donald trump 45Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a Donald Trump Rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since MoveOn.org¹ had sent out another email encouraging left wing protesters to cause riots outside of the Albuquerque Convention Center, I knew it could get volatile and violent. I didn’t really care about that because these morons can be outsmarted quite easily so my little group and I, were not deterred.

Since we’re in Colorado, it took a bit of a drive and as we were talking in the car, we concluded the media hype about the resistant and mean Hispanics was most likely not going to be true. We wanted to see for ourselves what a Trump Rally was about and what the Hispanic people actually thought about Mr. Trump.

As we approached the venue, we noticed a very small line of people. It was early and we were trying to at least be in the first 1,000 so we could make sure we got inside. We were actually in the first 300 which was great. There were already many Hispanics in line waiting to see Trump. They were dressed in their Trump garb as were we and very excited to see him.

Several vendors had some awesome Trump memorabilia and we checked the labels to make sure they were made in America and also if the person was really a Trump supporter or just a guy trying to make a buck. Almost everything was made in the States and most were definitely Trump supporters so that was good also.

After about an hour of waiting in line, we noticed a really small group of protesters that grew to about 80 by the time the doors opened to the Convention Center.

While we were waiting in the line, we had great talks with many of the Hispanics and wow were they intelligent and adamant about illegals coming into the country. They didn’t like it, they were very mad about Obama, their Governor Susana Martinez and absolutely loathed Hillary Clinton.

20160524_162927These wonderful people had awesome jobs, were business owners, had worked hard, some were legal immigrants and many were born and raised in the United States by other legal immigrants.

We also encountered other ethnic groups including Korean, Indian (India) and blacks supporting Trump. All were very articulate, very knowledgeable and knew exactly what Trump’s policies were, why they were voting for him and why they would not support any other candidate.

I was very impressed with all of the people attending the Trump Rally. They were middle class people, working Americans and vets, retired and believe in everything the United States Constitution stands for as a Conservative in the country.

The protests were so minimal as we went through the doors, it wasn’t an issue at the time.

Inside the venue, the excitement of being able to surround yourself with like minded Patriots really was overwhelming. Several volunteers were handing out signs for us to wave if we liked and we were very grateful to have them. We’d purchased a few more items outside, were dressed with our Trump shirts and buttons and headed towards the podium where Mr. Trump was to speak.

IMAG0478Trying to get as close as possible, a man asked us if we’d like to sit behind Mr. Trump since we were dressed in our gear. Of course, we thought this would be a great place to support him and our friends went to the front of the stage, while we went through the gate to the bleachers.

Already in the stands were a wonderful group of people who were also excited to be at the rally. We talked and cheered for Trump as we waited, watching people filter in to the venue adding to the atmosphere of the room.

There was a group of college students in the front of the bleachers and they were so fun. They were like “pep rally” guys who revved up the crowd. Whenever a person wanted to get a video or a photo, they got us going so the person could get a really good shot of the people.

Listening to music and talking, there were a few times we noticed a couple of people and a small groups keeping to themselves and acting odd. The Secret Service and police officers were keeping their eyes open and we noticed their stares at these people.

Before Mr. Trump came out to meet the crowd, two protesters right behind us must have given away their secret because the police and Secret Service started heading right for them and all the people in our area started “Trumping” them. I quickly got my video out as they were being lead out in front of our row. Hearing the sound of the “Trumping” was really awesome.

No violence ensued. Just loud chanting of “Trump, Trump, Trump!” until the protesters were hauled off to banishment.

Then we had a few speeches which were very good with great messages for the Conservative people, followed by a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem. This was also exciting to hear all the Patriots showing their loyalty and doing so in the most dynamic way. It wasn’t that the people were just saying the words, they were actually feeling the words. You could tell the difference as we faced a very large American flag on the wall.

20160524_180330Following this, the anticipation of Mr. Trump coming out to see us was enhanced be some great music and when he finally arrived, the cheers from the crowd were so loud it filled the room. I’ve heard loud cheers before, but this was even better since we were all cheering for another American Patriot who will be the next President of the United States.

As Trump approached the lectern, he smiled big and waved to the crowd, making sure everyone knew he was very grateful for their support. Seeing him in person is quite different than on television.

The media continues to spread the rumor that he’s somehow got a fake tan or insincere. In fact, he doesn’t have a fake tan, his hair looks quite nice and it’s very blonde. He’s about the same size as any other average man but commands great respect from the people around him.

He was very well groomed, had a nice suit on that fit well and stood straight and tall as he should. He was very Presidential if that matters to anyone. To me, I just care if he gets in office, straightens out the mess of the country and kicks out the riff raff.

That being said, all of us cheered as we listened to Mr. Trump speak. He even showed us his notes and held up a Post-It with a bit of writing on it. He periodically made points and sprinkled throughout the audience there would be a protester pop-up who was “Trumped” out of the room.

