DT officeIt’s been 11 days since President Elect Donald Trump kicked Hillary Clinton in the pantsuit sending Democrats into a tailspin of crying, whining and fake news stories. After just two days, main stream media (MSM) began posting idiotic stories of how his team was in disarray, floundering and had no order to what they were doing. They had no source for these stories, no hard facts, nothing to support their continued ridiculous lies about how Trump is putting together his cabinet.

On top of all this, MSM has tagged the only true news outlets, like Breitbart, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Action, Wikileaks with Julian Assange and Mike Cernovich as “fake news.” Across the board, networks started taking aim at alternative news sources who were the only source to uncover voter fraud, record actual video footage of liberal loons, Trump rallies versus Clinton rallies, violence perpetrated on anyone who didn’t agree with Democrats as well as George Soros and the Clinton campaign paying people to protest, commit crimes and get violent against Trump supporters.

MSM wouldn’t report the truth and kept Trump bashing throughout the entire election causing 60 million voters in the United States to rebel and tank their ratings.

What’s even funnier, is the MSM keeps scrambling to guess which Trump supporter is going to be given which job on the cabinet. Every time they see someone come into the lobby at Trump Towers to see President Elect Trump, they have a new story to spin. Not once have they had any confirmation of their stories as real reporters do. It’s complete speculation without any substance.

Today is a very good example of the scramble of MSM reporting stupidity. Mitt Romney, who was a GOP elitist extremist against Trump is meeting with the President Elect on his golf course in New Jersey. Stories are, Romney is being tapped for Secretary of State. After that it was, Romney is being tapped to fix the Veterans Administration. I hardly think either of these are true. Trump doesn’t normally take a staunch jerk like Romney and reward him with a position in his company, why would he do it now?

Trump Towerq1My guess – and I’m purely guessing here – is Romney is meeting with Trump as a goodwill, bury the hatchet session where the two will get a few things straight. Romney should apologize for his stupidity and direct condemnation of President Elect Trump. I doubt that will happen, but you never know.

On that note, President Elect Trump is actually ahead of schedule with filling his cabinet. After stories swirled by the actual fake news of CNN, MSNBC, NBC and others that Trump isn’t going to be able to put together a viable team before he takes the Oath of Office based on exactly nothing, Trump is ahead of schedule and moving at a great pace to set his cabinet in record time.

Amidst cry babies needing sippy cups and diaper pins outside Trump Tower, in the streets and on college campuses, our new President is getting the work done. Protesters are being recruited through Craigslist, paid by George Soros and MoveOn.org. Racist comments are being slurred at whites by minority liberals, most who didn’t even vote. Places like Starbucks are calling cops because someone wants “Trump” written on their coffee cups and the cast of “Hamilton: The Musical” are booing political candidates who’ve paid a hefty ticket price to see their show.

This is what liberals have become. Ridiculous cry babies who don’t care about laws, throwing around signs that say “No whites allowed,” putting signs over water fountains “Whites Only” “Blacks Only” and violently attacking anyone who supports our President Elect.

hillary newsweek signing 1Before the election, Democrats were popping champagne bottles and cheering themselves for a job well done. Newsweek even printed a cover with “Madame President” having a photo op with Hillary Clinton signing copies of the now de-funk fake news cover.

MSM said Trump supporters would be protesting in the streets causing a civil war if they didn’t win the election. They said we were going to be doing exactly what they’re doing. However, we didn’t lose. We won the election and we aren’t the ones needing therapy sessions and protesting our own advancement with “cry ins” and running to people with diaper pins attached to their clothing for “safety.”

If we would have lost the election, none of us would have needed therapy anyway. We would have protested but not with violence. We would have done our protesting legally and Constitutionally.

Let’s just say we were to use the 2nd Amendment to take back our government because of tyranny. Liberals lost their minds thinking we might take up arms and shoot everyone. We wouldn’t have to do that most likely. We would have just arrested the traitors, had trials and thrown them in prison as most civilized people do.

We never called for the assassination of Clinton or Obama. However, liberals are calling for the assassination of Trump daily. These violent, vile Democrats see nothing wrong with threatening us or our President but turn the tables and it’s an all out personal attack calling out the FBI, CIA and Secret Service to squelch those traitors!

toddlers 12Basically, from my point of view, we’ve got a bunch of toddlers who were given power, never made to actually do anything in life, whining and crying because they lost. This should be a lesson as to why children should be taught sometimes you lose and not given “Participation” ribbons for losing.

And to Rachael Maddow – “This is your life now.” Get used to it. And while you’re at it, you might want to start training for a new job since yours is going to be eliminated as your viewership is just about extinct. Your counterparts are in the same toilet bowl and we’re flushing the handle.

By WE THE PEOPLE electing President Trump, we’ve kicked you in the nuts and regardless of Democrat temper tantrums from their Toddler Nation, we’re taking back the country and fixing the mess you made.

Now run to your safe zones with your sippy cups, Huggies and coloring books and leave the government and the Constitution to the adults who will make it all better.



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