Melania Trump 2Once again, we’ve got the media ignoring the beginning of another attempt to attack Donald Trump and this time it was directly taking aim at Trump’s wife, Melania.

The attack ad with Melania has a picture of her 2000 photoshoot for the British version of GQ Magazine. Anyone with a half a brain in their head already knows Melania is a model and is very beautiful. Trump supporters are very much aware she did risque photos but she really has nothing to be ashamed of. For her, it was her job and she did it very well.

What’s even more blatant about the entire ad debalce is it came directly from Carly Fiorina and Liz Mair. Very provable and I haven’t heard anyone on the major news outlets talking about this connection at all.

Here’s the proof for you in case you’re skeptical. I’ll include the screenshots I’m taking right now at 1:02 PM Saturday, March 26, 2016:

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Click the pictures and you’ll go right to the pages unless they’ve changed them by the time I have posted this article. If you need different links here they are: Carly Fiorina’s Contact Page and Make America Awesome’s Contact Page.

What’s simple for you and I to do is apparently really difficult for media and so-called journalists who are in the business of verifying their stories supposedly. This information took me about 60 seconds online to connect and still, the media ignores this and Ted Cruz lies about it.

There is a coordinated effort between Cruz and Fiorina to try and deliberately take down Trump because they have both been defeated over and over again by him. Now, rather than listening to the American people, these two have joined forces with the GOP establishment goons who want to manipulate the votes.

Carly FiorinaI never did like Fiorina because she was a phony from the get-go. What I didn’t like about Cruz is he continually says, “I, I, I” in every sentence. It’s not “we” and it’s also delivered like a preacher from Seminary school trying to get us to shake out the cash into the offering plate on Sunday morning.

I hate phony’s and these two are no exception.

Every person who has come after Trump has been defeated in this Presidential race and this attempt is no exception. Trump’s not an idiot and he knows exactly how to hit back hard. He’s a knock out guy. He doesn’t do things lightly and now we see the new sex scandal involving Cruz and 5 women.

Whether this latest Cruz attack is true or not, it appears as if the main stream media is investigating it and hasn’t come up with much to negate the story. In fact, there’s only been one person saying she wasn’t involved and that’s Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson.

Even if Pierson was involved, who really cares? I don’t care about who the women are, my only thought is Cruz is a liar and it’s being proven daily.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Calls For 'Broad Coalition' Day After Campaign LaunchCruz supporters seem to overlook his attack on Ben Carson and the dirty pool he played in Iowa telling people right before their caucus, Carson was getting out of the race. They also have no qualms about the Voter Fraud mailer which falsely alarmed others in Iowa about their public voting record which was another dirty trick.

Then we had the Cruz attacks on Marco Rubio which ultimately had an affect but not as much as Rubio himself with his attempts to waylay Trump. That was Rubio’s own fault and I’m glad he failed. Good riddance to a cry baby and another liar.

Now, we’ve got this Make America Awesome PAC which was designed by Fiorina and most likely with the blessing and assistance of Cruz. By law, Cruz can’t really let that cat out of the bag, but Super PACs can consult with their choice candidates, they just can’t give any money to the campaign. However, there’s a little matter of a half a million dollars ($500,000) given to her by none other than Cruz. Hmm, wonder what she did with that money, wink, wink.

Cruz can’t actually fund his own Super PAC but his guys gave Fiorina’s Super PAC $500,000 which the Washington Post reported back in July 2015. It was clear Fiorina wasn’t going to be the nominee for the Republican Party, but to fund your opponent is really suspicious. Just look at the screenshot of Cruz’s Super Pac and the contribution amount:cruz donates to carly


This being said, Fiorina and Cruz have both been on a one-track campaign to de-rail Trump which hasn’t worked so far. You can’t play dirty and expect the American people not to know what’s really going on. We already know politicians are particularly nasty while pretending to be do-gooders. We’re just tired of all the lying.

So now we have the latest attempt but this time, these crooks went after Trump’s wife with another feeble attempt at knocking Trump from the top spot in the Republican race for Presidential nominee.

Melania Trump 1Sorry Mormons in Utah, you shouldn’t be backing liars like Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. It makes you look extremely superficial and I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell me. You might not be able to connect the dots, but I am and so far, Trump’s been proven right on pretty much everything of importance.

Therefore, if Cruz and Fiorina along with their puppet Mair want to attack Melania, Cruz’s wife Heidi is fair game just like Hillary’s puppet of a husband, Bill.

That brings us to the actual facts which are provable. Cruz’s wife has worked for Goldman-Sachs, one of the worst instigators of financial fraud and manipulation in the United States, she’s also linked to the drafter of NAFTA and worked against every one of Cruz’s selling points. A simple online search will provide her career history. No need to rehash what you can find on your own.

And, not only that, Heidi has also had a few mental problems. But so did Lincoln’s wife, Mary. Sure, we can put a crazy in the White House, but who wants a crazy and a liar? We already had that with Bill and Hillary and look where we are today!

What’s going to happen here is Lyin’ Ted and Hypocritical Heidi are going to go down in flames for their continual promotion of themselves and acting like they’re “Christian.” If they really wanted to be “Christian,” they’d stop lying, start praying and apologize to Trump and the American people for their sins which are being aired in public right now.

At least Trump owns his mistakes and corrects them. Cruz just keeps on pretending his don’t exist.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have Melania as a First Lady rather than a traitor like Heidi.

You go girl!



ld · March 26, 2016 at 8:54 pm

Ted, what goes around comes around. You started the fight now get out. Stay at home with your wife and family. Stand up and be a man!!! I never want to see you face again.

Kathy Garrett · March 26, 2016 at 9:06 pm

Thank you for telling the truth! I’m sick of Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy. Melania Trump is a beautiful, smart and classy woman. I would be proud to call her First Lady. Signed, “57 year old white female, attorney, 35 year registered Democrat that will be voting for Mr. Trump for President

Adrienne Wieland · March 27, 2016 at 2:10 pm

Excellent article. Agreed.

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