Obviously it’s ridiculous when people in leadership positions say something idiotically negative about Conservative ideas and views, but when a religious political figure like the Pope says something stupid, it’s even worse.

Pope Francis is currently visiting Mexico and while there, said anyone who wants to build a wall rather than a bridge isn’t Christian. Well Pope, I’ve got news for you – under your criteria – I’m not a Christian. However, let me be very clear here, you don’t build bridges and allow people to break the law of the land and invite criminals as well as terrorists into your country. That would be against God’s law which TRUMPS (yeah, I know) the Pope’s insults.

These “leaders” – and I use that term loosely – have influence over a lot of people.  Obama said the other day Donald Trump isn’t fit to be President. LOL – that’s a laugh in itself since Obama hasn’t been fit to be President since he took office seven years ago.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to be a perfect Christian to be qualified to be the President of the United States and he doesn’t have to follow the Pope’s rhetoric about his Christianity. I was glad to see his rebuttal to the arrogance of the Pope and Obama.

I have a lot of Catholic friends who are serious, devote Catholics and most likely would agree with the Pope. However, I challenge all of my Catholic friends to weigh what God says in the Bible to what the Pope says. You’ll find the Pope is out of line and is a mere mortal and God clearly has said on numerous occasions not to trust in the arm of flesh – of which the Pope is.

Now you may argue I’m trusting in Trump. Actually, I’m not trusting in Trump. I’m trusting that the prayers I have for the country are going to elect the right person and when and if I believe Trump is no longer “the” candidate, I’ll be able to recognize this.

I never follow the crowd. Never. In fact, from the second Donald Trump said he was running for President, I felt a big relief that I could finally back a guy who says the truth and has matured enough in his thought processes to change his mind to the good side including the good of the country.

So, in my mind, the crowd is following me and I’m not going to be jumping off any bridges so you’re safe on that.

As far as the pompous attitude of the Pope and Obama – these two are in bed with evil. Seriously. I don’t care if he’s a “religious” figure. He’s a political figure using the mask of religion to hide the truth. Sorry my Catholic friends – the truth hurts and it’s about time you laid down the rosary and picked up the Bible and actually read it in it’s context. Not the context you wish it would be.

I challenge each and every one of you to actually read the Bible (KJV or any version not radical) and take it for what it means. It wasn’t written with rocket science in mind. It was plain and simple, written for the common man. You don’t need some theologian to interpret it for you. You need God and prayer. He’ll show you the truth.

And Pope – the truth is the United States of America needs a wall. And yes – I’m still a Christian!


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