Morning Joe 1This week has been a roller coaster ride of delusion for Democrats such as Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s boring morning show, Morning Joe.  Besides disgracing themselves daily by personally attacking President Donald Trump and his family, they’ve lowered themselves to pushing a non-existent narrative of mental issues.

Unfortunately for Morning Joe and the liberal whiners, the American people are just laughing at the ridiculous commentary which has been the clown show since President Trump announced he was running for the highest office in the land.

fake news 2In actuality, President Trump has every right to fight back against the irresponsible media who continues all day, every day, every hour and every second bashing him. Every show liberals have produced has something to do with bashing Conservatives in some way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a so-called news outlet, television show or movie. They’re narratives are getting really old and really tiresome.

Thank God the American people aren’t buying it. In fact, the majority of voters, including those who mistakenly and stupidly voted for Hillary Clinton during the Presidential election, are jumping off the liberal bandwagon as quickly as they can. They’re tired of the same old crap every single day which amounts to making up stories which don’t exist, failure to fact check, constantly wasting tax payer money on ridiculous witch hunts and covering up criminal activity of the left.

What’s really going on here is the media thinks they can bombard us with daily doses of dumb while pushing their puppets who spew nothing but disdain for our President, America, what it means to be an American as well as propaganda they hope will sway us to their side.

Kirk-on-CNNBack in the day when I was working at ABC news, we buried stories. We didn’t make up stories that didn’t exist. We didn’t actually manufacture scenarios, push them as reality and hope viewers didn’t notice. We just didn’t tell them what was going on. We did a different story instead to distract them from the truth.

Truly amazing me is the fact CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, The NY Times, Washington Post and the rest of the lying news media aren’t aware their stories are easily fact checked just by going to the government documents, listening to government hearings, watching full videos of events and listening to the audio ourselves. They use “anonymous sources” which now amount to a load of crap because they’ve lied so much.

The media has become so unreliable, we can get more information from Twitter. We can watch the videos for ourselves. We don’t need them to tell us anything. We can listen to the White House press briefings and see the media are a bunch of clowns in suits acting like they have the moral authority to invoke their self-righteousness on us.

Made-UYp-newsThe press has become an indignant brat who’s only disciplinary action is being taken by President Trump. There is no reason he has to give them the time of day. There’s social media. There’s the White House website and if he really wanted to, President Trump could do a self-hosted podcast every day and tell the American people whatever he wants to say.

This is how stupid the press is: they don’t even realize President Trump is having loads of fun at their expense. He is literally using slight of hand to get his agenda through while their distracted by Brzezinski’s face. How brilliant is that?

President Trump can shoot off a tweet which is hilarious to us and the media will talk about it for the next few days. This leaves him wide open to get his agenda done. While their headlines read, “Trump Bashes Morning Mika In The Face,” he’s working on passing Kate’s Law and Sanctuary City bills to get rid of illegals committing crimes.

There’s no way the left can out think, outsmart or out work, President Trump.

Trump LegislationPsycho Joe (Scarborough) and his fiance Bleeding Face Mika (Brzezinski) need to stop trash talking President Trump. They’re show is barely hanging on. I don’t know one person who watches it except Saturday Night Live for new material. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of their show from people posting clips on social media. I won’t watch a morning filled with a bunch of lies.

FYI – I think it’s hilarious when the media says, “every word out of Trump’s mouth is a lie. He lies all the time. He lies about everything,” but can’t state what the “lies” are and backed a serial liar in Clinton. I’ve seen a few “reporters” stutter when asked what is President Trump lying about when called on their remarks, only to deflect to a different subject. I’ve also seen a bunch of lying reporters who can’t seem to interject any facts into their “thought” processes since there’s nothing to back up the lies they, themselves are spewing from their moronic pie holes.

Well, too bad media. We’re over you. We’re done with you. Get some new material because the narrative you’ve been pushing for two years has exhausted our patience.

Keep up the good work, President Trump and keep on tweeting! We love it!

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Dan · December 30, 2017 at 3:01 am

Great job and information in your articles April!!
One little tweak for you: their = possessive form of they, not they’re which = they are.
Used above in – “They’re narratives are getting really old and really tiresome.” – should be Their instead of They’re.

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