FBI investigation could get a gun? I ask, how could someone who is under FBI investigation be running for president? Further more, how could someone so incompetent even be considered for the job.

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