reince preibus 2Apparently, Reince Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee doesn’t seem to understand the people rule the party and not the other way around. He issued a stern warning to all Republicans as if we’re supposed to bow to corruption including bogus rules which have always favored the GOPe elitists candidate.

When are these party leaders going to realize without the people they’ve got nothing? Is this a difficult concept for Priebus to grasp?

If the majority of the people who are considered the “general members” or “base voters” left the party due to the continual corruption from the upper echelon, they’d be left with a handful of old fogies.

In 2012, 60 million plus voters chose Mitt Romney as their choice for President while Obama racked up over 65 million votes. Approximately 30 million Christians decided they wouldn’t vote at all giving Obama the Presidency for another four years of misery and destruction.

Now, with Trump, there’s been about a 50% increase in people joining the Republican party specifically to vote for him. If Priebus thinks those new voters won’t leave, he’s mistaken. He also doesn’t seem to get many of the lifetime Republicans supporting Donald Trump will leave the party with the new voters. The party will be much lighter in membership if he doesn’t start getting this straight.

Watch the video of Preibus below:

There’s absolutely no reason to listen to Priebus. He’s proven to support corruption by not denouncing the unfair, biased rules.

Priebus also seems to think the base American voter can’t see the delegate “system” is antiquated especially in the age of technology. We don’t need delegates to carry our votes by horse and buggy to the National Convention. We’ve got digital capability to instantly send our votes electronically to be tallied, with every vote counting.

gop fat catsSo why do the “delegates” and the GOP like the system? Because they can control the voting and the people funneling them into a narrow avenue which eventually nominates the GOP leader’s choice of Presidential candidate.

We’ve seen through the caucus process of Colorado and Wyoming, the people’s votes actually don’t count. The people’s vote never has counted and Priebus certainly isn’t advocating for the people. The Constitution stands behind the power of the people and so does Trump.

Eliminating the popular vote was what the elites wanted to do because they thought they were a better judge of who can run the country under their interests of power and money. Basically, they’ve tried to make a puppet out of the President rather than allowing the people to listen and chose the candidate who will represent them best keeping in mind the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson was right when he said, “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” I’m guessing this quote escapes Priebus since he’s acting as a dictator when it comes to party loyalty warning candidates and voters to support the party.

Obviously, Priebus is addressing Trump and his supporters when he’s pandering to the GOPe’s. Why is he such a wimp? If he wants to come right out and tell Trump to stop talking about about the party, he can do it.

Not that it will make any difference since we the people, know the party is corrupt. Trump has every right to call out Priebus and the GOP for their corrupt practices.

obama puppet 3The rules, if you haven’t read them, are very swayed in favor of delegates and party elitists allowing them to change the rules whenever they want including aft
er the Presidential candidates have spent time and money on running to be the Republican nominee.

In the past, most people didn’t really get involved and most still don’t care about how the system of electing a candidate works. This is a real problem.

Most of the time, the average person just sits back, yawns and says they’re not interested and if they vote, shows up at the polls to cast their vote for whoever they might know based on media hype. Unfortunately, that’s the norm.

This is why media plays a huge role and the candidates know it. However, the tides have turned a bit since the explosion of social media. Priebus has forgotten we’re able to call his bluff with Facebook and Twitter as well as Instagram and SnapChat.

Before the media can post a story twisting the facts, the average citizen can send a video, pictures and commentary letting the world know the truth. Main stream media is stupid to try and spread nonfactual reports since they can be easily dispelled.

Although there’s a lot of rumor online in social media including blatant false stories, with a very small amount of research, it’s easy to find the truth under normal circumstances especially when there’s a large group of people experiencing the same event.

social-media-is-sound-CRE-marketing-practiceThat being said, Priebus is out of line with his comments about Trump and his supporters. We the people own the GOP and we can take it down.

Here’s some advice for the old chair, shape up or you’ll be the chair of zip!

As I’ve stated before, I’m a life long Republican, but I am not loyal to the party. I’m loyal to the country, the Constitution and Conservative ideology. That’s God and Country.

The GOP is so far off the Conservative track, they’re starting to look like Democrats.

Only with Trump can the party survive. He’s uniting all kinds of people from Independents to liberals, Democrats to Republicans who are tired of seeing the Obama administration kill the country, racking up ridiculous debt, continue out of control spending, Executive Order stupid ideas and weaken our military.

The planet is only safe when America is strong. Get that straight, Priebus! And we know, Trump’s the only candidate with boots big enough to use ’em!



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