Chris Matthews interviewed Donald Trump on a hypothetical question this week and the pundits and anti-Trump activists began salivating at his answer. Trump said he thought “maybe” women should be punished if they have illegal abortions.

And this is somehow, to those who don’t understand abortion, a horrifying answer, as they believe women are a “victim” and the baby is just a “thing.”

Really people? Women are just innocent victims?

First of all, let’s get this straight right now. I don’t believe in abortion for any reason. Trump thinks, as many do, in cases of incest, rape, mother’s life, it’s an option. Well, I believe in God and if children are a gift from God, then you’re murdering a gift regardless of the circumstances and if you’ve got faith, your life is most likely not going to be taken in favor of your baby, but you never know what God has in store. Taking matters into your own hands usurping God isn’t an option for me.trump-matthews-2-300x197

That being said, the question posed by Matthews was hypothetical since abortion is legal within the United States for the most part. This sleazeball “reporter,” and I use this term extremely loosely, pressed Trump and got the sound byte he was looking for and the pundits went wild!

Taking his words out of context, almost every media source has now spread the perpetual lie that Trump believes women should be punished for abortion. Really? When did he say that? He didn’t say this at all. They refuse to put the word “illegal” in front of the word abortion which gives the true meaning of what he actually said.

He also said “maybe” and wasn’t sure of what the punishment should be. Why should he be sure? Most people have a few hangups on this subject and Trump is no exception. I have a no hangups. I would have pushed back very strongly against Matthews.

abortionhurtswomen5Yes, a woman should be punished for an illegal abortion. It would be illegal. My response would have been it’s murder. The penalty for a woman having an abortion should be the same as a murderer. There’s nothing different and she has the responsibility to protect that child.

A woman can’t have an abortion if she’s not at the doctor’s office getting an abortion. The doctor can’t perform an abortion without the woman going through the door and getting on the table. The woman is just as guilty as the doctor. Both can save the life of the child and both choose to murder the baby instead. Everyone standing by should also be punished as an accomplice to murder. That’s my strong stand and I will stand on that forever.

Why should a woman get off Scott-free? Why should a woman be a “victim?” What makes her a “victim” when this is a conscience choice?

A woman may be a victim at the time of the incest or rape, but she’s not a victim after that. Yes, a child might be a reminder that this happened, but memories don’t fade just because of a child. There are two memories after an abortion. Now you’ve got the actual crime and then you’ve got the murder of the baby on top of that. If you think a woman doesn’t remember, you’d be wrong on both parts.

Women pretend they don’t care and pretend it’s fine to have an abortion and some have become so callous about the situation they have buried their feelings. Their senses become dull from all the supporters of murdering babies and now they’ve joined the crowd.

15-regret-abortion-protest.w190.h190.2xThe truth is, the underlying guilt felt by women who have had an abortion is still there in the pit of their stomach. This is why they are so fierce when questioned about the subject. Psychologically speaking, people who are guilty and in denial are really aggressive on this subject.

This being said, the group Pro-Life Wisconsin is filled with those who would most likely say the same as I am saying. Their membership is pushing almost 50,000 and may even grow and hit that today. This group is filled with Pro-Life women and they would vote for a man who is upholding their viewpoint.

If a woman is involved in a criminal activity why should she get a free pass on murdering a child?

Personally, the only victim in any of these scenarios is the baby. They have no say. They have no ability to defend themselves against murder. That’s the job of the mother and in every case of abortion, she has failed.

So bottom line, yes, a woman should be punished for having an illegal abortion and yes, I would support the overturning of Roe vs. Wade!


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