chris wrayThis morning – in a hearing on National Security before the Senate Intelligence committee – Democrats continued to push Russian interference in the 2016 elections by saying over and over again, they are actively working to undermine our Democracy.

To date – no evidence of this has surfaced and there hasn’t been any evidence about Russian collusion with President Trump either.

Here’s what we know so far in the ongoing soap opera of Russians “meddling” in our elections.

According to a variety of trails including the Nunes Memo, Washington Post, New York Times, Anon boards, Wikileaks and the constant contradiction of testimony and commentary the only group interfering in any elections are the Democrats.

Back when Democrats started pushing Crooked Hillary as their candidate, it was the Democrats who initiated opposition research against President Trump as most campaigns do when facing an opponent. When they did this, they – being the crooks that they are – decided to try and get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, honing in on Carter Page. He was a volunteer, had given a few speeches to Russian companies and he met the criteria Traitor44’s administration was looking for in order to push their narrative.

After several failed attempts, they turned to Fusion GPS through Crooked Hillary’s campaign, devised a plan with the Ukranians to point the finger at Russia should anything be said about “Russian Collusion” on the side of the Democrats and Hillary. This information came through Wikileaks in the leaked DNC and Podesta Emails.

Together with Fusion GPS – hired by Hillary For America through the law firm of Perkins Coy – Democrats paid Christopher Steel, a former British spy who contacted Russians and Ukranians for fake dirt on President Trump and paid him $160 thousand dollars for this document.

This fake dossier was used to finally get a FISA warrant on Page and as a result, the Russian collusion story had legs, was pushed by Democrats and propagandized by colluding media.

Although Russians did participate in the making of the fake Clinton Dossier, they were never the instigators and never undermined the election. It was the Democrats who initiated and pushed and are still pushing this BS even as we’re seeing them try to scramble, cover their tracks by murdering witnesses and trying to write a counter memo to the Nunes memo which has verified the involvement of the FBI, CIA and Democrats in spreading false information, targeting private citizens and undermining American Patriots.

In fact, anyone who is familiar with the elections and voting machines should know, you can’t actually hack a voting machine. During the voting process, it was discovered that the voting machines used by some counties in the United States were linked to George Soros, billionaire supporter of Groups like Antifa, Move On Dot Org, Indivisible and gave over 25 million to Crooked Hillary during the 2016 election.
Some have dismissed this link as a “conspiracy theory” however the issue was voting machines installed with software and not linked to the Internet, would change voter’s choices to Hillary after the person clicked the screen for President Trump. This means the software itself was hacking the vote of the American people.

As the voting process continued, people began filming in real time, their votes changing in the booth and posting their videos on social media. People became very aware their votes were being manipulated – not on the Internet – but at the voting booths.

The solution became apparent and was two-fold – first – people started asking for paper ballots as is every person’s right and secondly, several voting stations had power outages believed to be taken out by hackers who were helping American citizens be able to vote with paper ballots.

Without electricity, the voting machines couldn’t be used. This was brilliant on the part of American Patriots who are tired of seeing rigged elections and their votes being over – ridden.

So the bottom line here is – Russians didn’t initiate or instigate any kind of “meddling” in the 2016 elections. It was all Democrats all the time – all day long.

There isn’t any evidence of any tampering, criminal activity or manipulation of voting by anyone except Democrats and the only collusion that can be found, points fingers right back at the Democrats and their Deep State operatives like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham along with the propaganda machine we call Main Stream Media.

After three years of pushing Russia, Russia, Russia and pointing fingers at everyone else except themselves, now we know what happened don’t we Hillary. The American Patriot Happened.

Despite all your corruption and collusion with other crooks in your circle, you lost.

And now, you’ll be getting what you deserve thanks to an American Patriot who rose above the corruption of Washington and became the 45th President of the United States and his name is Donald J. Trump.