baby fit 1Last Saturday, I attended a “workshop” put on by the Southwest Republican Women, conducted by a woman named Melanie Sturm. Introducing herself, apparently, since she’s one of the few Republicans in Aspen, Colorado, she was tapped to be the Counterpoint to a Democrat in their local paper. Now, she’s become an expert in her own mind, on Conservatives and what we think. I beg to differ.

I thought the premise of the event was to use persuasive speaking to address liberals when we were trying to sway them to more Conservative views. This could have been done from a neutral viewpoint, without any kind of expression of her own disdain for Donald Trump. Instead, it was more about Sturm’s opinions and how much she was against the GOP nominee, Trump.

During the five hour “workshop” Sturm kept making snide remarks in reference to Trump, opening with a statement saying she didn’t like the direction the party was going adding she was “dispirited” while looking down at the lectern as she used a facial expression making sure we got the message. It was very clear, she was telling us she didn’t like what the Republican party was doing by having Trump as the nominee for the GOP.

This is typical of the Cruz supporters as they keep interjecting their disdain for the people’s choice of Conservative nominee, Trump. Throughout the presentation, she kept talking about our tone and the words we use to get our point across. I wanted to stand up and give her a tone as she was clearly lecturing us on what she thought was the proper way to address someone.

cruz baby 1After about three hours of this crap with the little innuendos and remarks at how she didn’t like Trump’s tone, she also said, “and this year, Rush Limbaugh has turned out to be a real disappointment.” Meaning, since he’s saying the party needs to unite around Trump, she’s now going to express her opinion once again, she doesn’t like Trump. We got that message with her opening about being “dispirited.”

Right before we went to lunch, Sturm decided to show us a propaganda video. She prefaced it by saying, “I asked if I should show this, and ___ said it was fine. So, I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, but I just want you to watch it.” She was very gleeful and happy as she was saying this.

I thought, okay, this better not be more of her snide remarks about Trump, but since the top of the slide said something like, “How to talk Address a Trump Supporter: —” I knew she was going to try to shaft us once again with something stupid.

Sure enough, there it was. A Muslim guy had gone to a Trump Rally. He saw Trump supporters weren’t racist but because his brain is so bent, he concluded Trump supporters are being duped because Trump is wealthy and we all want the same thing. No, sorry, that’s not correct. Just because a guy is rich, doesn’t make him evil. This guy was trying to sway us to head in the direction of Bernie Sanders. Of course, that will never happen because we know how to do math and can see, there’s never been a successful Socialist country.

In relationship to Sturm’s presentation, I don’t seen any reason for her to show this video as some sort of persuasive way for Conservatives to speak to liberals. Since the screenshot she had on the wall was, “How to Address a Trump Supporter” she was clearly acting as if we’re some sort of brainwashed imbeciles who have been duped by Trump.

She asked what we thought about the video so I told her. It was offensive, she didn’t preface it right and if she was trying to make a point, we sure don’t know what she’s getting at since we’re supposed to be uniting the party. Of course, Sturm started backpedaling as fast as she could stumbling over her words and trying to turn the conversation away from the offensive nature of the video. I wasn’t the only one who expressed their offense and it takes a lot for me to really be offended.

trump 1Right after showing this video, she told us about how she’d run to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention and her husband had made a collage for her. Now, at this point, remember, Cruz has already been out of the race for at least a week and half or more prior to her showing up to give us this “workshop.” She also said she didn’t have time to change the slides and update them, although,  I could tell she had time since one of the slides made a reference to something Trump said after Cruz had dropped out of the race.

On her slide, Sturm had all these Cruz references. I raised my hand to ask her since Cruz is out now, who’s she going to vote for since she was technically supposed to be unbound and not tell her own personal preference otherwise she would be a bound delegate? She wouldn’t look at me or even acknowledge my presence after my comment on the video.

Around noon, we went to lunch and I wasn’t really sure if anyone else felt as much anger as I did, considering the fact every one of her points was taking aim at Trump and his supporters. Thank God, when we were sitting at the table, the collective anger was discussed. Not only was I getting really angry, so were the other women near me.

Every one of us agreed, Strum was clearly a disgruntled Cruz supporter and most likely would be one of those stubborn RINOs who just doesn’t care about uniting the party. She was more concerned about lecturing Trump supporters on how to soften up the blow of the truth.

By using the video she chose, as well as the rhetoric and snide remarks, is was were very clear, if you want to talk to a Cruz supporter, you might as well forget it. They’re too stubborn to understand, we’re not voting for a liar who can’t stand for the Constitution for everyone, pretends he’s Christian and then walks all over true Conservative values trying to get us to listen to this propaganda. We’re not voting for Cruz.

1truthAfter the “workshop” I decided to give her the opportunity to respond. I wrote her an email and asked her two questions.

1. What are your intentions at the National Convention regarding your vote since a) Cruz has suspended his campaign and Trump will be the nominee and b) and if you intend to vote for Cruz knowing he’s out of the race with no path to victory, how will you explain this to Colorado voters who don’t agree with you?
2. Why would you say Rush Limbaugh has been a “disappointment” when it is clear he isn’t in favor of Trump but is less in favor of a party split and electing Hillary?
I also gave her a couple of days to respond. She’s supposed to be a “journalist” so asking her the questions, she should respond. Guess what I’ve heard so far? Yes, you would be correct. Nothing. A typical Aspen Coloradan who seems to think she knows what’s best for the peasants.
After being a journalist for over 30 years, turning my time more towards commentary, I find her lacking education, unable to get beyond her own biased and frankly, a waste of good money to attend a ridiculous “workshop” which didn’t do anything except motivate us to stump for Trump even harder.
I’d give you her website address, but I’m not inclined to want to send you to her. She’s a hack and a sham of a Republican. A true RINO, her stories supported more liberal views than any Conservative aspects. This is not the kind of representative I would ever vote for and neither should anyone else claiming to be Conservative.
political-correctness_puppetNOTE TO MELANIE STURM: No, Mrs. Sturm, we’re not going to be swayed by a person who is not Conservative, unable to get beyond herself to see the truth and thinks we’re going to rally behind Cruz who stands for exactly nothing we as real American Patriots believe our Founding Fathers had in mind.
To you, Mrs. Sturm, you’re just a blowhard with nothing to say relevant to uniting the party. No, I will not change my rhetoric and neither should Mr. Trump. We’re doing just fine without your type of stupidity. 
You may have a college education, but you’re seriously not that bright. Pretending to be educated on a subject you know nothing about didn’t fool me and with any luck, you’ll soon be tanking on the “workshop” circuit as more real Conservatives will be able to see right through your facade. You’re a fraud, a fake and a liar. Must have learned that from your idol.


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