The situation in the United States is getting more and more volatile as the Trump Administration exposes the Deep State and brings to light what some of us have known and reported on for years.

Thursday, President Trump issued a very important Executive Order which has to do with the Abuse and Human Trafficking going on in the world and those who are going to be targeted will have their assets frozen and confiscated.

EO 21 2017Just by this one order, President Trump is putting a world of hurt on the Deep State and those who are deliberately trying to enslave Americans.

What is currently going on is a full force war on American soil and most Americans are completely unaware, going to their jobs every day, putting their children in indoctrination camps called “Public Schools” and “Christian Schools,” going to church on Sunday where they can listen to an indoctrinated Seminary Graduate interpret Scriptures for them so they can go back to work on Monday and pretend as if the world isn’t going to hell in a hand basket.

That’s what the Deep State and the New World Order is counting on. You’d be surprised which organizations and people are involved but since there’s a big picture I want to get to – suffice it to say, almost every organization that pops in your head as a “do gooder” is involved. This is the BIG LIE which is bigger than Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book.

With the massive indictments, began the take down of the Deep State. Then we had the MEU at Langley who confiscated computers and files of the CIA – confirmed multiple times including one of the most recent reports coming out of Russia who are not our allies.
We also have massive troop movement which, if any of you are keeping an eye open, you’ve seen United Nations helicopters and vehicles moving around the country while people like Roy Potter say, don’t worry about it.

The United Nations is not an ally to the United States and President Trump recognizes this fact and we also witnessed this in the latest group attack on our country by a united stand against the U.S. moving its embassy to Jerusalem which must be done.

calif firesIn California, there are wildfires which have been deliberately set by “anonymous” entities all at the same time. Witnesses who I have talked to and interviewed over the phone say right before the fires there was a flash of light and then instantly, the fires started burning in groups of five or more. The fires were sparked by what some refer to as microwaves which set off an electrical charge after a sort of “covering” was placed over the area via air similar to the “chemtrails” people have seen for years and denied.

This deliberate herding of Californians into the cities through setting wildfires also directly relates to Agenda 21 which is designed to get people to move to the city so the government can control them in large groups and take their land. If you look at the sanctuary cities and their strategic locations, you’ll see these are by design under the approval of Traitor 44 and Crooked Hillary.

These “sanctuary cities” shelter the strong arm dirt shovelers of the Deep State which are MS13 gangs employed and bankrolled by Geroge Soros, his buddies and surprisingly the rogue CIA Deep State. This is why it was important President Trump attack them at Langley using the MEU.

And that report you saw the other day about the unusual site in the sky where there was an elongated bubble which surprised gawking Californians was from Elon Musk who is not only a main player in giving technology to the North Koreans, Q Anon – who rarely posts photos – dropped a very informative photo today which features Google’s recently resigned CEO Erick Schmidt and Bill Richardson, former New Mexico Governor plus the ambassador to the UN and the Energy Secretary in the Clinton Administration sitting with North Koreans in 2013.

Musk’s company SpaceX attempted to launch Falcon 9 this week, and was was photographed and caught on video from the ground and took a horizontal deter.

elion-musk-in-firlattigi-falcon-9-roketi-uzayli-panigine-sebep-oldu-1514034972This was a test rocket supposed to be guided by the Iridium Constellation Satellite Navigation which includes a series of 66 satellites designed to guide missiles to predetermined destinations and thwarted by the Trump Administration this year.

This system was strategically put in place by Traitor44 after he defunded NASA directing the money to SpaceX, a private company. The technology is what the North Koreans are waiting for and Musk is set to assist them under the direction of the Deep State Traitor44 rogue CIA.

Because of President Trump stopping the use of the Iridium Constellation Satellite system, Musk’s rocket failed the other day and that’s what people were seeing in the sky over California and was seen as far away as Arizona.

At this point, President Trump has taken the power away from the Deep State reogue CIA through the MEU and other means, and according to the Posts of Q Anon, is getting ready to carry out one of the biggest take down operations we’ve seen in the United States ever.

Q posted a photo of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day indicating there would be a surprise attack coming. I believe this could have something to do with the recent list of resignations which are actually quite massive when you think of it. You can see the list below in a link.