It looked like these protesters inside the arena were strategically popping up because they didn’t do it all at once. The two young kids I could see behind me were texting constantly on their phones. They barely looked up and didn’t really seem to be paying much attention to what was going on. It appeared more like they had rehearsed what they were going to do and say as these little groups were screaming at the top of their lungs. I say that because it was like a “trigger word” would set them off as if someone had told them to listen specifically for these words and begin their rehearsed rhetoric.

One woman even took her shirt off, exposing her bra and then started struggling with the police as they tried to escort her out of the venue. We couldn’t hear what the protesters were saying but their faces were strained as they yelled and occasionally we could here them calling us racists and bigots for listening to Mr. Trump.

trump rally 4I’m not really sure why they would say we were racist or bigots since this was the most diverse crowd I’ve ever seen. There were more Hispanics and white people in the crowd but there were also Asians, blacks, American Indians and Indians as well as young, old, women, men, college students and business people. It was amazing in reality. Everyone was getting along having a great time and supporting each other as well as Mr. Trump.

It’s very difficult for Trump supporters to be racist bigots when we all like each other, we’re all different and we’re all hard working Americans who love this country. I didn’t see any racist bigots except the protesters.

Mr. Trump also addressed the media who lined the back of the room with their big cameras and a few reporters. He told them they lie and they do it all the time. The crowd went wild with agreement. As I was experiencing the event, I noticed many failures of the media to tell the truth.

In fact, the volume of the crowd in support while cheering and “Trumping” was wonderfully loud. They media tones it way down to seem minuscule.  They also failed to mention there is an announcement prior to the rally telling the supporters if they encounter a protester, just start chanting “Trump” and the police will escort them out.

Not one time did any Trump supporter get violent. The only punches thrown were the protesters at the police as they tried to battle them. Obviously, the rally went on and the protesters efforts were futile.

Mr. Trump was very gracious, very well spoken and the “yelling” portrayed by the media was also ridiculous. He didn’t have much choice but to talk loudly into the microphone since the people were cheering him so much.

That’s the reality of a Trump Rally. Diverse, exciting, fun and supportive.

When Mr. Trump was finished speaking, he could have left but instead, he calmly walked down the the supporters and started shaking hands, talking to people, signing things and taking pictures. He truly was very gracious. He even tried to come to our side to talk to us but as he was getting ready to come over, the Secret Service ushered him out quickly. He had just enough time to blow us some kisses and walk out.

It was great!

Then it was time to leave the Convention Center and we were told we couldn’t use the front doors because the protesters were barring our way to get out. The police were standing at the doors right behind gates and making sure none of these people got inside.

trump rally 6Because they were being banned from entering the building, the protesters started throwing rocks at the second floor windows and the ground floor door glass. As we were walking with everyone else, we could here the pelting of the rocks against the windows. We looked outside and saw the police lights and a bunch of mob-like people trying to storm the building.

The police did a very good job of keeping the protesters away from the Trump supporters but, since we were dressed in our Trump shirts, people were warning us to be very careful as we went to our car. I wasn’t really nervous for us because we were parked in the Convention Center garage and were safe.

Others parked on the streets weren’t so lucky. The police made these people walk about 12 blocks out of the way to get back to their cars. Two women said they had walked back to the garage without police and weren’t happy, but hadn’t encountered any trouble.

Two more women in the garage, drove by and told people to hide their Trump signs and shirts because she had just been hit multiple times by the protesters.

Since we had gotten separated from the other two in our group, we had to wait in the parking garage for them to arrive. As we did, we looked out from the ledge of the garage overlooking the protesters. We saw the smoke bombs go off and protesters hobbling away from the main violence.

We heard the sirens and the loud chanting coming from the streets, saw the helicopters circling above and camera crews scrambling towards the protesters which had been pushed back from the Convention center and made to go around the corner.

I didn’t hear any of the media say anything about pushing them away from the Trump supporters. I also didn’t hear anyone tell people the main violence wasn’t at the Convention center.

Trump rally 7When my friends finally showed up 45 minutes later, they told us they had seen many protesters hitting Trump supporters and trying to perpetrate violence on them. Trump supporters were fighting back because they had no choice.

As we drove home, we were looking at the news and it also said two Trump supporters were hurt very badly. One was almost beaten to death they said. The other man was in a wheelchair and a veteran. He was also beaten. I still haven’t heard the media saying anything about this.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to see, the media is over-hyping the protesters. Yes, they cause violence and try to interrupt Mr. Trump’s events, but in reality, it is something promoted by the left wingers, Clinton supporters, and George Soros.

All of these people and organizations are trying to trample the Constitutional rights of the American population. It is imperative we do not listen to the media hype, continue to take pictures and be vigilant about our protection as well as our President who will be Mr. Trump.

By not allowing the protesters and the left to win with media circus hype, we will take back out country and we will prevail.

Each and every person should at least experience one Trump Rally if you can. Take your neighbors, take the doubters so they can see, it is truly an exhilarating experience you’ll never forget!

If it were possible to support Mr. Trump any more than we already do, we’re going to do it.



¹The news has recently reported the protesters were from a variety of groups, however an email we received from specifically named the rally in Albuquerque including date and place. If you would like to see the email, please let me know and I will provide it for you. Thank you!


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