Donald Trump 9Let’s get something straight right now. The people resisting the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, are not actual Conservatives. They’re liberals in sheep’s clothing. This is what a RINO (Repubilican In Name Only) is.

These RINO’s aren’t even infiltrating the party. They were let into the party when they were doing the same political pandering to get in office that the Democrats do. They didn’t really care one way or the other which party they would be running with, it has to do more with, do they want to run as a corrupt politician in the open or hidden. That’s the choice between being a Democrat or Republican right now.

People like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mark Salter, Ben Sass and many more who pretend they’ve been Conservative are just plain fakers. They’ve been exposed for who they really are; a bunch of stuck in a rut, don’t change anything, don’t use common sense and pretend we’re smarter than the American people, lowest denominator bullies.

There’s nothing Conservative about lying to the public. All of the above, with the exception of Mr. Trump, have constantly lied over and over again to the American people. Just choose any speech of recent days and you’ll be able to point out every blatant, blowhard lie.

RINO John McCain

RINO John McCain

And here’s another example of hypocrites calling themselves Conservative. Remember all those die-hard Christians like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin? They put their necks on the line touting Cruz as, “God’s Chosen One.” Now look. God smacked both of these guys really hard in the face.

When you’re a pompous jerk, spewing a load of crap to the American people pretending like “God told” you, you’re setting yourself up for a great big fall. Especially when the guy you’re pretending is goodness and light is lying constantly about another fellow human being we’re supposed to “love.” But for Beck and Levin, guess those scriptures only apply to certain people when it’s convenient.

I’ve also seen a bombardment of Cruz supporters who were mean and nasty while he was running, continue their bratty behavior by saying, “We’re never voting for Trump. We’ll write in Ted Cruz if we have to.”

Got news for you: you’ll have to. Cruz dropped out remember?

That being said, Cruz himself is still trying to ride a train heading for a brick wall. After all he’s done, he’s still trying to solicit campaign donations pretending he’s going to be the GOP nominee.

That’s not Conservative.

But here’s the real definition of Conservative: “a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.”

ConservativeWow, now that’s the real definition which is basically saying, those in the Conservative party are so stuck in concrete up to their necks, they can’t see another truck is coming to dump it on their head and going to kill them.

You’d think a little common sense would have said, “Hey, you’re heading for a brick wall, you might want to change course!”

And thus, because these RINO’s have decided they wanted to pretend they were the elite thinkers of our time and could run the Republican Party because they represented Christian principles, the Constitution and American values, what we’ve found out since the announcement of Trump’s Presidential Campaign, is they have no intention of upholding any of these ideals which our country was founded on.

Here’s why I say that. The Constitution is about making sure to preserve the rights of the individual to pursue life, liberty and happiness. To do that, we need the ability to defend our selves and our country, make sure we can build the business of our dreams or at least work in the industry we choose, live in the house we want, drive the car we like and raise our kids how we want to without the interference of a tyrannical government.

How far the RINO’s have strayed from that philosophy!

Now, it’s about keeping money and power in their little circle, uniting with the liberals and pretending their positions are for the “good of the people.”

As I’ve stated numerous times, the government, as it is, is smoke and mirrors.

Conservatives-Against-TrumpAnd then there’s another question I’ve been asking these stubborn jerks helping to run our country into the ground, when you thought Cruz was going to usurp the will of the people and be the GOPe nominee all we heard from you was, “you need to support the nominee or Hillary will be our next President.”

So what’s different? Oh, that’s right, the fact Cruz was forced to get out of the race, along with John Kasich. That’s the only difference.

You see, when Trump and his supporters were being lied about, media and the elitists were trying to sway public opinion with false statistics and the RINO’s were spending literally millions of dollars in negative ads against their own conservative candidate, the majority of the people in the states said, “oh, hell no! You’re not going to tell us what we’re going to do. Trump is the only candidate who cares about the actual people.”

No matter what happened, these RINO’s still haven’t gotten their heads wrapped around the fact the people of the United States are getting ready to boot out anyone who will not comply to the voice and vote of the people.

Yes, the Republican party is going under a major change. And yes, the pundits are still trying to force feed their theory that the Republican membership is not united.