Also, this is why Traitor44 and Crooked Hillary approved Uranium One. The deal allowed the delivery of Uranium through Iran to North Korea which is another reason Traitor44 needed the Iran deal. Without that, how could they get the uranium to North Korea?

And where did the Uranium come from? It came from the Hammond Ranch in Oregon and lead to the arrest of the Bundy’s in Nevada and the murder of LaVoy Finnicum.

Both of these ranchers were sitting on the Uranium the government wanted to supply to Iran and the North Koreans under the direction of Traitor 44 and Crooked Hillary.

3056t size-medium wp-image-3607″ src=”×228.jpg” alt=”Agenda-21-Map” width=”300″ height=”228″ />In addition to this Traitor44 and Crooked Hillary are very well aware if they could get the uranium into the hands of a civilian agency, out of government control, they would be able to control the direction of the missiles, using both Iran and North Korea as supposed threats to the people in the United States and scare them. Once they were out of office, they could still control what’s going on. President Trump is the person who is thwarting all of their plans which is why the rogue CIA of the Deep State are in such a frenzy.

Using the Deep State rogue CIA Traitor44 and Crooked Hillary would be able to implement Agenda 21, control the grid, control commerce and anything else the American people believe is their livelihood. This is why they’re so upset Hillary lost the election. It was a direct smack in the face to the New World Order.

This is what liberals aren’t getting. They think Hunger Games was just a movie and Captain Kirk is still on the Enterprise in Deep Space.

They fail to see the reality of the situation and all of this goes hand in hand. All the pedophile take downs, the liberal agenda to keep open safe havens for their strong arm dirty workers of MS 13 gangs and the instigation of Cryptocurrency.

If everything goes digital, it’s one hack away from being turned off. Thus scaring the people, pushing them into the cities and into “camps” where the elites have their own way to generate electricity for themselves and monitor the people enslaving them in the process.

This isn’t a dream anymore folks. It’s happening right now and under our noses.

Look at Chicago. Media blackouts and although some will differ with my opinion, there are United Nations troops there right now disguised as National Guard. Q Anon hinted to this.

United Nations troops have been training with our military for years. How hard would it be for them to hide under our nose? We know they’re here. We see them all the time and suddenly they disappear?

You mean they change clothes and suddenly blend in, pretending to be the Law and Order because of constant chaos led by gangs in Chicago under the direction of MS 13 gangs controlled by the Rogue CIA.

California is an experiment to see what people will do. So is Chicago. Expect tomorrow and the coming weeks to be very violent and the liberals to be out of control – eaten up by a few groups which will be more ferocious than you know.

Expect distractions and false flags and the media to ignore important events.

It’s happening and it’s happening fast.

Merry Christmas to those of us who have been waiting a long time for the exposure of this much evil. President Trump is delivering our presents right now!


Executive Order:

Agenda 21 for Dummies:

United States Santions:



Roger Due · December 25, 2017 at 5:13 am

Excellent observations!!!
The “Agenda-21-Map” in the article is not available…

Roger Due · December 25, 2017 at 5:30 am

Your observations about SpaceX concern me. I’m not sure what to believe. The following link indicates that the 12/22/17 launch of 10 next-generation Iridium communications satellites was successful. Can you please elaborate?

    April LaJune · December 25, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    The satellites are still there. The Trump Administration isn’t allowing their use. Two different things.

      Louis Stonehill · July 11, 2019 at 7:38 pm

      Since that we have plans to move to Florida this coming October, we could use extra money and that the churches and President Trump can help me and my wife along with our two sons and two daughers and also help out your organization too financially. I am sure that they have enough money to fix up our asses well and that is good news honey! April honey! I am sure that Florida will be a hell a lot nicer than where your ass is at. We like to move to Citrus Hills in Florida honey! You might want to try out that area too. We checked it out and found it GOOD and CHRISTIAN! That is good news! Contact us at 301-355-6550 or at cell number 240-765-2387 for details and good negotiations. Thank you real good!

Freebie LaRue · January 1, 2018 at 2:47 am

Hi April. I read this week that George Soros had a massive heart attack. The article stated he was in Hungary. Can you find out if it’s true?

All I can say is Thank God for President Trump. The best president in my lifetime.

Happy New Year April to you and your’s. I think 2018 is going to be a great and very informative year. Lots of changes for the better.

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