The Grand Old Party (GOP) is shedding it’s skin and the snakes that roll off are of the likes of Mitch McConnell, George Will, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the rest of the old cronies plotting to tell the Republican membership who we should vote for and who our nominee for President will be.

Since the insurgency of Donald Trump into the 2016 Presidential race, the GOP has been scrambling to stop him from gaining any ground with voters. Their attempts are laughable since the Trump supporters are more numerous and stronger than they are. It’s also going to be a tall order since Trump’s strategy is so far ahead of the “same ol’, same ol’ throw some money at it and you’ll win” kind of campaign used for years.

gopleadershipThe American people have woken up to the extreme corruption and disdain the “establishment” elitists who are constantly telling us we’re stupid to vote for Trump have against us. The continual bombardment of propaganda has got to be costing them millions of dollars and their doing it just because they think they know best.

The GOP has been manipulating votes for years and until 2015, has been getting away with it. This is why many people say their vote doesn’t count. With the corrupt caucuses and the continual double-talking from the “powers” in the Republican party, Trump exposed the liars for what they really are.

Everyone knows the Democrats are corrupt. They’re so blatant about it and their populous is completely snow blind and it’s not really something they have to cover up. The only corruption they cover-up is something which could really land someone in prison who would be a “higher” up, like Hillary Clinton not being indicted for the crimes she’s facilitated. She’s like the mob. They use scapegoats and pawns who take the fall sacrificing themselves for the “greater good.” It’s just a given with the Democrats.

However, with the Republicans, people viewed them as the party of honesty and integrity. The curtain was lifted by Trump and the American Conservatives as well as everyone else have seen the manipulation and pure evil which before, had always been contributed to the Democrats.

We’ve literally had people like Will, Rove and McConnell come right out and say they are actively going against the choice of the American people. They have stated on numerous occasions their disdain for Trump and treated the rest of us like we’re some sort of brain dead zombies who should shut up and do what we’re told.

SUPER-TRUMPThey’re so afraid Trump will find out just how corrupt the government and the media are, the investigations it will uncover felony crimes and send a lot of people to prison for a long time. They’re afraid their jobs will be gone and the American people will be even more mad than they are already. They’re truly shaking in their boots.

Also using a ploy saying the Democrats are “laughing” at the Republicans is another stupid piece of propaganda when in reality, it doesn’t matter who their candidate for President is, Trump will destroy them with the hell fire they deserve.

What Trump’s done for the American people is finally give a voice to the blue collar worker and the average U.S. citizen telling the government we’re mad as hell and we’re not taking it anymore.

Pundits like Will and Rove keep saying if Trump’s elected the party will split and be dead. What these two pompous blowhards are failing to see, “we the people” are taking over the party. It’s not dead – they are. The party is just fine and we’ll elect our own Chairs of the party in local arenas who will speak the truth, challenge the “establishment” and do what we tell them to do. No more of this dictatorship.

These guys are so far off the deep end trying to control who we vote for they are no longer Conservative Republicans. A true Conservative Republican believes in a voice and a vote, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. We’re not going to let these stuck-in-a-rut RINOs ruin the party. We’ll force you out and we’ll do it with a collective boot and you’ll feel the hurt.

talk to the handThese RINOs have betrayed the American people and continue to betray us. They put puppet strings on Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney to do their bidding and fire shots at Trump. These two couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with the shots they’ve taken. We’re not stupid and trying to hit us with old news shows you’ve got nothing. Now, you’re just fools.

The old guard of the party is dead. The old media pundits on the networks are going to get a rude awakening. Just imagine, the epiphany coming over them as they realize they’re left in the dust by the rest of us and we’re taking back the country.

They seriously have no idea we can vote them out. They seriously don’t think they’ll be losing their seats. These young guys like Adam Kinzinger and Ben Sasse are going to find out they’ve been kissing the wrong ass. The asses they should be kissing are those of their constituents, not the establishment “elitists” like McConnell and Ryan.

No, there’s a revolution for sure and it began with Trump. The New Republican Party has been born and these guys aren’t in it. It’s filled with Conservative Republicans who are mad as hell, Independents who can’t stand either party and Democrats who know Obama and Hillary are lying crooks. That’s the New Republican Party and you’ll be getting on the Trump Train or we’ll be rolling right over you!


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