Ted Cruz loser 1Last night at the Republican National Committee Convention, Ted Cruz delivered a speech which did two things. First, it established the fact he’s a sore loser blinded by the power of the Presidency. Secondly, it shot any chances of ever having a successful run for the highest office in our nation in the head.

Throughout the entire campaign process, Cruz touted himself as the Christian moral candidate with extremely high ethics far beyond any other person running for Republican nominee for President. Unfortunately, the constant lies as well as his underhanded schemes behind the scenes with coordinated efforts by his Super PACs, showed he’s just as crooked as Hillary Clinton.

Some may not be aware, but it’s against the law for candidates to coordinate efforts with their Super PACs and Cruz denied he had anything to do with their advertising propaganda. At the beginning of the year, because Donald Trump was killing him in the polls and votes, Cruz’s Super PAC put out an ad featuring Melania Trump in a modeling picture where she was nude saying, “Meet Melania Trump, your next first lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

After that attack on Trump’s wife, Trump shot back with a retweet from Twitter with a very unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz next to Mrs. Trump, which said, “No need to ‘Spill the Beans,’ the images speak a thousand words.” This particular ad/image was put together by someone online not associated with the Trump campaign, but it made Cruz hot under the collar.

Melania Trump 23When the first ad featuring Mrs. Trump came out, Cruz didn’t see anything wrong with the personal attack on Trump’s family. He flaunted it and swore he had nothing to do with it. People behind the scenes reported he knew the ad would be coming out and approved it. This is clearly against the law since candidates and Super PACs aren’t allowed to communicate between themselves.

Knowing this, Cruz should have backed off and disavowed the ad, but in true pompous ass form, he refused to apologize or acknowledge families should be off limits unless it directly relates to an issue which could be troubling for a candidate. Therefore, when Trump retweeted the picture of their wives side by side, it was fair game.

That being said, Cruz continued to lie all throughout his remaining days as a candidate about Trump and his policies. In every audio or video interview and speech, constant lies and misleading statements can be found and are so numerous, I can’t even post it all. It would take me forever to post all the links of Cruz lying.

Trump, in an unusual move last night at the RNC Convention, showed up in the audience after reading Cruz’s speech. He knew Cruz was committing career suicide and let him hang himself with his own rope. That’s how smart Trump is, he knew what the reaction would be of the crowd. He didn’t have to say a word.

During the extra long speech, delegates on the floor of the Convention started shouting, “We want Trump!” and “Go home!” They also started booing him at various points.

One point which received loud boos was when Cruz turned to the crowd and said, “Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate the enthusiasm from the New York delegation.” When he did this, he slit his throat in front of the nation. Not only did he make a snide remark about New York’s support of Trump, he also refused to acknowledge the rest of the delegation who overwhelmingly supported him.

heidi ad 1Trump received more delegates than he had won during the primaries with a total of 1725 while Cruz only received 484 which is less than he had before the Convention. This is probably another sore spot for Cruz since he appears to believe he has the right to be the nominee more so than Trump.

Cruz also showed his hand when he went to Colorado’s State GOP Convention and pulled off a coup of delegates who sidelined, squashed and denied Trump delegates the ability to enter the venue.  Mysteriously, during the State Convention many of Trump’s delegate’s credentials were “lost” and they missed their voting time to elect national delegates ending up with only one Trump delegate and everyone else pledging support to Cruz. Because of the decision by the Colorado State GOP, actual party members were denied their ability to vote for President during the caucuses and Primaries prompting Cruz to swoop in and under the unfair rules of the RNC, schmooze his cult-like followers into bi-passing the voters.

From that point on, Cruz went into a tailspin with his campaign as people all over the nation began to see the rules of the RNC favored the few, could change depending on the whims of the Rules Committee rigging the nomination, and would usurp the voice and vote of the people voting for Trump. Promises that Trump would not be the nominee fell on deaf ears and people began to rise up against Cruz after they saw he was for unfair practices, was laughing at the Trump campaign and the disillusioned voters who thought their votes counted.

Ted Cruz rnc speech 1Attacking Trump by standing up for a corrupt system, was his demise. His arrogance and constant lying were also a big factor in his take down leaving Trump as the sole victor of a race with 17 candidates for Republican nominee.

This is why, on Wednesday night, when Cruz delivered a speech refusing to endorse Trump, he looked like a spoiled, selfish brat who can’t take losing. The pompous swipes at Trump, the holier-than-thou morality of Cruz and the smack at the New York delegates was ridiculous. He also reneged on his Pledge which he signed and reiterated he would uphold stating he would endorse Trump.

Prior to the speech, Cruz even held a poorly attended rally which was interrupted by Trump’s plane flying over. Although Cruz was trying to tear down Trump again during this tiny gathering, Trump won the day by his awesomely timed fly over. Cruz can’t get a break when it involves Trump. He’s been Trumped again and it wasn’t even planned.

And after all of this ridiculous circus caused by Cruz, this morning he started taking questions from the Texas delegates who chewed him up and spit him out. His main beef was Trump attacking Heidi. How hypocritical he is when he attacked Trump’s wife first. Using your wife as an excuse is so low. Like Mike Huckabee said, if you’re gong to be in politics, this is what happens and you need to suck it up. Honoring the pledge he made on a national stage is part of the process. Since he refuses to do that, he has broken his word letting the public know, he’s not a man of his word.

trump_coburn_tweetTrump didn’t ask for an apology or cry in his beer. He just punched back and got over it. This proves Cruz and his cultish “Cruzbots” hold grudges, have no common sense and are an elitist group of pompous asses who think they know better than the American people.

Guess what Cruz, you’ve sealed the deal. We’ll never vote for you no matter what year. The only way you may get some votes if is you’re running against Lucifer himself which would make Clinton look like an angel. We’re not voting for Clinton because of her continued elitist, lying, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, failure of a political career so what’s the difference between the two of you? Not a whole hell of a lot.

Nope, you’re done. But thanks for that really long suicide note. It gave us just the right amount of information to cut your political career really short.

We’re backing Trump 100%! He’s the people’s choice, the candidate who will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and we’ll do it with or without you. Personally, without is just fine by us!

Buh-bye Lyin’ Ted!

FULL TEXT: Ted Cruz RNC Convention Speech


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