julie roginsky 1Almost daily, Fox News has Democratic “strategist” Julie Roginsky spew liberal propaganda by the truck loads refusing to acknowledge truth about her precious career criminal, Hillary Clinton. Her only response to proven, documented criminal acts of Clinton are “she’s not convicted” or “the FBI didn’t find anything.” The later is a blatant lie since FBI Director James Comey listed Clinton’s crimes in a Press Conference at the beginning of the month.

Astonishing, since she pretends she’s weighing all the evidence before making a decision, but denying evidence, shoving it under the rug and attacking Donald Trump shows she is wrapped up in all the corruption which surrounds the Democratic party.

Here’s a question I’d like Roginsky to answer: If I steal your car, get caught but not convicted, did I commit a crime or was I just given preferential treatment? Or could it just be socialism which Clinton prefers for the peasants and Capitalism for herself as well as Mafia mentality to make money?

On occasion, and I mean very rarely, Roginsky can’t deny the truth of the corrupt party she represents without hesitation. Fox News commentators sometimes push back against her idiotic comments.

Hillary Clinton 3Here’s what’s so ridiculous about her. Clinton clearly had an illegal server which was against Federal Law. Just one point, just one criminal act and Roginsky can’t even acknowledge just this one point. Instead, when confronted with this information, she deflects by saying Condolezza Rice and Colin Powell sent and received email through their personal accounts from time to time.

Roginsky can’t seem to determine the difference between a private server in your basement containing thousands of classified emails and an occasional email sent and received by a few Republicans. I’d explain it to her but she’d brush it off as a non-issue.

Then, on top of just that one point, Rice, Powell or even General David Petraeus didn’t delete over 30 thousand emails which are the property of the United States people. Destruction of government property is clearly against the law, too. Clinton admitted she deleted all those emails which is a crime again, under Federal Law.

Just these two crimes alone, perpetrated by Clinton, on purpose with complete disregard for the oath she took and the agreement she signed to protect our classified information, Roginsky says is of no importance. It doesn’t matter to her at all in any regard. Instead, she’ll come back with, “What about Trump’s tax returns? What does he have to hide?”

Trump is currently under audit by the IRS and clearly stated, it’s routine and he’s been audited for the past 15 years. He believes it’s unfair, but he isn’t going to fight against them since he doesn’t have anything to hide. Even Greta Van Sustern, host of On the Record (Fox News) is an attorney and said Trump shouldn’t release any tax returns until after his IRS audit is complete. She said it’s pretty routine for attorneys to tell their clients to get through an audit and then if necessary, they can release their tax returns.

Clinton donors 1Roginsky doesn’t question Clinton tax returns. She doesn’t even connect the Clinton Foundations large donations from foreign governments, giving Bill Clinton “speech” money of ridiculous proportions of $250,000 to $500,000 for a twenty minute “speech” then miraculously, the entity giving the money is rewarded with a big fat contract or granted permission by Hillary Clinton to gain in rights to uranium or other business dealings benefiting both the Clinton’s and the other party. She just says it’s “coincidental.”  Really? For over 40 years they’ve been having these lucrative “deals” just “bumping in to” people all over the world.

Roginsky won’t even acknowledge the Clinton Foundation funnels money from “countries” to the pockets of Hillary which won’t show up on her personal tax returns. It’s just sitting in the non-profit until they need it. She doesn’t have to show the money and when she does it’s for Bill’s speeches? Are you kidding me? And what about only 10% of the billions collected by the foundation has gone to do any good for anyone and the Haitians got a tiny portion of the $2 billion collected for them with Bill facilitating deals for his “friends” building a manufacturing plant in a part of the country that wasn’t hit by a hurricane.

haiti protest clintonNo, Roginsky can’t bring herself to address these issues without deflecting to Trump who raised almost $6 million for Veterans in one day, giving $1 million of his own money and all of it went to various charities. This is a vast difference completely bypassing Roginsky.

Trump has never done any of these dirty deals, there’s no evidence he’s ever been underhanded in any of his business dealings, yet Roginsky will say, “He’s had 6 bankruptcies which proves he’s a failed businessman.” She forgets to add his bankruptcies were over 30 years ago and exaggerates the number because there were only 4 of them out of over 400 businesses he runs as well as the fact he’s a multi-billionaire.

Truth in reporting doesn’t fit Roginsky’s propaganda strategy which is the reason she deflects and ignores it. She’d rather keep hyping the same tired lies than deal with the truth. The truth is Roginsky is a Democrat. They lie. It’s a fact, on record, documented in audio, video and writings. It’s what they do and what they represent.

When someone knows the truth and a person like Roginsky comes along blatantly lying when she’s aware of the truth, twists it to fit a narrative, her entire credibility in talking at all is blown out of the water.

clinton speech feesSince it’s a documented (Yes, Julie it is!) fact, Democrats are a tit-for-tat, you pay me and I’ll do you a favor organization, I believe Roginsky has deep ties to someone in the “organization” paying her to do what she does. Nobody in her position doesn’t know the truth.

I’ve been in main stream media and I can tell you with 100% of my assurity, Roginsky, Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov and Kirstin Powers know the truth and know they are propagandizing their messages to sway ignorant Democrats to fall in line and do what they’re told. They hone in on feelings because they know this group they are trying to manipulate are very easily swayed by a tearful story or a threat to their land of Lollipops and Butterflies.

Here’s the bottom line, if you’re listening to a Democrat talk, you’re most likely listening to a bunch of rehearsed propaganda with no substance.

There is one exception I’ve noted so far in the Democratic Party and that’s Harlan Hill. He’s so tired of them he is voting for Trump. Now, if he can just drill some common sense into the heads of the rest of the party, we’ll turn this country around.

NOTE: If you think I’m off base, you might want to read or watch, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democrats, Clinton Cash, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and also 2016: Obama’s America. You can then read Art of the Deal and Crippled America to find out about Donald Trump. If you don’t at minimum do your research to make an informed decision, you don’t deserve to vote in an election. 

Link to Clinton Cash: Full Movie on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM


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