Calling yourself an “evangelical” candidate and standing up for the Constitution must have included lying on the part of Ted Cruz because the lies flying out of his mouth are beginning to wear thin on his poll numbers.

Since the start of the feud between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz began, Cruz has gotten a lot louder and more vicious even using blatant lies to try and further his numbers and supporters.

Unfortunately for Ted, some of us can do the math and we’re aware of how old Trump is (he’s 68) and the date of the interviews Cruz keeps saying are relevant for today. The polls aren’t showing Cruz doing better, in fact, looks like Rubio might be closing in on him.

Donald trump 6The most blatant of lies told by Cruz has been the abortion issue which he keeps saying over and over again, Trump has been in favor of partial birth abortions for the past 60 years. If that were true, Trump would have had to had a political view when he was just 8 years old. However, we’re aware that 17 years ago, Trump had an epiphany which changed his mind on the abortion issue.

The reference Cruz is using is from a 1999 interview in which Trump said he was pro-choice. Again, still doesn’t add up to 60 years in any way. Let’s just assume Trump had an opinion on this issue when he was 20. Now we’re down to 40 years. Less the 17 years and now we’re down to 23 years. So for about 23 years, give or take a few, Trump thought abortion was fine.

Obviously he’s changed his mind which doesn’t even amount to a flip-flop which Cruz is also trying to say Trump does.

Here’s a clue Ted – a flip-flop is when Hillary Clinton goes to one rally and says something she thinks they want to hear and then the very next day, goes to a rally and says the exact opposite. She’s done that so many times just in this campaign cycle it’s hard to keep up with.

If Cruz actually read any of Trump’s books, he’d know the positions Donald Trump has had are long standing. As he’s gained more knowledge and wisdom, plus experience, he’s grown in his opinions.

Now if a guy can’t learn from life he doesn’t deserve to be President. I can assure you, Mr. Cruz, not only is Donald Trump fit to be President of the Untied States, he’s way more qualified than you and your posse put together!


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