Why is Al Sharpton even talking? Shouldn’t this guy be in prison already?

Even though Sharpton owes back taxes to the Federal government of somewhere between $2.6 and $4.6 million (reports vary) he’s still not in prison, still hasn’t paid them and is using his double standard status to promote hate speech which is also a Federal crime.

In his latest attempt to be a disdainful race baiter, Sharpton is now saying the Feds should make it a crime for white people to shoot black people even if it’s in self-defense. This is so laughable I’m sitting here laughing right now!

Where does Sharpton actually think this falls under the Constitution and exactly how does this self-proclaimed “preacher” man think this is Christian? Does the Bible say anywhere in it to discriminate against a race of people? I didn’t find that anywhere but apparently Sharpton has some sort of line to “God” or whoever he thinks is “God” telling him a load of crap and his “followers” are listening.

Today, we see this continued race baiting and playing on the lack of education in the black community by the so-called Black Leaders and they’re doing the very thing the African Blacks did back in the 1600s when they sold their own people into slavery.

How is this truth being overlooked by the rest of the black population?

Eman ProcSo here’s some facts Sharpie Sharperton.  It was the WHITE REPUBLICANS who advocated and lobbied for the abolishing of slavery. That’s right pinhead. Abraham Lincoln was a whitey who freed your “people” with an Executive Order because the Democrats wouldn’t “let your people go.”

Furthermore, Sharpie Sharperton, the WHITE REPUBLICANS advocated during the Civil Rights movement to make sure the blacks were able to vote and be equal with everyone else. It was also the whitey who started the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the NAACP which doesn’t help anyone but black people. The Democrats didn’t want it.

It was also our Republican whitey George W. Bush who had more blacks in executive positions in his administration than your Boy Clinton who put more of you in jail.

And let’s just take a look at the Democrats who you support so strongly Sharpie Sharperton.  Margaret Sanger, a devout and staunch racist, started Planned Parenthood which she specifically did to annihilate the black population. She was a Democrat. She targeted blacks because that’s who she hated and said they shouldn’t be breeding. She used the guise of “reproductive health” to abort babies and tried to cause the extinction of the black race.

Moving on to the Ku Klux Klan, this group was also started by a Democrat closely associated with the Democratic party as a white-southern resistance to the Republican Party’s efforts to make the black race equal. Seriously, Sharpie – you should really get your facts straight.

The KKK was also the instigator behind the Jim Crow Laws which kept the segregation between blacks and whites going. Again, a Democrat who started it against the Republican’s attempt to make the black people equal.

And let’s just talk about Trayvon Martin for a second. A kid shouldn’t be out as late as he was anyway, especially on a school night but since was expelled from school for smoking pot, obviously he didn’t have to go to school the next day.

While he was walking through a neighborhood where he didn’t belong, he not only kept watching George Zimmerman, instead of just going home or wherever he was going, he decided to stalk and circle back to attack Zimmerman.

See, Sharpie, you keep forgetting those little facts because it doesn’t play in to your racial agenda.

After circling back and getting behind Zimmerman, Martin jumped him and started pounding his head into the ground. Obviously, this behavior is just fine for you and your Black Lives Matter movement of stupid people.

So, at the time Martin was killed, he was committing a criminal act of assault. Got that Al?

And then we’ll move on to Michael Brown, another one of your criminals who should be lifted up and exalted. Really?

According to you, it’s fine for Brown to walk into a convenience store, assault and rob a store clerk and then while being stopped by a cop, walk down the middle of the street like he owns the place, walk up to the cop car and hit him in the head with his fist.

mike brown 1The cop at that point, since being assaulted by Brown could have justifiably shot Brown right then but he didn’t. He told Brown to stop again and Brown didn’t.

The cop gets out of his car, again tells Brown to stop, Brown decides to turn around and start aggressively towards the cop. Witnesses said Brown never put his hands up like his little criminal buddy said so that’s not even in the truth of the facts.

After just being assaulted by this 300 lb 6’5″ criminal, the officer isn’t going to be attacked again so he shoots the guy.

And of course, the cop is at fault because God forbid, you as a “preacher” should be telling your race baiting Black Lives Matter this is wrong. These idiots, Obama and any white people you can make feel guilty about what never happened to you or any of your co-horts in crime should be told the truth. Not the truth as Al wishes it should be..

Right. We’re supposed to just sit idly by while you threaten all whites?

So, here’s the word Sharpie – stop popping off at the mouth because we’re the ones who have saved you from the beginning. We Republicans don’t look at “race” as the issue. We look at “crime” as the issue. That’s your issue so stop covering it up and coddling criminals. Whitey can’t do it for you!

What exactly makes you different from the racists you claim to hate so much?

I see nothing different between you and the KKK. You’re the exact same with the exact same agenda.

It’s going to be a rude awakening when you get to the other side and see just how many people you lead straight into the flames of hell. Better be prepared, because what goes around eventually comes around.

And don’t be calling yourself a Christian, because this is in direct conflict with the actual Gospel of which you are ignoring.

Personally, I’m offended by your offense at being offended by zip!

Take care of your own people, straighten out your own crime, teach your children respect and maybe, just maybe you’ll actually get ahead. But I understand it’s a financial matter.

Keeping your people ignorant keeps money in your pocket. Good job! Between you, Obama and the rest of the demonic Democrats, you’re really doing a bang up job destroying America.

And here’s a little bit of information for you. If you ever come to my house in an aggressive manner, just remember, I believe in the 2nd Amendment wholeheartedly!



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