Cruz Creat JesusWe thought Lyin’ Ted was gone after he announced last Tuesday, he was going to “suspend” his campaign. A slick, dirty political game player, Ted Cruz is very aware suspending a campaign just means you’re going to put it on the back burner, but if there were a chance in hell he can take delegates away from Donald Trump, he’ll still try.

Cruz and his good buddies, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin have been showing signs of a real mental illness problem which is getting out of control. Considering they’ve all three been lying their asses off in the last few months, desperately trying to get people to vote for their losing candidate, it’s no wonder people are jumping on the Trump Train.

Since December, Cruz has done an about face, changing his persona to a mean, nasty, dirty player. He showed his true colors in Iowa when he deliberately sabotaged Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign using Twitter to tell people Carson had dropped out of the race. That caused people to vote for him rather than Carson, giving him an undeserved win in the state.

Right after that, Cruz stepped up his attacks on Trump, lying at every turn. If Cruz uttered a sentence, it contained a lie which was provable. How does a person who says he’s Christian think lying constantly is going to bode well for him?

How does a guy like Cruz continue lying to the face of reporters and voters, looking them directly in the eye, so easily without being mentally ill?

Either Cruz is a really good actor or he need medication. Whatever it is, I certainly don’t want a mental case or a really good liar for a President. We already have that in Barry Obama.

Ted Cruz thinks he'll sneak in the back door to the GOP nomination.

Ted Cruz thinks he’ll sneak in the back door to the GOP nomination.

That’s the difference between Trump and Cruz. Trump owns up to his mistakes and says things like, “I probably shouldn’t have done that” while Cruz sticks his foot in a manure pile and tries to sell it as a nice spa treatment.

With the voters heading to the polls today in Nebraska and West Virginia, it’s apparent Cruz is trying to time his announcement to sabotage Trump. Does he really think voters are going to be duped by this flip flopping, lying, politician who’s tried every dirty trick in the book to win a Presidential campaign for a seat which requires some amount of trust?

Sorry Cruz, you’re done. It’s time to crawl home and stop acting like a whiny toddler. And while you’re at it, you might want to save a little face and honor the pledge you made in front of the American people and back the Republican nominee whether you like it or not.

We’re not going to fall for a person who can’t decide whether he’s in or out of the Presidential race. We also aren’t going to fall for the media’s stupidity of twisting Cruz’s words on the Glenn Beck radio show which already shows two mental patients can get attention. Yes, Cruz. We know you’re still on the ballot but nope, we’re still not voting for you.

No Cruz, your delusions of grandeur are just that, delusions. We’re still on the Trump Train!



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