Donald TrumpIt’s over for Ted Cruz and John Kasich as far as their chances to get to the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican Nomination for President. Now, it’s time both of them supported the people’s choice, Donald Trump and suspended their campaigns.

If they don’t want to “get out” in an unrealistic chance to hang on to their delegates, it won’t matter. Trump has every reason to call for both of them to stop the stupidity and quit acting like tiny children throwing fits. Even the old guard of the GOP should just suck it up and stop whining. We’re sick of it and just because they spent all their marbles in Wisconsin, doesn’t mean the rest of us in the country are going to take the bait.

Both Cruz and Kasich called for each other to drop out of the Presidential race and both are continuing to spend money received by donors to no avail. Each is hoping Trump won’t get to the 1,237 needed to ensure he is the nominee on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July 2016.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of Cruz, Kasich and the Never Trump Camp wasting money campaigning against Trump. It’s futile and annoying and shows just how irresponsible the government and career politicians are with money they receive from tax payers.

CRUZ KASICH 1Unfortunately, each of these entities think they’re doing something noble in standing against Trump when in reality, they’re clearly standing against the people who happen to be the majority of voters. They keep saying over and over again, Trump can’t win against Hillary.

Really? Neither of these guys can win against Trump! What makes them think they have a shot in hell against Hillary?

It’s true, if Kasich would have run as a Democrat, he just might have had a chance at the Democratic nomination. He just didn’t want to be seen as a flip-flopper which is stupid since it’s extremely obvious liberals don’t care about lying, murder, government security, terrorists, their Social Security, healthcare or any other thing that’s important in one’s life. A little flip-flopping like Hillary Clinton and it’s just another bad quality they’d sweep under the rug.

All liberals seem to care about is freebies and spending more money. Most liberals don’t even know what the National Debt is or that Bernie Sanders is trying to take over half our earned income in taxes. They have no idea about Benghazi or Bill Clinton’s sex scandals let alone the ridiculous policies and tin hat theories Kasich, Clinton and Sanders keep throwing around. These three candidates must have gone to Jane Sanders’ Math Classes at the Community College she ran for a short time.

wasted moneyThat being said, Kasich can’t beat Trump. Sure there might be some people who would vote for him like the die hard liberals who are stuck in a rut, but with the popularity of Sanders, we can clearly see even Democrats don’t want the same old politicians running the show.

Once Trump starts pounding on Clinton, her days are going to be numbered. The rest of the country will wake up when they start getting the boot in the ass from all sides. The more the liberals push stupid and idiotic agendas, the more people are beginning to push back and that’s a good thing.

Can you even imagine how much more money is going to be spent by Kasich and Cruz “campaigning” in a lost cause? The arrogance is simply baffling.

I can’t even wrap my mind around this much stupid in two so-called Republicans who pretend to be Conservatives.

It’s certainly not a Conservative idea to beat a dead horse. It’s not Conservative to know when you’ve been defeated and then keep spending money. These two ideas are political embarrassments we’ve been dealing with in both the House and the Senate along with the Obama Administration.

politican-head-in-ass-stupidWe could have done something productive in the last eight years by defunding every program that’s idiotic coming from Obama but instead, these elected officials just kept on the ass kissing train while the American people are the ones paying the price.

And this is what these two candidates, Kasich and Cruz are doing. They’re both kissing the brown hole of the GOPe’s hoping and praying they’ll be the nominee for the Republican party.

Guess what guys, between the two of you Kasich is the golden child and Cruz is just a bag of wind. The GOPe’s won’t get behind Kasich because the American people won’t even leave their houses to vote for him which is obvious by his tanking numbers in the polls.

Neither Cruz or Kasich can even draw a crowd big enough to make a difference. It’s silly. Just in the last few days we’ve seen crowds of 100 or less for Cruz and Kasich, if he gets 200 that’s a great day. Trump is drawing thousands of people, and mostly in the 10’s of thousands with thousands more standing outside his rallies watching large stadium size TVs. There’s just no comparison in the motivation of the American people and who they are wanting as their President.

14_mccain_lgAnd now we hear there are some biggies in the GOP who say they won’t attend the Convention in July. Good! Great! Hope they stay home, the lazy bastards! I encourage them to stay home. I wish they’d all stay home and get out of the way of the actual voting people. And while they’re at it, they can take their puppet delegates with them!

The people will rule this election no matter what the parties want. The people don’t care about the parties as much as the party heads do. Therefore, we’ve got nothing to lose. After all, we’ve had 8 years of Obama torture, do they seriously think we’re going to care if the parties survive beyond this year? Hell no.

Reince, the people have a message for you! If you don’t like it, you can sit down and shut up, otherwise we’ll walk! Can’t rule an empty party.

So bye-bye Cruz! Bye-bye Kasich! It’s time to get behind the GOP Front Runner and that’s the people’s choice, Donald J. Trump!



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