In truth, there’s more united on the Conservative side than there ever has been before. So far, the understated news is reporting Trump has more votes than any other candidate in the history of both the Democrat and Republican party. Sorry Hillary Clinton, you’re not doing so well anymore.

trump train 4It’s not Trump’s responsibility to get the RINO’s on the Trump Train. It’s their responsibility to keep their own pledges and back their own words and support the Republican nominee. They want to be “wooed” by Trump so they can get some publicity.

What’s really going to happen here is, the American people are going to go to the polls and will vote to replace each and every one of these RINO’s who didn’t stop Barry Obama in the last 8 years. They didn’t listen to their constituents, decided they know best, and now refuse to back Trump. This will not bode well for any of them, especially Ryan who should be running to save his job.

The next question I keep posing to these idiot RINO’s is, why do you think Trump isn’t Conservative? They refuse to answer this and just keep saying, he hasn’t given any details to his plans. Once again, it must be really difficult for these politicians to grasp concepts that aren’t written in a 3,000 page document for every thought.

leslie stahl 1Leslie Stahl was just on “Media Buzz” this morning saying she didn’t think Trump was getting the “hard questions.” She even went further and said, he dodges the questions, refusing to answer. I’d like to know what “hard questions” she’s talking about and what specific examples she’s referring to since every interview I’ve watched, Trump tells us exactly what he’s going to do.

Here’s an example of how I know government bureaucrats are basically stupid idiots who can’t get simple solutions for problems. Once I had to turn in a bid on a government type job for a client. I knew the more pages, rhetoric and fancy big words I could sprinkle into the document, the better my chances were of getting the bid.

So, I wrote the bid the way I normally do. Simple, easy to understand and to the point. Then I went back in and made sure to use the biggest words, longest sentences possible with a bunch of breakdowns in figures along with a few columns and turned it in. I also knew any government entity also throws out the lowest and the highest bids automatically without even looking at them.

Well, I doubled my price and guess what? I got the job. Proved my point about government gobble-di-gook and made me some cash.

Yes, that’s how the politicians like things. Rocket science to the max and a year long or more wait for a decision. How pathetic.

congressional-approval-poll-large570And if you’re ever looked at any of their bills and proposed bills,  they’re filled with all sorts of lawyer terminology so liberals who are idiotic bringing up common sense issues which should be givens, are laid out with each detail like an instruction manual to every little thing you could possibly do.

This is why these career politicians are having real problems getting it. These’ PhD’s, Constitutional lawyers, ex-military vets and political science majors just can’t wrap their minds around a simple solution for each problem they’ve over complicated throughout the years.

And to Ben Stein who said the government can’t be run like a business – why not? Just because it’s not now? Or just because the idiots in Washington DC have tried to make such a mess with loops and circles, straightening it out would be next to impossible?

I’m here to tell you Stein, you’re wrong. I also know why you’re wrong. Each department in the government has a budget. It’s not like a normal business budget though. The government budget encourages over spending because if they don’t spend all the money they have that year, they can’t ask for more and won’t get enough for the following year.

Rather than praise the departments for coming in under budget, they’re penalized the next year and are handicapped. Each department knows it.

So, now, problem easily solved. Apply the same department to a business model where the department heads are realistic, turn in their proposed budgets and encouraged to come in under budget for possibly a small bonus in their paychecks for a job well done. That’s doable. Yes, Stein, it is.

Trump supporters 2Real Conservatives know this. Real Conservatives don’t need a 3,000 page document to understand ISIS needs to be defeated with heavy artillery, putting the stop to their finances and making sure our country is safe from Syrian refugees infiltrated by these terrorists.

Real Conservatives understand business, job creation, growing the economy, educating our kids and the reason we need a very strong military. Again, we don’t need a book which will take us ten years to read and decipher to get it.

Now, while you’re evaluating who is and who isn’t a real Conservative, you might want to actually read the book “Crippled America” and any other book Trump has written and you’ll see he’s not really changed a whole lot over the years. He’s saying the same thing, doing the same thing and has only changed a few of his policies since he’s learned more about an issue.

So the next time you hear one of these RINO’s say, “Donald Trump isn’t a Conservative,” ask them, specifically, what are you talking about and then whack them with the truth!



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